Online Renewals Lined up for State’s Passport Services in 2018

We are probably quite some distance away from the passport services of the United States of America to go completely online. It would take a whole lot of changes as well as adjustments for the current system to go completely digital. But for now, the federal government has decided to roll out limited online passport renewal options from the middle of 2018. This would also be accompanied by push notification services to help the applicants to stay informed regarding the status of their applications the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs confirmed earlier this month. Continue reading

Popular Restaurants In United States

This is a very much popular saying do in Rome as the Romans do. When you are in a Chinese restaurant in united states eat as the Chinese eat. You are right eating with chopsticks. If you want to follow rich tradition do not hesitate to try. Food is the first necessity of the people this is the one of the best saying. The Chinese have a great belief in saying when they meet with someone “Have you eaten” instead of “How are you”? Like everywhere in this world you can also find out restaurants in united sates very easily.

 Whether that restaurant is big or small that does not matter. You can find out restaurant in united sates every street corner but all the restaurants are not as better. If you noticed all the ninety percent are having the same dishes. If you want a successful restaurants business than you have to do some what different task. Restaurants in United States can be found all the cities. There are many restaurants which are having play places. If you are looking for a place with good food along with kid friendliness you can prefer any restaurants in United States. When you are in the mood of fast food avoid the typical restaurants. Always try somewhat different where you can feel your money’s worth.

When you are in mood of having Chinese dishes, in Chinese restaurants in United States read the whole menu carefully and avoid the fattiest dishes. Find out that the dishes are fried before being used. You can get different varieties of tea in restaurants in United States. The most important aspect of fast food restaurants is taste. All the dishes we tried delivered on test. Restaurants give very much importance to presentation. Good quality food with great presentation and with great looks makes restaurants in United States amazingly popular.

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Treason in the United States

The United States has a long and colorful history of individuals who have betrayed the country and can honestly be called traitors. Even before the country was fully independent from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War, one of its most decorated war heroes, Benedict Arnold, was discovered in a plan to turn over the crucial fort at West Point, later to become the Army Academy, to the British. Fortunately, his plan was discovered before the “redcoats” were able to take up residence in the fort with such a lovely vista of the Hudson River Valley, but he was still named a traitor.

Treason, the crime that makes a person a traitor, was deemed to be an important enough crime with enough grey areas in its prosecution that it is included in the United States Constitution. The U.S. Constitution includes treason in Article Three, the article devoted to the judiciary. It states, in section three of Article Three, that a person “shall not be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” The section goes on to say that Congress is given the power to determine adequate punishment for treason. Treason was deemed such a volatile charge that special evidentiary rules were included to prevent its misapplication or overuse.

By definition, treason is a crime that punishes extreme instances of disloyalty to one’s nation or sovereign. In the historical context, treason was levied against those who attempted to murder or accomplished a murder of one of his or her social superiors, such as a murder of a husband by his wife. While we no longer recognize the second instance of treason, the first is still applicable.

In order for a person to be named a convicted traitor, the court or prosecution must prove that the individual intended to act against the country. There are two crucial elements to the crime that must be in place before a single person can be charged with treason. First, the individual who committed the act must actually own an allegiance to the United States. This means that an individual that comes to the United States for the purpose of doing something against the state cannot be convicted of treason or even tried for it because he or she does not owe an allegiance to the United States. The person is not a citizen, a resident, etc.

The second crucial part of any treason charge is that there are two witnesses to the action or its planning. The two witnesses are important because it ensures, to a certain degree, that the individual is not arrested on an anonymous tip or some other disingenuous tip made out of spite. The two witnesses do not have to be necessarily “good guys;” they just have to have witnessed the traitorous act or its planning.

An example of a recent individual against whom charges of treason were considered was the young man from the West Coast that was caught in Afghanistan fighting against the Americans. One of the big questions when decided to try him for treason was whether he actually owed an allegiance to the United States.

Treason is a serious crime that is almost as old as time itself.

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Acquiring A Us Passport – Everything That You Should Know

It is a real adventure to travel to different parts of the world. Even in these times since 9/11, there are still places in the world that are a real treat to visit. Beautiful countries with exotic cultures and interesting foods and customs. But if you never have traveled, you have never owned a passport. This article will teach you how to get a United States passport so you can hurry and get to the part of the world you have never seen before.

You will need to get the proper forms from the government to arrange for a passport. You should be able to get these forms at any United States Post Office. If you don’t feel like going there to get the proper forms then just go to the appropriate government website to download or print them off. You can’t use any special paper. No paper used can be anything that is shiny. Make sure that it is medium weight too.

You are going to need to follow the instructions on the first two pages of the forms to the letter. Remember, these forms are for traveling abroad. If you have printed the forms off from the internet, you must make sure that they are printed off on standard paper that has no holes in it. Just your normal copy paper will do, and it has to be in black and white. No color printing or copies are allowed to be used as formal documents.

You are going to have to prove your citizenship while getting a new American passport. Just by looking and sounding American will not do the job. Take a United States birth certificate with you that you received from your county or city of birth. In no way will a copy of this work.

Sometimes people are not able to use a birth certificate due to them being born in another country and then brought here to be raised. In this case, you can use a naturalization certificate. If this cannot be found, then use a certificate of citizenship.

Proving identity is important. You need to prove that you are who you say you are. Use an old passport that you have had in the past. But no torn or very worn out ones will work. Again, use a naturalization or certificate of citizenship. Always make sure you have a good driver’s license with you too. That may be needed in this process. A government or military identification card is very helpful.

Make sure that there are two pictures of you taken. No formal clothing is required, just wear what you would normally wear during the day, and no hats please. If you normally wear glasses, then, make sure you wear those. Again, the post office is the place to handle all of this, since they have so much experience.

Have a social security card with you if you don’t know your number, and make sure you have the right amount of money for the new passport fee. You have just learned how to get a pass port.

Do You Need A Canada Immigration Passport For Traveling To US?

If you are a Canadian citizen and have plans to visit the United States soon, organizing your travel documents is that the utmost important half of your preparations. If you’re not however knowledgeable regarding the travel documents needed for coming into into the US from Canada, then hopefully this article can provide you the mandatory data during this regard. Clearly, you are doing need a Canada Immigration Passport. There is however certain different details that you would like to know about the Canada Immigration Passport. Such details embrace when you wish it, and what are alternative extra requirements.. By having an intricate data of all this data, your trip to US will be a lot less complicated.

Your need for a Canada immigration passport is largely determined by your mode of travel. If you are traveling by air, then here is what you should take note of. A visa isn’t needed for Canadians who want to go to the United States by air. However, voters traveling by road are required to possess a Canada immigration passport. This demand was created effective starting last January twenty three, 2007. This was the time when the WHTI took effect. WHTI stands for Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. If you intend to enter the US by air however don’t have a sound passport, you can still enter but you have to present a NEXUS card.

If you are traveling by sea or land, then a Canada immigration passport isn’t required. This rule will modification but starting June 1, 2009. By then, whether or not you travel to the United States by water, land, or air, you’ll be required to present a Canada immigration passport. For currently though, all you wish may be a photo ID that has been issued by the Government of Canada. Samples of this include driver’s license, identity card, birth certificate and others. Together with the ID you also want to gift your birth certificate or your citizenship card. Although not needed, you’ll be able to still gift your valid Canada immigration passport if you do not have the photo ID, citizenship card, or birth certificate. A sound Canada immigration passport will still gain you entry into the US.

Canadian voters from 15 years old and below will not be required to gift a Canada immigration passport when traveling to the US. Minors can solely be needed to present proof of their citizenship. Conjointly, Canadian voters that are 18 years previous and younger could present proof of citizenship solely when traveling in a very cluster with an approved supervision of an adult. On the other hand, Canadian business visitors, investors and treaty traders, professionals and intra-company transferees are required to possess TN visas instead of a Canada immigration passport. The TN visa will permit them to work within the United States. A citizen of a rustic below NAFTA (North Yank Free Trade Agreement) will have a professional occupation abroad that’s underneath NAFTA, as long because the citizen applying for job within the foreign country meets the TN visa requirements. TN visas are valid for one year but are renewable indefinitely with yearly increments.

To summarize, the necessity for Canadians to travel to the US by air is only having a sound Canada immigration passport. But, if you think that your Canada immigration passport isn’t enough and you’re still unsure whether or not you may be granted entry, then go ahead and apply for a visa. Bear in mind there are different sorts of United States visas. Examples of the visa categories that are obligated to own a non-immigrant visa are Foreign Government Officials (A), NATO officers, and Staff and Officials of international organizations (G). Treaty traders (E-one), and Treaty investors (E-a pair of). Basically, any Canadian and non-Canadian citizen operating and visiting the United States is required to possess a non-immigrant visa as well. So, if you are a Canadian citizen trying to enter and work in the US, you will would like a TN visa, not simply a Canada Immigration passport.

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Study in United States

World-class education system:

The United States boasts of the highest number of institutes of higher education than any other country. Besides, these institutes provide quality education, which is held in high esteem all over the world. The teaching faculties of these universities are leading authorities in their chosen subjects. Excellent research programs coupled with the resources available guarantees that the various universities or institutes in United States have high standards.

Wide range of courses:

There are more than 4000 institutes in the United States that offer undergraduate programs, post graduate studies, master’s degree courses and doctorate degrees. Students who study in the United States can choose from a wide range of courses and subjects available. It is also very important to mention that the United States provides various academic & social atmospheres that ensure that a student develops in all aspects.

Financial Aid

It is a fact that study in United States is the best investment for the future. Students will get the best value for their money. A wide range of tuition fees and financial aid in the form of scholarships and fee waivers attract many international students to the country. Excellent technology and research: The United States is the hub for scientific research. It is known all over the world for its advancement in the field of science and technology. Therefore, students who study in the United States get hands -on experience of modern technologies and world-class research opportunities.

Flexible system:

Students can get flexibility in selection of courses in a college or university. While studying a particular course, a student can switch from one stream to another or from one institute to another. This one particular aspect makes education system in the United States different from others.

Part time jobs:

International students studying in the United States can work for 20 hours per week during their course and 40 hours per week during their vacation. Campus Life

Students who study in United States can gain a lot from the multicultural atmosphere prevalent in the United States. This will make students understand the cultures of various countries and so they become for tolerant towards the same.

A few well known Universities

The eight Ivy League colleges that are the most sought after in the US are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University.

Besides the Ivy League colleges, below are some of famous institutions in the United States (not in any order):-


1. University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign 2. Carnegie, Mellon University 3. North Western University 4. Boston University

Information Technology

1. Georgia Institute of Technology

2. California Institute of Technology

3. University of Southern Carlifornia

4. Texas A&M University- College Station


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. University of California- Berkeley

3. Virginia Tech

4. Pennsylvania State University- University Park

All the factors mentioned above make study in United States very popular among foreign students. No wonder, every year, many students from all over the world go to the US to chase their dreams.

Komal Patel is Indian based writer who works for an educational institute which specializes in International studies and providing authenticated & authorized careers advice for students willing to study abroad.

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Race in the United States

The media pays a very significant role in perpetuating the stereotypes. If they characterize a certain group of people to play a given role or ways, their viewers are like to be influenced to emulate them and do the same. If a certain group of people are characterized negatively, this is likely to perpetuate a negative stereotype and would bring in conflicts among the groups. If the perpetuate a positive character in a group, this likely to have a positive impact to the stereotypes. Example of this is Hollywood movies, blacks were characterized as criminals that impacted and perpetuated a negative stereotype to the society that blacks are thugs.

As the television inflict certain characters to a certain group of people, its likely to cause ethnic bias among the society. Stereotype or characterization being the assumptions that are made about the characteristic of all members of a certain group based mostly on the image mostly negative about how other group is like. Example, In America, white Americans are regarded as generous and arrogant compared to African Americans who are regarded as mean and slow in tempers. In these assumptions, not all whites are generous and not all blacks are mean, this has a general infliction about the character of a group but not individuals.

Regarding on how the television is programming their programs, stereotyping is prevalent and also problematic. This is because most groups most groups tend to define themselves according to who they are and not what other groups refer them. If a group is regarded as positive stereotype and a problem occurs, even if it has been done by the member of the group, the blame will be inflicted to the enemy of group with negative stereotype.

Media in general has contributed to the bias that is brought about by the stereotype because most of the programs that are aired by the televisions show a certain group being of a different character that is determined by race, religion or culture therefore causing ethnic and racial bias.


Schaefer, R. 2001, Race and ethnicity in the United States, New York, Prentice Hall

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What To Do After You Have Lost A U.s. Passport

If you are organizing an elaborate vacation with lots of traveling and moving around, don’t forget to take some important steps to prepare yourself in case some sort of accident occurs and you end up with a lost pass port. Whether you lose your passport during the scuffle of packing or you get pick-pocketed while you are getting on and off of trains in Europe, you should be prepared by informing yourself ahead of time, about the process of getting a new passport.

If you have lost your US passport documents while still in the United States, then you are one of the lucky ones. Dealing with any sort of passport mishap is always easier on U.S. soil. All you have to do is fill out a form and send it to the Department of State. This form can be found online at the official website of the U.S. Department of State.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who have their passport stolen while you are abroad, you must immediately report it to the local authorities. If you have misplaced your passport while abroad, go directly to a nearby U.S. Embassy and speak to someone who can help you. Make sure to bring all relevant documents regarding future travel plans so the Embassy knows how soon you will need the replacement travel document.

The Embassy will not be able to give you a permanent passport. After September 11th, 2001, the United States got much stricter on its policy for Embassies outside of the U.S. issuing permanent passports. But do not worry as you can receive a temporary version if you fill out an application and pay the fees. Once in the United States, you will have to go through the application process again to get your permanent passport.

The Embassy will ask for proof of identity. If you had your wallet stolen with all of your ID cards, credit cards, and passport, they have other ways of checking your identity but it is more time consuming. This is why it is always recommended that you photo copy everything before leaving on your trip and keep them separated while traveling. That way, if your backpack is stolen with your passport in it, you still have a photocopy of it hidden in your toiletries bag.

If you have already left on your trip and cannot find a copy machine anywhere, write down all of your ID information with important numbers and dates on a clean piece of paper. Knowing your passport number will help to expedite the temporary passport application process.

Have someone trustworthy from home agree to pay for passport fees in the event that something happens with your documents. You could have your money stolen as well. Think of these things ahead of time and make preparations.

If you end up with a lost pass port, you won’t be trapped in a foreign country with no way out. However, the more you prepare ahead of time, the easier the process will be. Don’t panic if you lose your U.S. passport documents but make sure you act quickly to recover it.

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Greenest States in United States

The pollution has become a serious problem to many countries around the world. People from worldwide, including many Americans, are trying to control and overcome this problem. However, there are many people in America are proud of their fresh air. For examples, people in the states of Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, South Dakota and Montana are proud of their states as the greenest states in the United States.

Idaho, the mostly mountainous state in the Northwestern United State, generates the largest amount of renewable energy in US and most of energy comes from alternative sources. Idaho has low rate of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

State of Idaho

Both policy and alternative energy are well-done in Oregon, a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

South Dakota, located in the Midwestern region of the United States, generates the second-lowest amount of hazardous waste in the country.

State of Nevada has the lowest level of water pollution in United States because this arid state has not much fresh water to dump toxins into.

Colorado ranks from above-average pollution scores. It also ranks 12th in particle pollution. Over six percent of the state’s total energy output of is from alternative resources.

State of Colorado

Montana is one of the largest and least-populated states in the US. With the lowest rate of ozone, it is easy to understand why the state’s residents are proud of their air.

Hawaii, the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands, is quite concerned about the environment because nearly 25% of its gross state product comes from tourism. Therefore, Hawaii is known as one of the greenest states in US.

State of Hawaii


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