There are many people in the USA as well as all across the globe, who need to travel internationally quite frequently. For making an entry in a foreign place, it is important to have valid visa or permit stamp on the passport. It usually takes few days and even week’s time to get the visa processed, which is affixed on the passport. A traveler might need to visit two places in very short notice and both the places need visa. In such a situation, either the person has to cancel one trip or postpone it later. Also, there are many countries which deny providing visa if the passport has visas from countries, which are not very friendly. Obviously, these can affect business, which is not desirable at all.

Option of a second passport

Keeping above mentioned situations in mind for frequent international travelers, the State Department in the US has made having two passports legal. However, the process of getting two passports done is not as easy as it seems to be. As per Section 51.2 (b) of Title 22 of the code of Federal Regulations, some frequent international flyers can qualify for owning two passports. The entire process will be authorized and strictly monitored by the State Department in the US. People with extremely heavy international traveling schedule are only applicable for having two passports. Interestingly, these passports have validity for only 2 years. They can travel with one passport and send the other one for obtaining visa to the next country they plan to travel to. So once one travel is complete, documents for the next travel plan are ready. There is no loss of time or no need for waiting for visa sanction.

How having a second passport is beneficial?

  • Helps in avoiding blowbacks of foreign policies Foreign policies of countries vary from one another. With some nations, there are friendly and cordial terms, while with others, foreign relations are strained. Infact there are many nations which check the visa stamps on the passport before providing permission to enter their own country. And in case your passport has a visa stamp of not so friendly nation, you might be denied a visa. If you have a second passport, you can send the other to this nation so that they don’t have any issue in giving the visa. Problem solved and you can be a happy traveler!
  • Will open up more internationalization options and opportunities Global relations are becoming extremely important nowadays. Internationalization is the new term that is doing the rounds and it makes complete sense without doubt. With a second passport in hand more opportunities will open up in front of people. They can invest, travel, work, do business and also live in places that they could not previously. International banking and financial aspects will see rapid change if the concept of a second passport is made legal for all irrespective of their need of traveling internationally frequently. This will also point towards large capital controls in the near future.

To get your second passport in U.S., fill in application form DS 82 in an error free manner. You will need to submit a long list of documents in favor of the fact that you really need a second passport. Submit the form and the documents to the passport office. You can expedite the services if you want.

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