By now, it is a known fact that there would be a requirement for many passports in the US in different forms in the current year. As per the reformation of the regulation in 2008, the US citizens from then on required passports to visit Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. As such, there was a huge number of applications that were processed resulting in a lot of passports awaiting their renewals in the calendar years 2017 and 2018. This has instigated a huge queue in relation to the passport applications. Apart from that, as per the statistics received, more than 50 percent of the American citizens still do not possess a passport. Thus, the requirement of a new passport is omnipresent in within the system as always.

This has its roots to the globalization of the business in the recent world. The opening up of the markets around the world has promoted companies to set up their businesses in the foreign lands resulting in a rapid increase in the number of applications for the US passport, which still remains to be one of the strongest passports in the global scenario. Keeping all these aspects in mind, people are running after their passports so that they do not miss an opportunity to travel abroad for the want of a new or for that matter a renewed passport. This discourse looks forward to discuss regarding the different ways through which you can renew US passports in Atlanta. The renewal of US passports in Atlanta can be done through different ways in the contemporary times. Some of them are as follows.

1. Online renewal:

The process of Online renewal of the US passport has been the most successful one from the perspective of the agencies as well as the passport offices in regards to the number of online applications received each year. The number has been increasing at a consistent pace. The feedback from the clients has made it sure that the amount of time saved through the online transactions in case of a passport renewal has been the reason behind this sort of success to this innovation. The process is quite simple to say the least. The process goes like primarily you need to click on to the website of an online agency to fill up the form. While filling up the form you need to make sure that the bar-code is there in the form. The absence of the bar-code would make the form unaccepted. Remember that a completed application means a duly signed and dated application. Once this protocol is over, you need to take two copies of print of the letter of authorization that is generated after filling up the DS-82 Online form.

Then with the changed regulation regarding the passport size photographs, you need to be much more careful than the earlier days. These days, glasses are not allowed in a passport photo. Considerable change in looks might mean rejection of travel in many cases. Further, the vending machine photos would not be allowed and the photos must also be clicked within the last six months in order to get things in proper order.
The earlier expired passport must be in undamaged condition and must be issued within the last 15 years. Apart from that, the passport holder must be sixteen years or older when the expired passport was issued. Remember that your earlier passport would be returned to you once your new one is processed at the same time. On the completion of all these protocols, the government fees must be processed to complete the proceedings regarding the renewal of passports. However, for the application regarding the expedited passport services, one needs to provide the itineraries regarding the travel if the person has a travel due in 14 days or lesser.

2. Renewal by mail:

A person can only apply for a renewal of passport through mail only when the DS-82 form is submitted along with the application. The passport must not contain any considerable damage apart from the wear and tear occurred from normal usage. The passport must have been issued when the holder was more than 16 years of age. Further, the passport should have been issued anytime within the last 15 years. Finally the passport must have been issued with the last name of the holder. If any of these criteria is not met, the applicant must use the DS-11 form and apply to the passport office in person.

3. Renewal of passport from outside USA:

The US citizens residing outside the country must follow specific information from the respective US embassy present in the particular country. They must contact The nearest US embassy, visit the specific website, and follow the specific instructions provided in the website provided by the Embassy. However, the US citizens residing in Canada must apply through the normal process i.e. through the DS-82 form and pay the fees through US dollars.

Finally, we can conclude the discussion by saying that now that you are accustomed to all the regulations in relation to your US passports and their renewal you must not waste any time in applying for US passport renewal in Atlanta as one thing is for sure during these two years that there would be a long queue before you awaiting for the passports as there would be applications for renewal in thousands during these two years and at any point on time, you would have to wait for that little bit longer in order to process your passports. This definitely suggests that there might be a lot of cases where you wold be in need of an urgent passport and in not getting it in time you might feel the situation that you might have to lose a very essential opportunity in your life. To avoid these circumstances, all you can do is apply for your passports using the online agencies without wasting any more time in order to get your passports in time without hampering your future prospects and success, which matters to you more than anything else.

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