The power of the US passport, by now, is not only known to all and sundry but also an aspect which the citizens possessing one boasts upon. The US passport being among the most powerful documents to possess across the world, the ones having in can visit a huge number of countries across the continents without a visa. In most of the countries around the world, the people possessing an US passport can only reach and find a visa on arrival. As such, if we decide to speak regarding the list of the countries where the Americans do not require a visa to travel the discourse will turn into a never ending one. Thus, it would be intelligent to focus on the countries where the Americans travel frequently and also require visas to travel to those destinations.

To be precise, the US passport allows you to travel to 174 different countries without a visa but still there are certain destinations which are quite popular but the Americans require visa to go there. Like in the Latin America, you can travel to any country apart from Brazil and Suriname without a visa. Then there are a few places in the Caribbean islands as well where you require visas in order to travel. Then if you are planning to travel to Europe, most of the countries would allow you to travel without a visa. But in case of Russia, the experience would absolutely be different. To finally secure your visa for Russia, you would have to go through a lengthy as well as an expensive visa application process for certain in spite of there being a few relaxations in regulation.

Coming to the other continents, the most visited countries like India and Australia has strict regulations like no matter which country you belong to and what your nationality is, you would have to produce a visa before entering the respective countries. In spite of them being major tourist destinations these regulations often hamper the prospect of planning a visit to those countries for many people.

But the sad part from the perspective of the American citizens has been the fact that their passport, to be very honest, is not as powerful nowadays as it used to be. Like in 2015, the stumble started with a second position behind that of Germany, then in 2016 it further proceeded backwards to the 4 th place but in the current year there has been a hint of improvement with a tied 4 th place alongside the likes of Spain, Italy, Finland and Denmark.But the fact still remains that in spite of all these to and fro movement, the US passport continues to be among the most powerful documental possession across the world.

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