How Many Americans Actually Have Passport?

United States of America is one of the most advanced and powerful nations of the world. Keeping such facts in mind, it is evident that majority of people think that almost all Americans have a passport. But in a survey report, an extremely interesting fact was discovered. It was found that majority of Americans do not have a passport. As per latest reports from the State Department it was found that only 46% people have valid American passport. Continue reading

Changes in US Passport in 2017 – Things You Should be Aware of

People have been hearing about changes that are to come in the US passport. Since no exact information is available, people are apprehensive about the changes that will come to the little blue book. One thing is for sure that the blue book remains the blue book only. No changes are coming in the looks and appearance of the US passport. Mentioned below are certain things that you must know about the changes in the US passport: Continue reading

Tax Delinquents in US Beware – Your Passports Could be Revoked

Are you looking to get a new passport in US or do you need to renew your passport for upcoming international travel plans? Well, if you are a delinquent tax payer in US, you will neither be able to get a new passport nor be able to renew it. Infact travel bans can also be implemented to people who have not cleared their taxes. Continue reading

All That You Need to Know about Same Day Passports in Los Angeles

Same day passport to Los Angeles is something a lot of you may be considering if you have to travel urgently on business or even for personal reasons. However, there are certain things you need to know before you can consider getting a passport at such urgent basis. It is very important that you completely understand how to set your expectations in these matters. Let us find out the Top 3 things you need to know.

The purpose of same day passports

Trips, when planned well in advance can be really organized because Continue reading

Potential Reasons for Your Passport to Get Denied – Steer Clear of Such Mistakes

Are you preparing yourself for world travel? If yes and if you’re planning to travel outside the US, for most part of your journey you will require your passport to be able to fulfill your trip. But did you know that getting that blue booklet for yourself can sometimes turn out to be a big hassle? Although with prior planning and little bit of dedication, you can save yourself from such troubles but how many of us know what to do? When it comes to getting a passport, there is a 6-month expiration rule and the present long processing times. Keeping this in mind when you plan to get yourself a new passport or renew your old one, you need to be careful enough so that there are no reasons for your passport application to hit a roadblock. Here are some possible and potential reasons behind your passport application getting denied. Continue reading

Latest Getting A Passport News

Ethiopian expats in UAE worry over digital passport delays
Dubai: Hundreds of Ethiopian expats in UAE are furious over the long delays they are facing in getting their passports renewed. They said that it is taking up to more than nine months — instead of the usual 45 days — for applications to renew …
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Passport headaches, foreign tax refund dilemmas
Your idea that travelers should get an automatic warning if the passport expiration date they enter on an airline reservation is not 6 months out is a great idea. Airlines, take note. It's better than pulling people out of line at the airport and …
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Passport mela to be held in Pune on April 11

Passport mela to be held in Pune on April 11
Applicants must register on the website with details of the application and pay the required fee. Only applicants with valid appointments will be allowed to enter the Seva Kendra. People may visit the venue with their application reference number sheet …
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7-step guide to getting a Swiss passport
In addition, unlike Swiss residence permits, which lapse when you leave the country a Swiss passport stays with you. And you get to vote, which in Switzerland will keep you very busy. The following 7-step guide summarises the process for applying for …
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Huron Bruce MP Hosts Passport Clinics
Lobb's office will courier the passport applications directly to Passport Canada. Ben Lobb has held three passport clinics this year, helping over 400 constituents with their applications and documents. Passport Canada application forms can be picked …

Mohamed Fahmy's Lawyer: Canadian Government 'Only Impediment' To Getting

Mohamed Fahmy's Lawyer: Canadian Government 'Only Impediment' To Getting
"Canadian citizens are entitled to a passport unless there's a darn good reason why not…The 'why not' doesn't apply to Mohamed's case. There is no condition being placed on him by the court in Egypt or the Egyptian authorities that would somehow mean …
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Hospital charges to rise for non-EU patients
The new guidelines do not require patients on trolleys in hospitals to produce passports before getting access to urgent care. Nor do they apply to accident and emergency or a visit to a GP. What is covered is ongoing treatment on the NHS after an …
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