Online Renewals Lined up for State’s Passport Services in 2018

We are probably quite some distance away from the passport services of the United States of America to go completely online. It would take a whole lot of changes as well as adjustments for the current system to go completely digital. But for now, the federal government has decided to roll out limited online passport renewal options from the middle of 2018. This would also be accompanied by push notification services to help the applicants to stay informed regarding the status of their applications the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs confirmed earlier this month. Continue reading

Orlando IA Launches 1st Facial Recognition Device as an Extension of the Automated Passport Control

With the increase in terrorist activities worldwide, it is quite an acceptable fact that the security system is also going to receive a hike. The modern generation is all about the computer generated things which are things that might easily be sent and received. The similar logic applies with e-passports which has been a well-accepted innovation across the world. These e-passports have given the security officials even more scope to strengthen the security system across the countries. Slowly but surely the old paper passports will certainly give way to e-passports and the modern trend has already been implemented with a lot of success primarily in the Orland IA where the first facial recognition device has already been installed and has started working since October, 2015.

Thus, Orlando IA is the first airport in America to successfully install the facial recognition system to its automated passport control (APC) kiosks. The air transport IT solutions provider of America, SITA has already announced that similar plans are in the pipeline for other airports as well. This would be easily implemented by upgrading the kiosks situated in the other airports of the country.

While most of the passengers has been welcoming this initiative over the last few months, there has been many as well who has not taken this initiative too positively as, they see this as an additional burden which makes them lose even more time to check in and out of the airport. But as per the reports of the SITA president, once implemented in a proper manner, these kiosks would certainly decrease the lines by 40%.

As per the needs of the implementation of the new technology, the US government has already issued 500 million e-passports worldwide. These e-passports will certainly possess facial biometrics while some of them also possess figure prints as an addition to these facial biometrics. According to a survey conducted among the efficient security officials, this initiative will certainly bolster the security system of the country and the new APC kiosks will certainly tighten the security system in the international airports.

SITA has already launched with a great amount of success nearly 300 kiosks in 10 different airports and as per reports; they have hundreds of them ordered in the pipeline. They are quite confident regarding the fact that these kiosks are the future of the security system worldwide and the future is quite bright. The company has already showcased the APC kiosks in the Annual ACI-NA Conference and are of the opinion that once the passengers get accustomed to the system in a proper way, it will certainly save the a lot of time to check in and out of the airports even after providing the country with options of additional security. As per other reports, Las Vegas and Miami airports are among the predecessors who are ordering these kiosks to enhance their security system among many other airports.

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United States Court System

Confused by the number of courts the legal system uses? We don’t blame you! There are many and the differences between them can range from minor to major. If you have any questions please comment or contact us and we will try to help answer your question.

First of all there are two major court branches: Federal and State.

We will first break down the Federal court system and follow that with the State court system.

Federal Court System

US District Court Info

There are 94 US District courts.
Each state has at least one.
Each court has at least 2 judges and can have as many as 28.
This is where most federal cases begin!
These courts can here both criminal and civil cases.

U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal

13 Circuit Courts of Appeal in the United States.
Anyone found guilty in any court of law may appeal their case to the appropriate court of appeal in their regional area. Federal appeals go to the Federal Court of Appeals which is in Washington D.C.
These courts are usually overseen by three judges.

U.S. Supreme Court

This is the top of the US court system.
It consists of 9 judges (called Justices) that are appointed to life terms by Presidents of the United States. The head judge is called the Chief Justice.
Citizens who are not satisfied with the results of the Appeals courts or State Supreme Courts can petition the U.S. Supreme Court.
This is typically done by filing a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari.
The court typically hears between 100 and 150 cases out of an average of 7,000 petitions.(around 1 in 50-70 depending on the year and number of cases seen and petitioned)
4 Justices must agree to hear the case (this is called a grant cert).

Special Article III Courts

1. U.S. Court of Claims: Handles lawsuits against the Government and is found in Washington D.C.
2. U.S. Court of International Trade: Handles international trade disputes and tariffs. This court can be found in New York.

Special Courts Created by Congress

1. Magistrate judges: Handle certain criminal and civil matters agreed to by all parties involved.
2. Bankruptcy courts: Handles bankruptcy and bankruptcy code and law.
3. U.S. Court of Military Appeals: The final appellate court for those that fall under the Military court system.
4. U.S. Tax Court: Handles cases involving tax fraud and other tax related issues.
5. U.S. Court of Veterans’ Appeals: Denial of Vet benefits can be taken here (along with other Veterans’ issues).

State Court Systems

All state court systems have some differences, but the similarities are strong enough that we can at least give an overview and general feel for how they all work.
Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Most of the cases that come to one of these courts are overheard by a single judge without a jury.

1. Probate court: Handles the estates of those that have died. Makes sure that the will is properly executed.
2. Family court: Handles such things as annulments, divorce, custody, child support, alimony, adoption, and other typical family legal issues.
3. Traffic court: The typical location that minor traffic incidents are handled.
4. Juvenile court: This court handles cases of children who have committed crimes. In some states it is under 18 – others it can be 21.
5. Small claims court: Civil matters are handled here and typically involve cases with damages under $ 5,000.
6. Municipal court: City ordinance violations are typically handled here.

Trial Courts of General Jurisdiction

These are the main trial courts in the state system.
They can involve both civil and criminal cases.
Typically one judge with a jury hears the cases here.
These courts are usually called one of the following: Circuit courts, Superior courts, Courts of common pleas, and Supreme courts.

Intermediate Appellate Courts

Many states have intermediate courts which fall between the typical trial courts (listed above) and the state Supreme courts (listed below).

In states with these courts this is the first step in the appeals process.

Typically these are a matter of right (meaning the court -must- hear them regardless of their validity).
The only address errors of law and procedural mistakes.

Typically two or three judges review cases in these courts.

Highest State Courts (often state Supreme courts)

All states within the U.S. have some form of High Court.

They are usually called State Supreme Courts, however in some places they are called courts of appeal (Maryland is an example of this).

States that do not have intermediate courts (the type of court listed prior to this) usually allow appeals to this level of court as a matter of right (again, any case will be heard regardless of validity).

Like the intermediate courts, these courts usually hear cases based on error of law and not on facts of the case itself.

These courts tend to be overseen by panels of judges (3,5,7, or 9).

We hope this article has helped to break the Federal and State court systems down into more understandable terms. We wish you luck with your day in court and if you have any questions please ask or contact an attorney.

Study in United States

World-class education system:

The United States boasts of the highest number of institutes of higher education than any other country. Besides, these institutes provide quality education, which is held in high esteem all over the world. The teaching faculties of these universities are leading authorities in their chosen subjects. Excellent research programs coupled with the resources available guarantees that the various universities or institutes in United States have high standards.

Wide range of courses:

There are more than 4000 institutes in the United States that offer undergraduate programs, post graduate studies, master’s degree courses and doctorate degrees. Students who study in the United States can choose from a wide range of courses and subjects available. It is also very important to mention that the United States provides various academic & social atmospheres that ensure that a student develops in all aspects.

Financial Aid

It is a fact that study in United States is the best investment for the future. Students will get the best value for their money. A wide range of tuition fees and financial aid in the form of scholarships and fee waivers attract many international students to the country. Excellent technology and research: The United States is the hub for scientific research. It is known all over the world for its advancement in the field of science and technology. Therefore, students who study in the United States get hands -on experience of modern technologies and world-class research opportunities.

Flexible system:

Students can get flexibility in selection of courses in a college or university. While studying a particular course, a student can switch from one stream to another or from one institute to another. This one particular aspect makes education system in the United States different from others.

Part time jobs:

International students studying in the United States can work for 20 hours per week during their course and 40 hours per week during their vacation. Campus Life

Students who study in United States can gain a lot from the multicultural atmosphere prevalent in the United States. This will make students understand the cultures of various countries and so they become for tolerant towards the same.

A few well known Universities

The eight Ivy League colleges that are the most sought after in the US are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University.

Besides the Ivy League colleges, below are some of famous institutions in the United States (not in any order):-


1. University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign 2. Carnegie, Mellon University 3. North Western University 4. Boston University

Information Technology

1. Georgia Institute of Technology

2. California Institute of Technology

3. University of Southern Carlifornia

4. Texas A&M University- College Station


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. University of California- Berkeley

3. Virginia Tech

4. Pennsylvania State University- University Park

All the factors mentioned above make study in United States very popular among foreign students. No wonder, every year, many students from all over the world go to the US to chase their dreams.

Komal Patel is Indian based writer who works for an educational institute which specializes in International studies and providing authenticated & authorized careers advice for students willing to study abroad.

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London Forex Rush Review

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