Experts Opine for Advance US Passport Renewal to Avoid Hassles

International travel plans are quite common nowadays – both for leisure travel and business purposes. And for international travels, having a passport is mandatory. It has been seen that people who do not travel frequently often forget about the validity of their passport. And when a sudden travel plan is made, they are worried as their passport is nearing expiry. There are many countries, which do not offer visa to travelers until and unless their passport has validity of 6 months or more. Therefore it is recommended to have passport renewed well in advance so that there are no last moment hassles in the travel plan.

US passport renewal with time in hand

If you want to be safe with your passport validity, make sure that you renew US passport well in advance. Many people think that renewing the passport in advance means wastage of the time period that is not used in the previous passport. But just think what would happen if a sudden travel plan is made and your passport does not have the required validity. This can ruin the travel plan only. Nowadays expedited passport renewal services are available, but extra charges have to be paid for the same. If the same renewal is done with abundant time in hand, standard renewal fees need to be paid for the same. No additional charges are required and you will have the document in hand within the stipulated time period.

Passport renewal for minors should be kept in mind as well. This is because adult passports are valid for 10 years, but minors’ passports are valid for just 5 years. So, if you have a minor traveling with you, ensure that his/her passport also has required validity. For renewal of passport for minors, consent from both parents is needed. Infact presence of parents is also recommended. In case parents cannot be present for the renewal process, separate form has to be filled up and other formalities need to be completed as well. It is good to study in detail regarding the documents that are needed for renewing passport for minors.

Getting passport renewal done on expedite basis

Many agencies offer expedited passport renewal services to customers who need them the most. There are many people who have last minute travel plans and their passports don’t have the required validity. In such cases, the passports need to be renewed at the earliest. The agencies charge higher fee for the expedite services and even arrange for same day passport renewal. Just ensure that you choose the right agency in this regard.