DS-82 Passport Renewal Application Form

No one likes paperwork, especially paperwork that might cause you issues if you make a mistake on it. Passport applications are exactly this kind of paperwork. A single mistake on the application could delay your passport weeks, even for US passport renewals. If you’re not traveling anytime soon, this isn’t an issue, but if you’re applying for an expedited passport renewal, you will want to ensure that the application is perfect.

The application in question is called a DS-82 form and is specific to those applying for a US passport renewal. New passport applications must be submitted using a DS-11, but that’s an entirely different can of worms. Today we’ll be discussing the DS-82 passport application form and what you need to do to fill it out without making a single mistake.

Where to Start

Before you can start filling out the DS-11, you’ll need to get a hold of the application itself. Shocker, we know. You can find the passport application available for download online (LINK HERE)…these are typically PDFs that can be filled out either using a PDF editor or by printing out the application and filling it out by hand. HOWEVER, while this is an option, it is not recommended that individuals applying for an expedited passport renewal fill out the form in this way. We highly recommend using the US Department of State’s online form filler located here.

When you fill out the DS-82 passport application using the online form filler you are granted a variety of benefits. For one, since it’s not filled out by hand or using a PDF editor, you can be safe in assuming that the font meets the legibility standards of  the US Department of State. Additionally, the form will catch any general mistakes you may make and won’t allow you to complete the application until these errors are corrected. Let’s take an in-depth look at the online form filler and its’ quirks.

Using the USDS Online Form Filler

To get started select “Submit” where it says “Complete Online and Print.” This will take you to the passport application itself; at this point the form isn’t a DS-82 or DS-11. Once you get to the section titled “Your Most Recent Passport” make sure you select the option that applies to you. If you don’t have a passport, then the form will become a DS-11 application (see you in another guide). If you have a passport book, card, or both and they haven’t been expired for more than five years, the form will become a DS-82. Make sure to enter the issue date of your passport book or card correctly as entering in a random date may alter the form that is generated. The DS-82 is specific to US passport renewal. If you are receiving a DS-11 form instead you may have entered something in wrong so go back and double-check to be sure!

Make sure you enter the correct information to get a DS-82 for your expedited passport renewal

Let it be known that if you have both a book and card but were only interested in renewing one, you still must submit the other. Once you’ve moved past this page, you’ll be prompted as to whether or not your name has changed since your passport was issued. At this point, you should select ‘yes’ if you are doing a name change. You should also go back and check to make sure that the name you entered on the first page is indeed your current name. Select the appropriate reason for name change, then select continue.

After you review your US passport renewal application and correct any mistakes you might spot, hit “Continue” again. Select what services you would like and make sure that you select the right box. If you go past this point having selected the wrong option, you’ll either have to pay for the services selected when you mail in your passport application or fill out the form all over again. Note that this website cannot charge you but is giving you a quote on government fees for the selected service. Select your service and “expedited at agency,” select ‘standard delivery’ and hit next. Typically, those who apply for a US passport renewal will have the passport delivered via USPS. Since you’ll be getting an expedited passport renewal, the delivery will be handled by a third party. Scroll down, click on the checkbox, and print your passport application. That’s it, done with the form filler!

Accessorizing  Your Passport Application

Now that you’ve completed the application, you’ll have to sign and date it on the first page. Make sure one last time that all the information printed is correct and that there is a barcode in the upper left hand corner. This barcode is important as it allows USDS agents to quickly scan applications into the computer, rather than manually transcribing the application. US passport renewals being submitted as expedited passport renewals that do not have a barcode may be suspended or delayed. After you’ve signed your name and insured everything on the application is correct, it’s time to accessorize.

Passport Photo

Getting a passport photo is kind of like getting a mugshot: no one ever smiles in them, everyone looks tired and well, you get the idea. You’ve had to have taken photos when you originally applied, but if you’ve never processed an expedited passport renewal you’re probably not familiar with stapling the photos to the passport application. For all US passport renewal applications, the applicant must self affix the photo onto the DS-82 application. It’s pretty simple, first you’ll need to take the photos. We recommend getting them done at a local specialist like CVS, Walgreens, or Target, which all offer passport application photos. If you’re working with us, we here at The Passport Office can take the photos for you as well.

If you decide to take the photo yourself, make sure that you take it on a white background, and that you print it out on 2×2 glossy paper. The photo you use must have been taken within the last six months to be used. You cannot use a photo from a previous passport application. Place the photo in the 2×2 box provided and staple vertically along it’s four corners as is indicated by the box.

Where to staple to ensure a successful expedited passport renewal

Check or Money Order

You’ll need a check when applying for your expedited passport renewal. A money order or cashiers check is also sufficient. You cannot pay with cash or card. The check should be made out for either $170 if you are applying for a passport book renewal, $90 for a passport card renewal, or $200 if you are doing both. Make the check or money order payable to “US Department of State.” If you are paying with a check, when you write out the amount make sure the and comes after ‘seventy’ if you are getting just the book.

That means it should be:

One Hundred Seventy and 00


One Hundred and Seventy 00

The US Department of State will not accept checks with the latter written out as they consider everything after the ‘and’ to be cents. You can find an example check below.

Example check for those applying for an expedited passport renewal.

This example doesn’t have a name or address, make sure that yours does. The address need not match the address on your application or on your ID, something simply needs to be there. This means starter checks are not acceptable. If you’d like to do this without having to think about it too hard, I’d recommend getting a money order, as they are much more straightforward. Simply pay for one, fill out pay to, sign, date, done.

Letter of Authorization

In this example we’ve been applying for an expedited passport renewal under the assumption that you’re doing this through a private service (kinda like us). As such, you’ll need to attach a letter of authorization to the DS-82 application. If you are applying for a standard US passport renewal, you can skip this step. A letter of authorization is something that private expediters provide to you when you submit a passport application using their service. Below is an example of one of our own letters of authorization.

As you can see in this image, the first two boxes must be checked. Make sure your name is written last, first, middle. Your phone number should match the one on your DS-82 passport application and the date should be the same as the one provided when you dated your DS-82. Courier company name is typically listed at the top of the page, simply copy what is printed their into the space provided. Before signing make sure there are no errors present. If there are errors, acquire another form and fill it out again, you cannot scratch out mistakes to correct them. If the form has any visible marks that hint at alteration, the form will be thrown out and your expedited passport renewal application will be suspended.

Name Change

If you are doing a name change, you’ll also need to provide an original copy of the document that declares your name change. This can either be a court order or a marriage certificate. The one you provide should match the option you selected on the passport application itself. Keep the document you’ll be submitting for your name change behind the final page of the DS-82 passport application.

Bringing Your Expedited Passport Renewal Together

Once you’ve completed all of the above, place the check or money order face up on  the center top of the first page of the application. Open your passport book to the last page and place the inside of the back of the book under the DS-11 passport application with the letter of authorization near center top so that it’s opposite to the check. Once everything is centered, staple the stack of documents so that everything is stapled together. The stack should include all documents related to the expedited passport renewal process. If a document is missing, remove the staples and then reapply them after the document has been added to the stack. With that, you’re done!

You just need to mail in your passport application so that your expedited passport renewal can be processed! When people usually apply for a US passport renewal, you can ship directly to the US Department of State via USPS. Since you’re trying to expedite this, you’ll ship to the private expediter directly so they can process the expedited passport renewal on your behalf.

If you want to apply for an expedited passport renewal but don’t know who to turn to, we’ve got you covered. We at The Passport Office have been helping travelers expedite their passport applications since 1993. Whether you’ve never had a passport before or you’re a frequent flyer, we make the process easy. If you’ve already received your expedited passport renewal and would like to apply for an expedited visa, we can help with that as well. Check us out over at Visa Service Department.

New Rule For US Passport Holders Entering the EU

The year is 2021. You’ve finally attained your new passport and you’re ready to travel through Europe like your folks did back in their day. However, as much as you try, you cannot…a new rule has been put into place that means US citizens must go through the grueling process of getting their European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) registration completed.

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. ETIAS is predicted to only take a few minutes to apply for and will only cost applicants about $8. Currently US citizens are allowed to enter the EU’s Schengen Area as long as they have a valid US passport and a plucky disposition, so any labor added onto this load is quite the increase.

But why is the rule changing and why is it the way that it currently is? Today we’ll be taking a look at the Schengen rule’s history, it’s potential future, and what it might mean for American citizens trying to travel through Europe.

The Schengen Rule

All the places you can go in the Schengen Area with a US Passport
Blue areas are countries that are currently in the Schengen Area. Orange countries are in the process of joining.

The Schengen Area is a collection of 26 European countries (not all EU member countries) that do not currently have border checkpoints along their shared borders that require the presentation of a passport. This means that if you as a US citizen were going to travel to the EU today you would be able to travel by land from… let’s say Portugal to Germany, and along the way you wouldn’t have to pass through a checkpoint and present your passport.

To us in the USA this idea may seem a bit odd. We have rather strict border control here in the states with just our two neighbors, so how could 26 countries mutually agree to allow their citizens to travel freely between them? Well, there are many benefits to this rule’s existence. For one, let’s keep in mind that compared to the contiguous United States of America, most European countries are rather small. To give some more context, driving from Miami to Seattle would take about 50 hours to accomplish. When you compare that 50 hour drive to the 42 hours it would take to drive from Portugal to Estonia and then consider that on that drive to Estonia you’d end passing through 8 other countries I think the scale of the USA becomes a bit easier to grasp.

So, we have a large collection of culturally diverse countries that historically have not gotten along. In the wake of the horrors that occurred during both WW1 and WW2 an effort began to be made to prevent other such wars from occurring in the future. This eventually culminated in the eventual formation of the European Union.

Now with the European community closer than they’ve ever been in history, efforts were made to ensure that all European countries could benefit from both increased trade and security. The Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 and went into effect in 1995. Essentially, it allows free travel for those within the Schengen Area. The consequences of the Schengen Agreement have led to an increase in trade among members of the Schengen Area as well allowed members to focus less of their defense budgets on protecting borders with their allies.

How This Affects US Passport Holders

As far as this rule applies to us here in the USA, it’s allowed for us to freely travel to a bulk of European countries without worrying about attaining a visa for each one. Furthermore, it greatly increases the speed at which one can travel within the Schengen Area. For example, once you’ve entered the Schengen Area, all travel within it can be done without presenting your passport at border checkpoints. This extends even to flights, and in fact all flights that occur within the Schengen Area are treated as domestic flights.

Now, if you looked at the map above for even a moment, you may have noticed that one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe is not included in the Schengen Area; the United Kingdom. By extension, Ireland is also not part of the Schengen Area, not because it’s part of the UK, but because it shares an open border with North Ireland, which is controlled by the UK. Essentially, because the UK and Ireland share an open land border with no checkpoint requirements, Ireland is unable to enter into the Schengen Area as it could lead to Ireland being used as a staging point for foreign nationals entering the UK illegally. Just keep this in mind if you’re planning your dream trip to see all of Europe.

Regardless of odd exemptions the rule has been a great boon to foreigners who wish to visit the EU and see all that it has to offer without the bureaucratic red tape that comes with strict border control. With changes in the international status quo come changes to established rules however.

Why Could It Change?

The Schengen rule as we know it today probably isn’t going anywhere come 2021. However the new rules could be a sign of a changing relationship between the USA and the countries of the EU. A recent Vox article describes this changing relationship, citing the incumbent US president’s negative view of the current US-EU Alliance. Additionally, the article mentions how five countries currently part of the Schengen Area still must obtain visas to enter the USA. This means that countries within the EU are receiving unequal treatment from one of their largest international allies.

Some countries within the Schengen Area have recently temporarily reinstated internal borders: you can find a complete list of these countries here. This is most likely due to the threat of terrorism within the EU. Again, unlike the USA, the EU is connected by land to the Middle East. Additionally, several EU countries took in a large influx of refugees from nearby humanitarian crisis areas. Some conservative politicians in the EU cite these refugees in conjunction with poor individual border security as a rising threat to the stability of the region. A heightend sense of individual state nationalism in the face of immigration and acts of terrorism may lead to tighter border control between members of the Schengen Area.

Should the EU dissolve in its entirety we could potentially see the end of the Schengen Area. While the EU itself and the Schengen Agreement are technically separate, the dissolution of the EU would be a sign of crumbling trust between EU member states which may ultimately lead to ex-EU members pulling from the agreement. While this future is unlikely, as seen with the UK’s Brexit movement, it’s not impossible for members of the EU to flirt with the idea of leaving. In fact, Brexit is currently threatening stability upon the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland as questions have been raised as to whether the border should remain open should the UK pull out of the EU.

Where Does That Leave Us?

So, good news, the EU isn’t dissolving tomorrow and you probably won’t require a visa to go to the EU’s Schengen Area anytime soon unless you plan on working there. But the rules are still changing in 2021, and while it isn’t that much more work it’s still something that needs to be done. So how will you do it? According to this fancy little fact sheet provided by the EU, the process would look a little something like this:

  • US travelers will complete an online application which takes about 10 minutes
  • The application fee is €7 (about $8)
  • After an automated search of numerous databases, around 95% of all applicants should be allowed entry within minutes
  • If the application isn’t accepted initially, it goes to Frontex for manual assessment, this takes another 96 hours
  • A majority of the 5% of applications that are not initially accepted, the majority should be approved within 96 hours
  • If a traveler’s application is refused, they may appeal the decision in the country they are landing in
  • The travel authorization will be valid for 3 years or when the applicant’s passport expires, whichever comes first

A few things to note, applicants must already have a valid US passport in order to apply and they’ll also need a method of online payment, which means a credit/debit card is required. Unlike a visa, the ETIAS will expire once your passport which means that you’ll need to get a new one, even if it hasn’t been 3 years. With this in mind, once 2021 rolls around, we’d recommend checking your passport before you plan on traveling to Europe to make sure you get the most out of your ETIAS. If your US passport is expiring soon, consider applying for a passport renewal. If your passport has been long expired then it may be time to apply for a new passport altogether.

The databases that the database search covers includes the following:

  • The Visa Information System (VIS),
  • Europol data
  • The Eurodac database
  • The Entry/Exit System (EES)
  • The Interpol Stolen and Lost Travel Document database (SLTD),
  • The Interpol Travel Documents Associated with Notices database (TDAWN)
  • A specific ETIAS watchlist

So as long as your face and name don’t end up on any of those lists you should be fine to gain entry into the EU. You may find yourself joining the 5% who don’t get instantly approved should you share a name with someone who is on the list, or if you are somehow related to someone listed on one of the databases. Do keep the fact that you could become part of that 5% in mind though. Don’t think that just because the chances of you getting approved lean in your favor means that you should wait until the day before you flight to apply.


All in all this change won’t mean the end of the world for those of you who enjoy hostel-hopping their way across Europe. It just adds a simple step with a small fee, and if you’ve ever applied for a new passport or visa on your own, it should be a cakewalk.

If you plan on traveling to EU before these new changes hit and need a new passport or a passport renewal, we’ve got you covered. We at The Passport Office specialize in getting expediting passports for travelers traveling within 30 days. Visit our main website for more information and get your application started today.

Three Outdoorsy Locations for Indoor People

Traveling can be tough when your a homebody. We understand, however as technology has improved, some brilliant entrepreneurs had a series of great ideas. This group of like-minded individuals pondered if it was possible to bring all the great aspects of the outdoors indoors… And it looks like they’ve succeeded.

Today we’ll be going over 4 outdoorsy locations for indoorsy people! What do I mean by outdoorsy locations for the indoorsy? Why of course I’m talking about large scale resorts and theme parks that one would typically find outside… But instead it’s inside. This may seem like something out of Pauly Shore’s Biodome, but we have the pictures and sources to prove these places exist. Keep in mind we’ll be browsing through a selection of locations outside of the USA, so if you’re currently a US resident you’ll have to obtain a new passport in order to attend.

The Tropical Island Resort in Germany, visit it now when you get a new passport!

The Tropical Island Resort, Krausnick, Germany

Located just south of Berlin is our first stop on today’s adventure. The Tropical Island Resort feels out of place in landlocked Germany. The resort features a beach, that’s right, a massive indoor beach that generates its own waves to simulate the actual experience of being at a beach. On top of that, this tropical paradise is also chock full of tropical foliage and fauna, making it the largest artificial tropical rain forest in the world as well as the largest indoor beach! That’s what I call a two-for-one. The park was created by a Malaysian investment group who assumed that the people of Germany deserved a beach despite not living in a country with one. The investment group assumed right, and this park now sees almost 1 million visitors each year!

Now, most people who would be interested in attending such a place are going to be German since that’s the target audience, but don’t let that stop you from checking out this spot! In addition to a massive indoor beach and artificial rain forest Tropical Island Resort also has a zip-line. Why go to Costa Rica to zip line through the jungle and get your wallet stolen by monkeys when you can just as easily go to Germany zip line through the artificial jungle and get your wallet stolen by a pickpocket? Hard to think of a good reason, we know. Do keep in mind that if you’re traveling to Germany in the winter and want to escape the typically cold weather you can always head to this resort. Be wary however, you may find it harder to get a slice of this tropical paradise when the locals are attempting to escape the cold as well. Either way, you’ll need to obtain a passport if you plan on entering Germany, and some rumors about future EU laws may require US citizens to acquire a visa as well.

The slopes at Harbin Wanda Ski and Winter Sports Resort. Visit now when you get a new passport and Chinese visa.

Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort, Harbin, China

If the cold is your thing and you’re wondering if there’s anywhere– ANYWHERE in the world that can satisfy your 24/7 need for a place to roll around in the snow, do we have some news for you. The Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort is the exact opposite of our first entry. Built in the Chinese city of Harbin, which coincidentally is known as “The City of Ice” and is also the location of the world renowned “Harbin Ice and Snow Festival,” this massive indoor sky resort is the largest in the world! The total cost to complete this complex came out to about $4.6 billion dollars. The first thing you should expect to find in this winter wonderland is ski slopes, which thankfully the resort has many of, six to be exact. The slopes vary in length and width so there’s something for beginners to experienced skiers!

If skiing is too much of an outdoors activity for your indoorsy lifestyle you’ve got nothing to worry about. The resort provides much more than just slopes and snow. If you’d like, you can always slide over to the ice hockey rink for a quick game or just to practice your ice skating skills. If neither of those activities suit you, or if you’re just being difficult, you can always check out the mall or movie theater… Or one of the several restaurants the resort has to offer. Essentially the Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort has everything you need in a large scale ski resort, that being said before writing this article I wasn’t sure if anything other than snow and skis was needed.

If you do plan on heading to Harbin to visit this resort you’ll need a China visa. If you’ve never been to a country that requires a visa and don’t know what that is, don’t worry! We have plenty of resources on our sister website for first time travelers to China. It should be stated that you need a valid passport before you can attain a visa to ANY country. So before booking a trip with the hopes of leaving the states, apply for either a new passport or passport renewal if you already have one.

IMG Worlds in Dubai, visit now when you apply for a new passport.

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai, UAE

If neither sand nor snow tickles your fancy perhaps something more commercial might appeal to you. IMG Worlds of Adventure located in Dubai is the world’s largest indoor theme park, the complex is in fact so large that it’s classified as the single largest temperature controlled environment in the world. Enjoy all the fun of trouncing about as if you were in Orlando in the summer except you don’t have to wear any sunscreen until you step  out into that sweet sweet desert sun at the end of your day. IMG Worlds features a variety of activities and rides as one would expect a theme park to. The park was created by the IMG Group, the park currently features five distinct sections. Two of these sections are based off the American enterprises of Cartoon Networth and Marvel comics, the properties included in these areas were essentially leased out to be used for the theme park. The remaining sections include a “main street” style strip call Img Boulevard, a Jurassic Park inspired section call “The Lost Valley” and finally a large movie theater with 12 screens called the Novo Cinema.

Like any theme park worth its salt, IMG Worlds has a variety of activities to do. There are currently 17 attractions in the park, some are winding roller coasters for thrill junkies and others, such as LazyTown located in the Cartoon Network section (though I could have sworn that show aired on Nickelodeon in the states), are aimed at a much younger audience. If theme park attractions aren’t your thing you’re also welcome to stop by one of the 37 shops and restaurants to pick up some grub and some themed plastic souvenirs. Conversely, if you’ve had enough walking for the just stop by the Novo Cinema and catch a flick, with 12 screens there’s bound to be something playing that you’ll like.

If none of the activities currently offered interest you then perhaps you’ll only need to wait a few years before something new crops up in IMG World. There are already talks about expanding the park to include a variety of other zones, including areas dedicated to (but not limited to), Nickelodeon, Pokemon, Disney, Mattel, Sabban, Anime World, Ubisoft, TV Tokyo, and Legends of Arabia. As well as all of the just mentioned zones, this expansion would also include a new Cartoon Network and Lost Valley area. The new areas would be located in a large complex adjacent to the already existing one. This new park extension will be called IMG Worlds of Legends and you can see a concept image by clicking here. No doubt that once construction is complete it’ll be decades before another indoor theme park comes in close to the size and scope of IMG Worlds of Adventures.

But what if you don’t want to go to any of these places?

Now you might not have plans to travel to any of the locations we’ve mentioned thus far, not because the crazy indoor locals don’t impress you, but because you have no plans to visit the country it’s located in. That’s fine! As mentioned in each individual entry, these are the “largest” in the world of their particular kind. That means there are others sprinkled about the world that might not be as large but might scratch the itch you’ve been trying to for years. For example, the Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort is only one of many in China, there are actually an alarming 27 indoor ski slopes in China, including some that are currently in development. And that’s just in China! Several countries in Europe also have indoor ski slopes such as: Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK. Two are currently in development here in the states as well, so don’t experience FOMO if you aren’t planning on traveling out of the country soon!

As far as indoor beaches go those are a bit tougher since several countries already have beaches. However there are still a few to be spoken for! Naturally China has once in Chengdu, this one rivals the one in Germany as it also features a beach with wave pool. There are also locations in Japan and Kazakhstan. Finally, while it isn’t as luxurious as it’s counterpart in Germany, The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark in Canada is a good option if you live in the Northern USA and want to see what all this indoor beach nonsense is about. Fallsview is located close to Niagara Falls which makes it only a short distance from the US-Canada border. This makes Fallsview your go-to assuming you have either a US passport or passport card to cross the border.

Finally we have indoor theme parks. You can actually find  few of these sprinkled throughout the states. No, I’m not talking about Chuck-E-Cheese’s or Dave n’ Busters, those don’t count. The Adventuredome in Las Vegas, Nevada offers many of the amenities that IMG Worlds does, and all without leaving the country! However, if you want to go all out on your US indoor theme park vacation, we’d have to recommend the one located inside of The Mall of America. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, is the largest mall in America when you account for the theme park attached to it known as ‘Nickelodeon Universe”. While Nickelodeon Universe is no IMG Worlds, it’s still the largest indoor theme park in the States and it has three unique roller coasters. The best park? When you’re done riding those three roller coasters five times each, you can easily spend the rest of your day  browsing through the biggest mall in the country.

If indoor locations aren’t your thing, maybe you should check out this article and learn about some places that may not be around in the next century.

If you do plan on traveling internationally to visit any of these groovy indoor attractions you’ll need to obtain a passport first. Lucky for you, we’re experts when it comes to passport. Whether you’re in need of a new passport, passport renewal, or if you’re just looking for some information, visit our main website here to get started today!

Your Top 10 Questions on Expedited Passport Services, Answered


Whether you are new to traveling internationally, or you are a seasoned traveler, sometimes the passport process can be a bit confusing to figure out. Trying to determine which forms you need to print and fill out on the government’s website can feel like an IQ test of some sort. Thankfully, there are options that offer convenient, stress-free services for things like applying for a new passport, expedited passport services and passport renewals. 

So, what exactly does passport expediting involve? And can you get passport help in person or just online? Furthermore, how quickly are you able to get a new passport and what happens if you need a child’s passport?  

We have gathered the top ten most commonly asked questions about passports to help you navigate the passport process more efficiently. Whether you are curious if passport services are offered by the government, or you need more information about expedited passport services and getting your passport quickly, we are here to help. Let’s get started!   

#1. What are Expedited Passport Services? 

Expedited passport services are offered by passport companies for the purpose of taking stress out of the passport process. Customer service representatives walk a customer through each step of getting their new passport, assisting with lost or stolen passports or with applying for a child’s passport. They ensure that you have all of the required documentation and necessary paperwork filled out and completed accurately. 

Passport expediting services are offered both online and in person. The Passport Office also offers the option of walk-in appointments, or the ability to schedule an appointment ahead of time, for a customer’s convenience.

#2. What is the Process for Expediting a Passport? 

To begin with expedited passport services, first decide if you want to complete the process online or in-person. If you decide to book an in-person appointment, a customer support representative will assist you by letting you know what information you need for your application. They will also type all of your information for you during your appointment, to further expedite the process. 

If you opt for online expedited passport services, the application process takes just three simple steps. Each step is easy to understand with the required sections of information outlined clearly.  

Get started today by booking an appointment for in-person assistance or going through the process online.  

#3. What are the Benefits of Using a Passport Expediting Company? 

There are several benefits to using an expedited passport service. In a nutshell, these services take the stress out of trying to figure out the passport process on your own. This can be a huge relief if you are trying to get your passport quickly, you are dealing with a lost passport or you have never traveled internationally and need a place to start.  

The biggest benefits to working with a team such as The Passport Office, include a super-fast turnaround, the option for same-day services, secure delivery of documents and an expert level of care. 

#4. Where Can You Get Your Passport Expedited in Person? 

The Passport Office has several locations across the United States for our customers convenience. Our offices are in San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle and Houston.  

If you are in the busy areas of Tampa or Orlando, our offices can save you an incredible amount of time. The nearest government passport processing facility to these locations is in Miami, which is 4 hours away from you. Additionally, our location in Los Angeles offers tourists the passport help they need, without waiting at the local government’s processing center for hours.  

If you are interested in passport help, find our offices near you.   

#5. Are Passport Expediting Services Offered Through the Government? 

It is important to understand the organizations offering expedited passport services are not a branch of the government or affiliated with the government in any way. These businesses, such as The Passport Office, are licensed to submit passport applications on behalf of the customer. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to call our team. 

#6. How Quickly Can You Get Your Passport Expedited? 

At The Passport Office, we allow customers to choose how quickly they need their passport. Options include standard service, rush service, priority service, emergency service and same day services. It is great peace-of-mind knowing a team of customer support professionals works with you to ensure your passport is in your hands prior to the trip. 

#7. What Should You Look for in a Passport Expediting Company? 

When it comes to selecting a company to assist you with expedited passport services, it is important to choose the right one. The Passport Office has been helping people with expedited passport services, passport renewal, child’s passports and more for over 20 years. Our experienced team prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service in the industry, with a major focus on professionalism. This is evident in their more than 445 online reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive. 

#8. Can You Receive a Lost or Stolen Passport Renewal Quickly? 

If you are within the United States and need a replacement passport, The Passport Office can help. Our experienced professionals specialize in walking people through dealing with a lost or stolen passport situation. In a few easy steps, we will have the correct paperwork filed and your documents prepared for processing.  

We understand that this can be a stressful process. Begin the process online today, or contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our locations across the United States.  

#9. What If I Need a Child Passport for My Child? 

The process of getting a passport for someone who is below the age of 16 is very different than applying for a passport as an adult. Explore some helpful tips about getting a child’s passport:  

  • A minor under 16 is required to have both legal guardians with them when they apply for a passport. 
  • A child’s passport last for 5 years, whereas an adult’s lasts for 10 years. 
  • The child will need to provide a birth certificate that demonstrates their citizenship and their parent’s identities, in order to apply for a passport. 
  • Similar to when an adult applies for a passport, the child is required to have a current photo for their passport. You can provide a photograph or have one taken.  

Additionally, the proper child passport application form will need to be accurately filled out.  

#10. How Do I Renew My Passport? 

If you are looking to renew your passport in a hurry, we suggest using a passport office to assist with expedited passport services. This ensures you complete all the necessary paperwork, have not forgotten anything and your application has been securely submitted and processed.  

Otherwise, you can download the DS-82 form and complete the process via mail. To do so, you will need to accurately complete the form and send your current passport, two recent passport photos, payment and proof of name change if applicable to the applicant provided on the application. 

The renewal process typically takes anywhere between four to six weeks. You can request expedited passport services to speed up the process to approximately 2-3 weeks but this speed is not guaranteed. Be sure to write the word “EXPEDITE” in large letters on the outside of the envelope and use an overnight delivery service if you choose to do this. 


Contact The Passport Office Today to Get Started   

The Passport Office has assisted the American traveling public with their passport needs for years. If you are within the United States and need an expedited passport, let The Passport Office team help you navigate the process securely. 

To get started, apply for an expedited passport online or contact our team to set up an appointment today.  

Are Expedited Passport Services Legitimate? Yes. Here’s Why


Oftentimes, one of the most stressful parts of planning a trip is navigating the passport process. Having to renew an existing passport or apply for a new one can be a confusing process to figure out. If you’re unsure of which documents you need, or where to go for your passport services, it can also be super time-consuming as well.

Furthermore, if you’re in need of expedited passport services, the process is even more stressful as you’re looking to get your passport figured out as soon as you can. The good news is that regardless of whether you’re looking to apply for a brand-new passport, or you need yours renewed as quickly as possible, there are companies who offer expedited passport services that are available to help you.

Today, we’re exploring what exactly passport expediting services are, how the process works, the benefits of using a reputable company such as The Passport Office and more. If you’ve been curious about whether or not passport expediting services make sense for you and your family, you’ll want to take a read.   

What are Expedited Passport Services?

Expedited passport services take the stress out of the process by walking an individual through the steps of getting their passport, and ensuring they have all of the required documentation and necessary paperwork completed accurately. These services are offered both online and in person, for a customer’s convenience. Companies such as The Passport Office also offer the option of walk-in appointments or the ability to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

During the expediting process, you’re able to choose how quickly you need your passport. Options include standard service, rush service, priority service, emergency and same day services. Having a team of customer support professionals work with you to ensure your passport is in your hands before your trip is incredibly helpful.

Additionally, it’s important to understand which organizations offer expedited passport services. Companies who offer passport expediting services are not a branch of the government, or affiliated with the government in any way. These businesses, such as The Passport Office, are licensed to submit passport applications on behalf of the customer.

What is the Process for Expediting a Passport?

As we previously mentioned, certain companies allow you to expediate your passport online or during an in-person appointment. The Passport Office offers customers both of these options for their convenience. Their offices are located across the U.S. in San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle and Houston.

Once you’ve determined whether you want to begin expedited passport services online or in-person, the process is incredibly simple. Unlike when you attempt to navigate the passport process on your own, every step is clearly outlined for you, so you’re never confused about what to do or when.

In-person, a customer support representative will type of all of your information for you, to further expedite the process. Online, the application process is broken out into small, easily understandable sections that are clearly labeled. No confusing forms to try to understand and no complicated language.

To schedule an appointment for a new passport, contact our team today. Otherwise, you can get started at any time online.

What are the Benefits of Using The Passport Office?

The Passport Office has been helping people with expedited passport services, passport renewal, child’s passports and more for over 20 years. Their experienced team prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service in the industry, with a major focus on professionalism. This is evident in their more than 445 online reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive.

With The Passport Office, customers are offered:

  • Incredibly fast turnaround, with same day services available.
  • Secure delivery of documents and an expert level of care with sensitive information.
  • Kind and attentive customer support professionals.  

When it comes to selecting a company to assist you with expedited passport services, it’s important to choose the right one. Consider some of the following before choosing the first passport expediting business you find online:

  • Do they offer the option of speaking to someone in-person or only an online application process?
  • Are there multiple office locations to choose from for your convenience?
  • How easy are the forms to navigate for the online application process? Do you understand what is required of you?

Calling All Florida Travelers: Choose a More Convenient Expedited Passport Services Process

If you’re located in the Tampa or Orlando areas, you’re in luck. As you may already be aware, unfortunately, the nearest government passport processing facility is in Miami, which is 4 hours away from you. This is where The Passport Office is able to make your passport process remarkably convenient and much less stressful.

Having the ability to apply for your passport online or at one of our locations in Orlando or Tampa can save you hours of your time. The Passport Office offers customers walk-in appointments as well, whereas the government passport office requires an appointment that can take a week or two to get.

Our goal is to ensure the passport process is as seamless, convenient and stress-free as possible for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to focus on your upcoming trip, rather than how you’re going to deal with the complicated details of the passport process? We think so. Learn more about our Tampa and Orlando locations today, or explore all of our offices across the United States online.


Contact The Passport Office Today to Get Started  

Expedited passport services don’t have to be an overwhelming process, or a part of the pre-trip preparation that you need to fret about. Rather than trying to figure out which documents you need, which government location you’re supposed to go to, and how much time the process might take, let the passport professionals help you instead.

The Passport Office is a passport expediting service that provides timely services to the American traveling public. If you’re within the United States and need an expedited passport, turn to The Passport Office team. Whether you prefer to go through the process online, step by step, or you would like to meet with someone in-person, we can help. You’ll be amazed by how easy and quick the process is.

To get started, apply for an expedited passport online, or contact our team to set up an appointment today.

Explore Getting a New Passport and Taking These Quick International Flights


There are few things more exciting than traveling to a new city or exploring one of your very favorite places to visit. Whether you’re in need of a relaxing beach vacation, or you’re looking to walk the vibrant streets of a bustling city, sometimes a quick international trip is exactly what’s needed.

Unfortunately, finding enough time to get away can seem like a major chore. There is the task of getting a new passport, and then planning the actual travel itself. Where do you begin looking for the best international flights? Is it possible to go somewhere fun without spending hours upon hours on a plane? Don’t worry, international travel doesn’t have to be difficult!

We’ve rounded up some of the best, quick international flights from cities all across the United States. If you’re looking to plan your next getaway, there’s a great chance your exciting destination is just a short flight away. Let’s begin!   

First, Start by Getting a New Passport

Before you start packing your bathing suit and your sunscreen, be sure to double check whether or not getting a new passport should be on your list of things to do before you take off on your trip. If it’s time for a new passport, don’t sweat it! Getting a new passport is incredibly simple if you know where to turn to for help.

The Passport Office specializes in helping people with the passport process, from start to finish. In fact, their process for getting a new passport is just three easy steps and can be done online. You start by filling out an application of several questions. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive detailed instructions on what to do next. Last, the Passport Office team will help prepare your documents for processing.

Don’t let the idea of getting a new passport prevent you from taking an exciting trip. We’ll walk you through the entire process and ensure you have everything you need.

#1. Miami to the Cayman Islands

Total Plane Time: 1 ½ hrs.

If a beautiful beach getaway is what you have in mind, the Cayman Islands is a fantastic option to consider. For people located in Miami, you can catch a direct flight to the Caymans that’s only an hour and a half! Airline Southwest routinely flies this route, for between $300- $500, roundtrip.

The Caymans consist of three different islands, with Grand Cayman being the largest of the bunch. There are numerous gorgeous beaches to explore, as well as the opportunity to see local marine life such as sea turtles and stingrays. If you plan your trip in May, you’ll also be able to catch the annual Carnival activities, known as Batabano.    

#2. New York City (JFK) to Haiti

Total Plane Time: 4 hrs.

Calling all New Yorkers! Port-au-Prince, Haiti is a unique and historic adventure, perfect for a weekend getaway. After a quick, four-hour flight, you’ll be ready to explore this remarkable city, full of beautiful beaches and local culture. Haiti is ideal for the traveler who wants to see stunning architecture. Additionally, the country features picturesque waterfalls and incredible seafood cuisine.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting vacation spot, consider Haiti. You won’t regret exploring the local flea markets and food vendors, and you simply can’t beat the quick four-hour flight there from NYC.

#3. Newark to the Bahamas

Total Plane Time: 3 hrs., 15 mins 

Delta, JetBlue and many others frequently make the quick trip between New Jersey and the Bahamas. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, features a bustling city with a laid-back island feel. The Bahamas offers all the essentials you need to be comfortable while on vacation, with gorgeous beaches and incredible weather almost year-round.

Once on the island, travelers commonly take smaller planes to island jump and explore the outer, more remote islands. As a well-known travel destination from the Northeast United States, the Bahamas are ideal for long weekend trips.    

#4. San Francisco to Calgary, Canada

Total Plane Time: 2 hrs., 30 mins 

If you are more of a cold weather person, consider heading north for an easy getaway. For those of you located in the San Francisco area, Calgary is a fantastic destination to explore. After getting a new passport, in just two and a half hours, you’ll be transported from busy northern California to breathtaking scenic views in western Canada. Plane tickets typically cost approximately $300 or so.

Whether you’re looking to horseback ride, rock climb or even heli-hike, Calgary is all about being outdoors. This area is truly ideal for the nature lover and outdoorsmen.   

#5. Los Angeles to Cancun

Total Plane Time: 4 hrs., 30 mins 

For an affordable and quick international trip, Mexico is a fantastic option for travelers located in Los Angeles. The Cancun area features something for everyone, from the socialite and partier to the introvert who wants to explore nature. Although you may think of Cancun primarily as a party destination, there are many areas close by, such as Isla Mujeres, that offer a more tranquil and peaceful vacation opportunity.

Explore art museums, take in the local culture at food markets or simply relax on the beach in Cancun, Mexico for an inexpensive and easy trip. Step one in your Mexico trip planning? Getting a new passport and ensuring you’re ready to travel internationally.

#6. Chicago to Quebec, Canada

Total Plane Time: 4 hrs. 

Looking for an international travel destination that offers culture, major history, and incredible food? Search no further than Quebec City. Picture narrow, cobblestone roads, incredible historic buildings, and a romantic French accent and that’s Quebec! The city offers many quaint bakeries, cafes and bars that can easily be explored on foot for the traveler who loves great food.

Just four hours from Chicago, you’ll be on your way to one of the most spectacular travel destinations in North America.  

#7. Boston to Bermuda

Total Plane Time: 2 hrs. 

Located just two hours from Boston, Hamilton, Bermuda is another amazing warm weather travel spot to consider this year. Tourists can explore Bermuda via local bike trails or on a paddle board in the ocean at a local beach. The country is full of bright colors, sunny skies and a fun downtown full of local shops.  

Be sure to add Bermuda to your list of quick international flight options this year! Start by first getting a new passport to ensure you’re ready to go.

#8. Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic

Total Plane Time: 3 hrs., 45 mins 

Continuing our list of incredible beach vacations, for travelers located in Philly, the Dominican Republic is a must-see location. Popular vacation spot Punta Cana has many resorts that offer numerous all-inclusive vacation opportunities, so you don’t have to worry about planning a single accommodation once your trip is booked. Along with the 70-80 degree weather year-round, it’s truly a fantastic vacation option.

Consider getting a new passport and packing your bags for Punta Cana this year.  

#9. Atlanta to Costa Rica

Total Plane Time: 3 hrs., 55 mins 

For East coast travelers, Costa Rica is a quick and easy destination. Costa Rica is ideal for people looking to enjoy warm weather and who also want to explore fun outdoor activities. Known for its active volcanoes, horseback riding, bungee jumping and zip lining, you don’t have to worry about being bored while in Costa Rica.

The best part? Travelers coming from Atlanta can get there in just under four hours.

#10. Dallas, Texas (DFW) to Guatemala

Total Plane Time: 4 hrs.   

Guatemala offers adventures galore for people looking to take a trip somewhere new and exciting. From volcanos to bar hopping and exploring beautiful lakes, Antigua, Guatemala does not disappoint. Antigua is a popular destination for backpackers and those looking to explore incredible historic towns, such as Panajachel, San Pedro, and San Marcos.  


Consider Getting a New Passport and Taking a Fun, Quick International Trip

If you’re looking for fun, quick and exciting travel opportunities this year, there are tons to choose from. Regardless of which corner of the United States you’re located in, there are tons of international flights that can transport you to a new city in a matter of a few hours. Start preparing for your next international trip by first getting a new passport, and then researching where you want to explore.

The Passport Office can assist you with getting a new passport, renewing your passport and asking all of your passport related questions. Begin the process online or schedule an appointment at one of our locations.

The Top 16 Countries That Require Visas for US Citizens


You’re all packed for the big trip. Ready to explore the sights and sounds of an African Safari – or see the Great Wall of China.

But did you pack your Visa?  

We’re not talking about visa credit cards. We’re talking travel Visas.  

Officially speaking, a visa is an endorsement. It grants a passport holder entry into a country for a specific time-period. Every country has a unique set of rules that dictate which nationalities can enter with or without a visa.  

US citizens have one of the ‘strongest’ passports in the world and can travel without a visa to 116 countries.  

This is fantastic – until you realize there are over 80 countries that require a Visa of some kind. Forty-nine of them are eVisa’ or ‘visa on arrival’ countries.  

– ‘eVisa’ is an option that enables travelers to submit a visa application online prior to visiting a country. It enables you to enter a country immediately upon arrival with a passport and visa on hand. 

– ‘Visa on arrival’ allows a traveler to purchase a visa when arriving to their destination country. For example, upon crossing the Mexican border – visitors can purchase a six-month tourist visa for $25. Plenty of time for tamales, tequila and addressing an endless taco addiction.  

Travel is fun – but logistics can be a bureaucratic drag. Obtaining visas requires yet another step for people to deal with in their travel. 

But don’t forget, there are also 33 countries that require US citizens to obtain a physical visa prior to arrival. When this is the case, you’ll need to undergo an often-lengthy process that takes time, paperwork and money.  

We can help.  

Our Visa Service Department assists with the process. If you need a new passport, visa, or both: we can help make the application MUCH smoother.  

Check our list to see if your upcoming travel destination requires a visa. If so – don’t panic. Refer to our website where you can select your destination and see which visas are available



It isn’t easy for US citizens trying to visit this beautiful ancient country. Chinese law requires US passport holders to apply for a visa at their local Chinese consulate. Once the visa is ready, they require applicants to pay the application fee and pick up the visa from the Embassy or Consulate General.  

This a massive inconvenience for people who live hundreds of miles from their nearest Chinese consulate – for US tourists, China requires a particularly long list of documents and a travel itinerary.  

Luckily, we aim to please. For over 20 years, our service has allowed people to get their passports and visas quickly and without taking time and expense to go to the nearest Chinese consulate.  



One of the strictest countries for US citizens seeking a visa. To explore the world’s largest country, US citizens will undergo a complex visa application process that is infamous for rejecting applicants for the smallest of reasons. You’ll be needing a shot of vodka before you even get to Russia.  

Applicants must submit (and pick up) their visa applications at a regional office. You need a lengthy list of documents and (also) an invitation from a host, tour operator or hotel in Russia confirming your stay.  

It’s such a time intensive process it should almost be a crime to not have your Russian visa expedited. The amount of time and effort saved would seem a no-brainer.  


Most African countries require US citizens to obtain a visa – and east Africa’s most popular tourist destination is no exception.  

It’s a country that is home to some of the world’s most well-known safaris, national parks and of course Africa’s largest mountain – the majestic Mount Kiliminjaro.  

Kenya is an eVisa or ‘visa on arrival’ country which means we can help you get your visa quickly and in as little time as 1-2 days. The perfect option for people who want to leave the bureaucratic work to us – and walk straight into Kenya on arrival.   


Before you decide to elope out to the pyramids you’ll need to get your passport and visa sorted out. Luckily, Egypt is another eVisa country which enables our Visa Service Department to process the application in 5 business days or less.  

Once that is taken care of, you’ll be walking like an Egyptian in no time and enjoying the sights and sounds of one of the world’s most fascinating and breathtakingly historical countries.  

Between pyramids, ancient cities, citadels and temples… it’s very tempting to apply for our own visa right now! Meet us at Mount Sinai?  



Visitors to India should expect a complex visa processing system which has many variables to consider. There are business visas, tourist visas and a variety of other options such as student, conference, research and so on.  

US citizens can apply online for an eVisa but should be advised that travelers can only use the visa to enter one time for up to 30 days. Also, it is only for use entering India through a list of specific airports and seaports.  

If you apply for a visa at an Indian consulate, you can get a multiple entry visa that is valid for up to 10 years. But the primary drawback is that the application process is lengthy and requires a surprising amount of paperwork and time to complete.   

Take a look at our website for details on which visa you will need. Once you decide which to apply for we will give you straightforward steps to make the process as fast and painless as possible. It makes us happy when things are this easy.  



Carnival nights. Colors in the lights. Caipirinha cocktails with sugar and ice. If you are looking to experience the many sights and sounds of the world’s most diverse country; you must apply for a visa in advance. 

Keep in mind that there are a multitude of options for applying for a Brazilian Visa. The United States is one of four countries whose citizens can apply. These visas are valid up to 10 years and good for up to 90 days at a time.  

We keep our application streamlined and try to make it as easy as possible for people applying: tourist visa applications only have 7 steps in our process.    



One of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Extremely popular for adventurers and culture lovers. Boundless nature, culture and foodie heaven paradise.  

Home of the legendary pho soup, a breakfast dish that has won the hearts of Americans and become a steadfast dinner delicacy on this side of the Pacific.  

It should be noted that Vietnam requires visitors to obtain a visa prior to arrival. To obtain the visa, you must apply at one of the multiple embassies that Vietnam maintains in the United States.  They offer regular visas that get stamped inside your passport or a loose leaf visa that is detached from your passport. Check out your options and apply today



Not only one of the most underrated and undiscovered travel destinations; Algeria is also the tenth largest country in the world. It is an African country with surprising roots in both Arab, French, and multiple ancient dynasties across the millennia. 

US citizens are required to obtain a Visa and it should be noted that they may be denied entry if their passport contains Israeli stamps or visas.  



Ghana is an African power that spans a rich geographical area on the Ivory Coast of Africa. The country has a multi-ethnic heritage and long complex history. Many empires have contested the area due to its strategic location and abundant natural resources.  

In order to visit – US citizens need a Visa to visit Ghana and will also need to obtain an International Certificate of Vaccination.  



For travelers hoping to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran, they must undergo a complex application process. They must first obtain a Visa from the Embassy in Pakistan in Washington, DC prior to traveling to Iran.  This is because Iran does not have a consulate in the United States. 

Upon arrival US visitors are fingerprinted and photographed on entry – independent travelers are required to be escorted by a government authorized guide during the entire duration of their trip.  

As US citizens must adhere to a complex application procedure and can only apply at a specific Embassy, it is a huge benefit to have an agency take of the process. You can apply for the expedited Iran Visa service here. 



Bolivia is a diverse nation known for a stunning range of natural outdoor beauty. It is also recognized for it’s multi-ethnic culture influenced by a variety of indigenous and European roots. 

US nationals can purchase a visa directly at one of the consulates, which is jurisdictional, or through a visa service like us. This $160 visa is valid for 10 years and visitors can use it for up to 90 days at a time. It should also be noted that travelers need to have a hotel reservation or a letter of invitation of where they’re staying and yellow fever vaccination.  It is a lengthy process so apply now or as soon as possible  

Saudi Arabia 


US citizens are required to acquire an advance Visa prior to visiting Saudi Arabia. All international visitors are fingerprinted upon arrival and travelers with Israeli visas or entry stamps will most likely be refused entry to the country.  

Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist Visas. This is a shame due to the richness of a fascinating history that Saudi Arabia holds as the birthplace of Islam and a multitude of ancient marvels.  

This is also a complex visa that be processed within a week if everything is submitted to the consulates’ liking.  Do not wait until the last minute to apply for this visa. 



Paraguay is home to an amazing amount of natural beauty, biodiversity and colonial history. This land-locked nation touches Bolivia to the north, the jungles of Brazil to the east, and Argentina to the south.  

To visit this exciting South American country – US passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival if they arrive via air travel. However, if they enter by land, they are required to obtain a Visa from an embassy or consulate.   



Libya has occupied an integral part in European and north African history and remains one of the most interesting countries to visit in the region.  

US citizens must be granted a Visa to enter Libya. Tourists are required to have the equivalent of $1,000 USD upon arrival and cannot have any Israeli stamps or Visas on their passports.  



One of Africa’s most well-known destinations, Uganda is nestled in the heart of the African Great Lakes region. US visitors will appreciate the prevalence of the English language in the country and also enjoy the abundance of natural beauty in this central African nation. 

Visitors need an International Certificate of Vaccination to visit the country. Uganda operates an eVisa / Visa on arrival policy but has in recent years created stricter policies for international visitors. The eVisa is for single entry only, whereas if you apply at the consulate you can obtain a multiple entry visa. 

Ugandan authorities often require additional documentation such as a printed eVisa application, copy of a return place ticket and even proof of the visitors’ itinerary in the country.  

Remember, there are over 80 countries that you will need to obtain a visa to visit. Check out the Visa Service Department for details on Visa requirements by country.  

Keep in mind that this a complex process that takes time and patience. We provide the fastest passport and visa service around. Useful if you’re on a deadline and don’t want to miss a trip.  

Our online application system makes it easy – we do most of the work for you. It saves an insane amount of time and effort, instead of visiting a foreign consulate in-person. Visiting an embassy or consulate is similar to a day spent at your local DMV. Perhaps worse. If that doesn’t warn you… nothing will!  On top of that, requirements and fees are subject to change without notice. 

If you’re not the online application type, you can visit one of our offices in person. We have offices across the USA and many are closer to drive to compared to a consulate.  

Our Florida customers visit our Tampa or Orlando offices instead of making a drive down to Miami. On the west coast, people dig having our San Francisco and Los Angeles offices close by – instead of visiting a consulate all the way in DC. Our offices take appointments, calls and even walk-ins.   Or you can apply online. 

We’ll look forward to chatting soon!

US Passport book vs. Passport card – Understanding Each in Detail

Passport is a document providing national identity and identification of an individual. Infact for traveling abroad, one needs a passport for sure. Many people do not know but power of passports vary from one country to another. For instance, US passport is considered to be one of the strongest passports in the world. In USA, the passport is issued by the U.S State Department. Continue reading

Know The Regulations And Renew Your Passports Without Hiccups

The tension is already on the rise for the people whose passports are up for renewal in the current year. Already 2017 has been marked as the year for the maximum number of passport issue and renewal in the history of the United States. As per the predictions and the trends of the first quarter of the year, 2018 is going to surpass it quite easily and by some margin. Thus, it is obvious that there would be a long queue for the renewals as well as the new passport applications. By now, it is known to everybody that the recent surge in the number of renewals has been an after effect of the changed regulations back in 2008. Continue reading