The media pays a very significant role in perpetuating the stereotypes. If they characterize a certain group of people to play a given role or ways, their viewers are like to be influenced to emulate them and do the same. If a certain group of people are characterized negatively, this is likely to perpetuate a negative stereotype and would bring in conflicts among the groups. If the perpetuate a positive character in a group, this likely to have a positive impact to the stereotypes. Example of this is Hollywood movies, blacks were characterized as criminals that impacted and perpetuated a negative stereotype to the society that blacks are thugs.

As the television inflict certain characters to a certain group of people, its likely to cause ethnic bias among the society. Stereotype or characterization being the assumptions that are made about the characteristic of all members of a certain group based mostly on the image mostly negative about how other group is like. Example, In America, white Americans are regarded as generous and arrogant compared to African Americans who are regarded as mean and slow in tempers. In these assumptions, not all whites are generous and not all blacks are mean, this has a general infliction about the character of a group but not individuals.

Regarding on how the television is programming their programs, stereotyping is prevalent and also problematic. This is because most groups most groups tend to define themselves according to who they are and not what other groups refer them. If a group is regarded as positive stereotype and a problem occurs, even if it has been done by the member of the group, the blame will be inflicted to the enemy of group with negative stereotype.

Media in general has contributed to the bias that is brought about by the stereotype because most of the programs that are aired by the televisions show a certain group being of a different character that is determined by race, religion or culture therefore causing ethnic and racial bias.


Schaefer, R. 2001, Race and ethnicity in the United States, New York, Prentice Hall

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