Passport With Valid Visa Stolen or Lost – Things that Need to be Done

Passport is an important document, which is not only used while traveling abroad, but also acts as an identity proof document in your own country. And this stands true for US passport as well. Infact the US passport is considered as one of the strongest and most powerful passports in the world.

Stolen or lost passport – an issue faced by many people

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If You Possess a US Passport You are Among the Most Powerful

The power of the US passport, by now, is not only known to all and sundry but also an aspect which the citizens possessing one boasts upon. The US passport being among the most powerful documents to possess across the world, the ones having in can visit a huge number of countries across the continents without a visa. In most of the countries around the world, the people possessing an US passport can only reach and find a visa on arrival. As such, if we decide to speak regarding the list of the countries where the Americans do not require a visa to travel the discourse will turn into a never ending one. Continue reading

European Union Being Forced by Lawmakers to Impose Visas on American Citizens

As per recent reports, the European Parliament called the EU executive a few days back to make it compulsory for Americans to apply for their visas before they plan to visit Europe during summer. This step has increased the pressure to solve a long-running transatlantic dispute regarding the issue between Europeans and Americans. The European Commission emphasized on the fact that it pursued a diplomatic resolution to the row, reducing the chances of lawmakers setting a deadline on May to impose visas. This move would probably hurt the tourism sector of Europe. Continue reading

Getting a Second Passport Can be Beneficial and Convenient – Here’s How

There are many people in the USA as well as all across the globe, who need to travel internationally quite frequently. For making an entry in a foreign place, it is important to have valid visa or permit stamp on the passport. It usually takes few days and even week’s time to get the visa processed, which is affixed on the passport. A traveler might need to visit two places in very short notice and both the places need visa. In such a situation, either the person has to cancel one trip or postpone it later. Also, there are many countries which deny providing visa if the passport has visas from countries, which are not very friendly. Obviously, these can affect business, which is not desirable at all. Continue reading

Thumbprints and photos: this is how you'll upgrade your SA ID at a bank

Thumbprints and photos: this is how you'll upgrade your SA ID at a bank
Once you're application is complete (this will take between five to ten working days), you'll get an SMS notifying you of when you can come and collect your ID/passport. When you get to the centre, you'll sign off and be handed an envelope with your …

Middlesex County Offers Special Passport Event
“We are pleased to offer this service for those residents who would like to apply for a U.S. passport for their fall and winter travel, but find it difficult to take time off from work or to take children out of school during the week,” said Middlesex …

The place of birth on visa form must match the one on your passport
I plan to apply for a L1 visa. What information should I furnish in the “State” field in the DS 160 form for home address and place of birth? The place of birth in my passport is Andhra Pradesh. Should I mention it as Andhra Pradesh or Telangana? Siva.
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Ten tips to ensure a smooth UK visa application

Ten tips to ensure a smooth UK visa application
If your current passport has expired, or due to expire before you submit your application, you must arrange to apply for a new passport. … Why not arrange a consultation with Breytenbachs and allow us to ease the burden and help you with the application?
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Procedural fairness strongly linked to trust in government
If you fill out the form incorrectly, the staff will tell you to come back another time with the correct information. The woman at the passports office might know why you need black ink, “but she never told us that. So it's difficult for us to …
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US CBP expands mobile passport control
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced that its Mobile Passport Control is now available in five airports across the country, with San Francisco International Airport (SFO) the latest to come on board. MPC is the first authorised app to …
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US Embassy of China will Discontinue Adding Additional Pages to Passport from 2016

The Embassy of United States of America in China has decided not to add pages to American passports after 31st December, 2015. Hereafter, the holders would require applying for new documents for their journey after the expiry of the older ones. Although this was declared in china during a government holiday which is very surprising as it is a very important announcement, but consistent announcements, posts and reports from elsewhere confirmed the news. The US Embassy in japan was one of the pioneers in publishing the news.

As per the report of the US Embassy in Japan, “For cost and security reasons, the U.S. Department of State has begun phasing out the option of additional visa pages for U.S. passports. Beginning October 1, 2014, all Embassies/Consulates worldwide will issue only 52-page passport books for full-validity passports. The thinner
28-page book option is no longer available. Requests for additional visa pages will be accepted for existing passports only through December 31, 2015. Starting January 1, 2016, applicants who need extra pages will need to apply to renew their passports and be issued the standard 52-page book…”

This newly made regulation would certainly prove to be a problematic one for the US passport holders in the country. In the current regulation the time required to add a page to the old passport is a 20 minutes affair. But with the changed rules, once the passport is out of space, the entire document is to be renewed again and it is naturally a time consuming affair. The only breathing space is perhaps the fact that the new passports would all be of 52 pages instead of 28.

As such, people in China with the will to visit the US will have to, from now on, be even more frequent in renewing their passports along with the annual 10 day visa renewal and a calculation says that holders of 10 years China visa might find themselves in a situation where they will be 2 passports beyond the original holding the visa itself.

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160000 Passports issued in two months
In addition, applicants can track their passport application from here which is the fastest way of checking the status of an application. We also have a dedicated Twitter account where people can find information and ask questions about their … He …
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Ai Weiwei: Home secretary reviews visa refusal
"While an exception has been made in this instance, any future application you submit must be completed as accurately as possible," the letter concluded, adding the artist might otherwise face a 10-year ban if he did not comply. In a separate post …
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Passport applications now accepted at the Le Sueur County Courthouse
You can now apply for your U.S. Passport at the Le Sueur County Courthouse located at 88 S. Park Ave. in Le Center. Passport … Passport forms, fees, and information on how to apply can be found on the Department of State website at

South Africa's new visa rules are turning visitors away – Quartz

South Africa's new visa rules are turning visitors away – Quartz
Under South Africa's new visa requirements, anyone traveling with a minor under the age of 18–either to and from South Africa–is required to present an unabridged birth certificate at the port of entry in South Africa, in addition to a normal passport …
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The Statesman: Logjam in Parliament
The External Affairs Ministry, which issues passports, had said that Geelani's “application could not be processed in its present form.” The denial of passport to Geelani was said to be because he had not spelt out his nationality in the passport form …
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Anger as passport fees increase
Jamaicans yesterday reacted in anger at the pending increase in fees for processing passport applications announced by the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA). PICA on Sunday said that as of Tuesday, May 26, the cost of a regular adult …
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S/Leone: Senior officials summoned over passport deal
The immigration department is under fire for hiking the cost of acquiring passports by about 400% – from Le100, 000 (US$ 20) to Le500, 000 (US$ 100). Those opposed to this say the high cost will deprive many Sierra Leoneans of acquiring a document they …

'The name on the passport and the one visa must match'
To learn more about work visas for the U.S., please visit Please visit our website for information on how to apply for a visa and for fee structures. I recently …
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