Be Quick in Applying for Your US Passport or Get Stuck in the Process

The fact that these two years i.e. the fiscal 2017 and fiscal 2018 is going to be the record breaking year for US passport applications is known to one and all by now. With nearly 50 percent of the US citizens still not possessing passports and most of the existing ones up for renewal, the US government is looking to find several ways to look after the rush with ideas like the passport fair and other stuff. Continue reading

Special Passport Acceptance Fairs are There to Help You this Year

By now we have all come to know certainly that passport applications across the US would definitely receive a massive boost during the years 2017-2018. This has its roots to the fact that there were certain changes in regulations regarding the US passports in the year 2008. As such, that was basically a time when the US passport industry saw an immense boost. Thus, most of the passports which has been applied for at that point in time has been nearing the end of their tenure. Thus, most of the people who had applied for the passport then would have to apply for a renewal during these two years. Then there would be new passport applications because as per the recent statistics, nearly 50 percent of the Americans still don’t possess a passport. Thus, the never ending demand for the passport would always be there. Continue reading

Important Changes Regarding Passport One Must be Aware of

Passport is a mandatory document, which is required for international traveling. Infact many people get the passport done as evidence of identity. But many of you might not know that changes are coming in passport. Travel experts opine that it is important to remain updated regarding the changes particularly for travelers whose passports are due to expire in the coming years or months.

As per reports from the State Department, huge rush is expected for passport renewal in 2017 along with getting new passport. This is because the Department is expecting great backlog in applications. Moreover, there will be changes in the passport itself. Read on to find the various changes that are being expected in passports. Continue reading

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Don't get stuck in the millions-strong surge of passport applications. Renew now.
“We encourage passport applicants to apply for or renew U.S. passports well ahead of planned travel,” said Brenda Sprague, deputy assistant secretary for passport services, “as we anticipate longer-than-average wait times for passport processing …
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Syrian refugee applicant dreams of unified family in Halifax after years apart
Youssef Aasar, his wife Alya and his son Yaqub, stand in the dining area of their apartment in Halifax on Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. Aasar says he dreams of his family being reunited, coming together after their flight from violence-torn northern Africa …
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10 years after Hurricane Katrina, evacuees still call Wiregrass home

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, evacuees still call Wiregrass home
“There will always be a place in my heart (for New Orleans),” said Benjamin, who lived in New Orleans for 18 years. “Do I ever want to go back there? I often tell people, 'Unless Jesus came down, showed me his ID, passport, Social Security card and …
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Glitch in US passports affects Israel travelers
The Bureau for Consular Affairs said that the issue is not specific to any one country, though the large number of American expatriates in Israel could affect reporting new births or renewal of travel documents. US embassies and consulates have been …
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Spindle items
Passport renewal may be done by mail at any time if the applicant meets certain criteria. Children and adults applying for the first time must appear in person at a passport acceptance facility, including designated U.S. post offices, clerks of court …
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Passports for adults to be valid for 10 years

Passports for adults to be valid for 10 years
Likewise, investing in services that make it more convenient for the travelling public to access their passports is also essential, and unlike our main counterpart countries, we already provide a service for renewing adult passports entirely online …
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Marine who vanished in Iraq gets two years in prison

Marine who vanished in Iraq gets two years in prison
The Lebanese government told Hassoun that he was not allowed to leave the country, Faraj said. “He wasn't on house arrest, but they took his passport away and told him not to travel,” Faraj added. Last summer the Marine Corps announced that Hassoun …
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Would-be jihadists detouring through Europe to reach ISIS
European Union officials are being challenged by the growing sneaky tactics — particularly since European citizens are no longer subject to border checkpoints and passport checks in many areas. Modal Trigger. Hayat BoumediennePhoto: AP. At least 3,400 …
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Information Products United States

Information Products United States

The internet has been very good to many people in terms of turning lives around. I for one could say that it has helped to turn my life around. I was really in a bad way financially a few years ago, but thanks to a semi retired multi millionaire based in the UK, my story changed.

It was then I came into the world of Internet Marketing and Information Products.

It took me a little while to understand how this worked but the moment I grasped it, it was really easy to do the things I am able to do today. One of the things I have been able to do is to sell a lot of information products.

You might be new to this and wondering what are information products? Well quite simply they are products that educate or bring relevant information to the seeker of such information. Information products could come in various forms such as manuals, ebooks in the form of PDF’s etc. The good thing about them is that they are easy to make and easy to sell. You just need to develop your own methods of selling them. I personally just like putting valuable content online and the more value I provide the more traffic I generate and the more sales I make.

Its not always about selling but about providing good valuable content in form of information products.

If you decide to market or produce and sell you won information products, I would advise that you make sure you provide good content. We all know that content is king. It does not matter that way you get the sales, its because of the content which you provided that the sale happens.

To get this content out, you need to decide what way you will deliver it to your market. Either in form of articles, videos, mp3’s etc. it really does not matter. All you need to do is make sure you take action, get the information out there and watch the traffic come in. I consider myself a traffic demon now because I hunger for even more traffic. Use methods that work, don’t just run after the newest best thing in the market. This would only bring confusion and frustration to your efforts. trust me I know, I circled round for years before I finally realized the truth. Find someone who knows what they are doing and copy their style. You too will start seeing results.

I hope this has helped you but if you need more help, you know how to find me.

To Your Success,
Mark Imris

Information Products United States

50 Years of Achievement – Why Zambians Should Be Proud

50 Years of Achievement – Why Zambians Should Be Proud
Political integration and economic integration are not expedited processes; in fact they are organic elements of progress often resulting in the migration of people across the world. Zambians recently started traveling abroad and as a …. LET US NOT …
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Changes to police powers after terror attacks 'must be measured,' watchdogs say
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said this work would be "expedited." On Wednesday, Justice Minister … One attacker, Martin Couture-Rouleau, had been under RCMP watch and had his passport seized, but not actually charged. That case in particular has …
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A forgotten love story
While Huda was still in the Migration and Passport Authority's prison in November 2013, the South East Sana'a Preliminary Court gave permission to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to visit her. During a certain period of time the UNHCR visited Huda in …
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