United States of America is one of the most advanced and powerful nations of the world. Keeping such facts in mind, it is evident that majority of people think that almost all Americans have a passport. But in a survey report, an extremely interesting fact was discovered. It was found that majority of Americans do not have a passport. As per latest reports from the State Department it was found that only 46% people have valid American passport. This percentage excludes passport cards. Passport cards are different from passports. Basically these are kind of identification cards with which overland and sea entry is permitted in the US from Mexico, Canada and from some parts of the Caribbean. However, these cards are not applicable for entry from other parts of the world.

In order to get successful survey results regarding the numbers of Americans having valid passport, help from the State Department was needed. As per their statistics and information, it was found that numbers of valid passports which are in circulation count to almost 138,675,021. When calculations were done with total US population approximately and with numbers of people who are legal permanent residents and undocumented residents and the percentage was calculated with the numbers of people who had a valid passport, it was revealed that only 46% of the American population had valid passport. This clearly indicates that less than half the American population cannot even avail flights to Canada. Flying to some other country is absolutely out of question for them.

Comparing year by year growth of getting new passport in US

If you do not have a passport still, make sure that you apply for US passport right now. A graphical study from year 2000-2016 has revealed the fact that with passing time, more and more numbers of people are getting their passports done. After the sudden surge in 2007, things went little downhill. From 2009, concept of passport cards came into being and this became quite a development. In 2009 and 2010, both passports and passport cards were issued to American citizens. From then on, 4 years were a lull. 2015 and 2016 again saw developments in getting new passport and passport cards. However, another thing that has to be considered in this regard is that with passing years, the population of US has also increased. To understand the exact picture, ratio of population increase has to be calculated in comparison to the numbers of passports made. And when that calculation is done, it has been seen that the percentage of passport holders remains at around 46-47% only.

States in US which have highest percentage of passport holders

This is an interesting subject of study for sure. Different states in the US vary from one another in different aspects. And there will surely be differences when it comes to ascertaining numbers of valid passport holders. States with low percentage of passport holders are accumulated in the South, Upper Midwest, Midwest and Great Plains States.

States in which there are maximum numbers of valid US passport holders include ones that are on the Mexican and Canadian border. And this is seen in places on both sides of the coast. States in which urban population is highest have people with valid US passports. State which has highest percentage of passport holders is New Jersey (62%), followed by New York, Massachusetts, Alaska, Connecticut and Delaware. Mississippi has the lowest percentage of just 17%. Other cities which follow the trend include West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas and Kentucky.

Getting passport in US made easy

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