We are probably quite some distance away from the passport services of the United States of America to go completely online. It would take a whole lot of changes as well as adjustments for the current system to go completely digital. But for now, the federal government has decided to roll out limited online passport renewal options from the middle of 2018. This would also be accompanied by push notification services to help the applicants to stay informed regarding the status of their applications the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs confirmed earlier this month.

As per the spokesperson appointed to do this job, they are looking forward to introduce a system which is totally digital and as such focused on future. But to be very honest everything is not sorted out till date. It is in the hit or miss stage. But what this system will surely ensure in the fact that the burden of the paperwork will surely be minimized with the advent of this online system of renewal. Still, a lot of work is done through the post office, library or even the clerk of court. This online system will help in the government staying in touch with the clients directly as per the communications received.

The entire system has been designed keeping in mind the satisfaction of the customers as well as making life easier for them after they have applied for the passports. The main aspect this system is looking forward to is the push notifications regarding the status of the application during the processing time after the applications are done. These notifications will be generated through SMS texts or through Emails. This initiative has been taken keeping in mind the fact that the passport office call centers have received nearly 1.4 million calls during the last year most of which were made to gain knowledge regarding the current status of the applications of the pending applicants.

Another important aspect this online system is looking forward to rectify is the problem regarding the passport photos. According to the statistics received for the last year, nearly 15 percent of the customers has had problems with the application and more importantly most of the problems were regarding the different issues related to their passport photos. What this system is looking forward to is to receive the passport photos at the point of acceptance. Which means the problems related to the quality of the photographs and also the lightings and also saves quite a bit of money from the customers’ as well as the Government’s point of view. What will make the customer even happier is the fact that with the chances of grainy or the low quality photos eliminated, the problem related to a lag of 14-15 days in relation to a photo issue will also be permanently removes with the introduction to this system.

Thus, it can be well ensured that the State is looking after the issues which will definitely address the surge expected in 2017 and 2018 21 with million and 20.4 million applications expected respectively. This proactive step will take long strides in addressing the issues for sure.

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