Special Passport Acceptance Fairs are There to Help You this Year

By now we have all come to know certainly that passport applications across the US would definitely receive a massive boost during the years 2017-2018. This has its roots to the fact that there were certain changes in regulations regarding the US passports in the year 2008. As such, that was basically a time when the US passport industry saw an immense boost. Thus, most of the passports which has been applied for at that point in time has been nearing the end of their tenure. Thus, most of the people who had applied for the passport then would have to apply for a renewal during these two years. Then there would be new passport applications because as per the recent statistics, nearly 50 percent of the Americans still don’t possess a passport. Thus, the never ending demand for the passport would always be there.

To counter this rush, the passport authority of America has been trying out lots of ideas. One such idea has been the recent organization of special passport acceptance fairs around America in order to pacify the rush and also decrease the queue outside the offices. These fairs would start from different parts of Los Angeles as early as in June-July 2017 and finally continue through different part of America throughout the rest of the year. Mainly these passport fairs are ones which help the American mob to apply for their passports in an easier manner from somewhere close to their houses. Through these passport fairs, you can avoid the rush as well as most importantly you would not require an appointment to apply for your passport.

But these passport fairs are not all inclusive. These fairs are mainly organized to look after new passport applications as well as child passports. But there are fairs which look after other issues as well. There is another draw backs to these fairs as well. The applications for these fairs normally needs 4-6 weeks more than a normal application to complete the process. Thus, these might be easier than the normal process but can be seriously more time consuming than the normal applications.

So, you need to consider what sort of service you require. Depending on the service you would have to decide where to go and how to deal about the things. If you are in any kind of a haste you can always apply through the online agencies as they provide you with expedited services which might cost more than the fairs but they would definitely make sure that your passport reaches you within the required time. Then all types of requirements can’t be sufficed by the fairs. They are meant for a specific purpose. For all the other requirements given you don’t have the time to take the headaches of going to and fro to the passport office and also the risk carrying all the hard copies of the required documents everywhere, you always have the option of getting things done from your home by submitting all the soft-copies of the required documents through passport expediting service and also getting things done in a haste.