Special Passport Acceptance Fairs are There to Help You this Year

By now we have all come to know certainly that passport applications across the US would definitely receive a massive boost during the years 2017-2018. This has its roots to the fact that there were certain changes in regulations regarding the US passports in the year 2008. As such, that was basically a time when the US passport industry saw an immense boost. Thus, most of the passports which has been applied for at that point in time has been nearing the end of their tenure. Thus, most of the people who had applied for the passport then would have to apply for a renewal during these two years. Then there would be new passport applications because as per the recent statistics, nearly 50 percent of the Americans still don’t possess a passport. Thus, the never ending demand for the passport would always be there. Continue reading

2017 Might be the Record Year for Passport Applications in the US

2017 has been predicted as the year by the experts which is going to see the greatest surge in the history of the American passports. This has definitely been the aftermath of the changes in the American passport regulations in 2007 which had ensured that there was a surge for the US passport at that point in time. Keeping all these aspects in mind and the problems which were encountered during the earlier surge the authority has decided to stay prepared for the surge this time around. All the passports of 2007 would be due for renew during the current year along with millions of new application is going to make the queue long and hard to break. Continue reading

Changes in US Passport in 2017 – Things You Should be Aware of

People have been hearing about changes that are to come in the US passport. Since no exact information is available, people are apprehensive about the changes that will come to the little blue book. One thing is for sure that the blue book remains the blue book only. No changes are coming in the looks and appearance of the US passport. Mentioned below are certain things that you must know about the changes in the US passport: Continue reading

Surge in passport applications as Syrians flee: report

Surge in passport applications as Syrians flee: report
The documents are now issued without the prior consent of Syria's security services, which used to have the final say on issuing all passports. A presidential decree has doubled the cost of a new passport to $ 400 (355 euros), or $ 200 for a renewal. Al …
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PHL Embassy in Madrid issuing machine-readable passports starting June 29
"The Philippine Embassy in Madrid wishes to inform applicants for Philippine passports that due to technical difficulty with passport production in Manila, Machine-Readable Passports (MRPs) will be issued starting 29 June 2015 and will continue until …
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If we pull up the drawbridge we become a nation of hypocrites
Those who brandish a “good passport” (and the UK variety ranks fourth for visa-free acceptance) to cross most boundaries without hindrance or suspicion have no right to fret about the minor inconveniences of people-processing in bulk. Everyone who …
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Toutdom in control at regional passport office
"The total fee charged for a passport is Rs 1,500, but if one were to approach a so called agent you could end up paying Rs 5,000 or more. We have seen many applicants being misled, but there is little we can do as they operate from public property …
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Syrians fight for passports in Berlin

Syrians fight for passports in Berlin
According to him, he and his fellow campaigners have documented some 1,800 cases of Syrians being "abused by the embassy in consular questions." For instance citizens whose passports were not renewed, or who were refused copies of birth certificates.
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336 applications received at passport camp
New applicants filed their application on the websitewww.passportindia.gov.inand took the copy of their Application Reference Number, which contains the registration details, at the camp. Applications for new passports and renewals were also received.
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UK passport applications: how to renew without delays

UK passport applications: how to renew without delays
Along with the completed application form, you will need to submit two identical photos that meet the requirements outlined here and your old passport. It will be cancelled and …. …just WHEN will our government stop lying to us???!!! The root cause …
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Rockwell Collins And Atkins Developing Fully Integrated Common-use Identity
Rockwell Collins is integrating its ARINC vMUSE™ and ARINC Veripax™ technologies with the Atkins Identity Management toolkit to capture a traveler's identity using biometrics and match it with the passenger's passport and boarding pass information …
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US diplomats vulnerable to security lapses
The recent attack on United States Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert by a knife-wielding activist shows the need to tighten security for American diplomats, even in countries that are considered “safe. … The overhaul is aimed at streamlining …
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New Offices Open to Accept Passport Applications In Emergencies

On November 23rd, 2010, the National Passport Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire opened to the public for the first time. The new location allows US citizens living in New Hampshire to submit emergency passport applications without having to travel to another state.

The center is one of 21 regional passport agency offices that serve the United States. While that may seem like an insufficient number of offices to serve all 50 US states, it’s actually an improvement. For example, in September of 2009, there were only 19 of these facilities.


As rules requiring passports became more strict after 9-11, the US Department of State has become increasingly focused on opening up new regional passport agency offices to assist US citizens. This year, regional passport agency offices have opened in Buffalo, New York and Hot Springs, Arkansas. Next year, the State Department expects to open additional locations in Atlanta, Georgia; San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas and St. Albans, Vermont.


Regional passport agency offices are open to US citizens who need a passport to travel within the next 14 days, or who have travel planned in the next 30 days that requires a foreign visa. All agency offices are open by appointment only.


Naturally, the locations and operating hours of these facilities are not convenient for everyone. For US citizens who need their passport applications processed quickly but can’t make it to a designated appointment slot, a private passport expediting company like Rush My Passport can be a solution. An expediting company submits your application to the Department of State on your behalf, so you don’t have to travel to a regional passport agency office yourself. There are additional fees involved, of course, so it makes sense to consider your own personal needs and situation before deciding whether to submit your application directly to the Department of State or through a private company.



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Get Your Passport Application Ready: September 17 is Passport Day

Have you been meaning to apply for a new passport but been stymied by your local passport office’s inconvenient operating hours? Get your birth certificate and your black ink pen ready: next month, passport agencies and post offices across the country will be celebrating Passport Day in the USA by accepting passport applications on September 17, 2011.


Right now, you’re probably asking yourself “So what? Isn’t that what passport offices are supposed to do? What’s the big deal?” Go check your calendar, though, and you’ll see that September 17th is a Saturday. All passport agency offices, which are operated by the Department of State, are generally closed on Saturday, while most post offices have limited Saturday hours and may not be available to accept passport applications.


During Passport Day in the USA, it’s much easier for people who work during normal business hours to turn in their passport applications. It’s also an excellent opportunity for parents of children under the age of 16, since both parents need to be at the passport office to give permission for the child to be issued a passport.


All twenty-four regional passport agency offices will be open on September 17th to participate. These offices are usually reserved for emergency passport applications only, for US citizens who need a passport for travel within the next two weeks. They are also usually appointment-only. However, for Passport Day, these requirements will be waived. Anyone can apply, whether they have upcoming travel plans or not, and no appointment will be needed. However, the standard processing times of six weeks for regular processing and three weeks for expedited processing will apply to all applications submitted on Passport Day.

If you need an emergency passport, you must make an appointment and apply during the week.


In addition, many local passport acceptance facilities, like post offices, libraries and court clerks, will offer extended hours for the holiday as well. To find the nearest participating location where you can submit your passport application, check the Department of State’s website. Also, be sure to research the process of applying for a passport thoroughly beforehand so that you know what documents you need to have, how much money you’ll need and what payment methods are acceptable. Call the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778 for clarification if you have any questions. The passport office can’t help you if you don’t have the right documentation!



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.