Is Xenophobia The Reason Behind USA’s Passport Denials To Its Nationals

The USA has been the subject of headlines worldwide for some time now. Though it is nothing new, the reasons the nation is on the tip of everyone’s tongue are certainly unusual.

The so-called “Muslim ban” on entrance into the USA from 7 Islamic countries has scandalized people across the globe because it shattered the peace of mind of people born in Islamic nations who had been longstanding citizens of the USA.

This puts millions of people into a bind, where they are unsure of their ability to enter and depart the country at will. Continue reading

Passport Application Woes for Transgender People In USA

Passport Application Woes for Transgender A passport is a document of identification for everyone, people of all age groups and all genders. Like all people, transgender people in the United States need proper identity documentation.

Identification issued by the government of the country is important for applying to college or for a job, for financial transactions, interactions with law enforcement and even for going through airport security checks. Continue reading

Multiple Passport Fairs To Be Held In Us States By The United States Postal Service

International traveling has increased considerably over the few years both for travel and tourism as well as for business purposes. And for international travel, having a passport is mandatory. Without this document, you will not be allowed entry in a foreign country and not be able to return to US as well. Not only this, the passport acts as a document of national identity and proof of citizenship as well. It is obvious that the important of a passport cannot be undermined in any manner.

In USA, the passport is issued by the U.S State Department. If you want to get a passport, you have to make a new passport application and submit the same with the necessary documents and the passport processing fee. Continue reading

US Passport book vs. Passport card – Understanding Each in Detail

Passport is a document providing national identity and identification of an individual. Infact for traveling abroad, one needs a passport for sure. Many people do not know but power of passports vary from one country to another. For instance, US passport is considered to be one of the strongest passports in the world. In USA, the passport is issued by the U.S State Department. Continue reading

The Recent Rush For The Us Passports To Be Seen Off Through The Online Agencies

In spite of the recent rush for the American passport throughout the country, one has to admit that people have no other option rather than applying for the passports. The multi-national organisation will not provide you with a job if you do not possess a passport. Apart from that, most of the passports in America is up for renewal in the running year. The number of passport applications in America had reached its heights in the last year. Still, in the running year, already the number has been surpassed and we are looking forward to a renewed all time high provided the demand and the continuous rise in the number of passport applications. Continue reading

The Value And Importance Of Possessing US Passport

A passport is an important document which helps in establishing national identity of an individual. The same concept is applicable for US citizens as well. The US passport is considered as one of the most powerful passports in the world. Issued by the US Department of State, the US passport is a blue colored book. Once an American citizen acquires a US passport, he/she can travel to any part of the world without any kinds of problems. Infact having a US passport also helps in getting visa exemptions from many nations. If you are traveling to a foreign destination, confirm if you need a visa with a US passport in hand. Continue reading

Verification for US e-passports not Done in Almost a Decade

The concept of e-passports is not new. This concept has been implemented in the US passport since a long time. Basically e-passports are passports, which are technologically highly advanced. These passports have small chips integrated with the blue book in which traveler information is stored excellently. The chip also contains cryptographic hashes. These are needed for verification that the passport has not been tampered with or forged. If you are looking to seek entry into the US and coming from countries, which feature in the visa-waiver list, this has been made more than mandatory for more than 10 years now. Continue reading

Different Forms Of Us Passport Renewal Available To You

By now, it is a known fact that there would be a requirement for many passports in the US in different forms in the current year. As per the reformation of the regulation in 2008, the US citizens from then on required passports to visit Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. As such, there was a huge number of applications that were processed resulting in a lot of passports awaiting their renewals in the calendar years 2017 and 2018. Continue reading

How Many Americans Actually Have Passport?

United States of America is one of the most advanced and powerful nations of the world. Keeping such facts in mind, it is evident that majority of people think that almost all Americans have a passport. But in a survey report, an extremely interesting fact was discovered. It was found that majority of Americans do not have a passport. As per latest reports from the State Department it was found that only 46% people have valid American passport. Continue reading

Passport With Valid Visa Stolen or Lost – Things that Need to be Done

Passport is an important document, which is not only used while traveling abroad, but also acts as an identity proof document in your own country. And this stands true for US passport as well. Infact the US passport is considered as one of the strongest and most powerful passports in the world.

Stolen or lost passport – an issue faced by many people

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