Getting a Second Passport Can be Beneficial and Convenient – Here’s How

There are many people in the USA as well as all across the globe, who need to travel internationally quite frequently. For making an entry in a foreign place, it is important to have valid visa or permit stamp on the passport. It usually takes few days and even week’s time to get the visa processed, which is affixed on the passport. A traveler might need to visit two places in very short notice and both the places need visa. In such a situation, either the person has to cancel one trip or postpone it later. Also, there are many countries which deny providing visa if the passport has visas from countries, which are not very friendly. Obviously, these can affect business, which is not desirable at all. Continue reading

Thinking foreign this fall? Here are Denver's top 10 international travel

Thinking foreign this fall? Here are Denver's top 10 international travel
Plan ahead to make sure travel plans are not delayed by the passport application process. … Refer to the U.S. Department of State's current list of travel advisories and register all international travel plans with the Smart Traveler Enrollment …
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Cumberland County Clerk's Office Extends Hours Today
Because of the increased demand for passports, processing time can take up to four to six weeks at a minimum and the expedited application comes with an additional cost of $ 60. To be considered for a U.S. passport, regardless of age, an applicant must …
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Ethiopian expats in UAE worry over digital passport delays
Dubai: Hundreds of Ethiopian expats in UAE are furious over the long delays they are facing in getting their passports renewed. They said that it is taking up to more than nine months — instead of the usual 45 days — for applications to renew …
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Passport headaches, foreign tax refund dilemmas
Your idea that travelers should get an automatic warning if the passport expiration date they enter on an airline reservation is not 6 months out is a great idea. Airlines, take note. It's better than pulling people out of line at the airport and …
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Common Queries Regarding US Passport – Important Questions and Answers

We all know that for traveling to a foreign land, having a passport is mandatory. And people who do not have their passports need to get them done before their international travel. Passport is one among the most important national identity documents for any person. The Department of State issues the passport to US citizens. There are many formalities that need to be completed to obtain the passport in US. Along with this, people have various kinds of queries regarding US passports. It is recommended to get answers to all the queries and questions before filling the application for getting new US passport.

1. I am planning a foreign trip with my family. Will I need passports for all members including senior citizen parents and my 1 year old toddler?

Yes, you will need passports for all members of your family before any international trip. Whether you are traveling by air, waterways or by road, having a passport is mandatory as it is your national identity document and it will prove that you are a US citizen.

2. I do not have a US passport. How and where to I make an application?

For making a new passport, you have to make an application with form DS-11, which you can download from the site Fill in the application duly with all the required details and furnish the documents that are required along with the passport application fees.

3. I want my passport within few days as my travel plans have come up suddenly. What to do?

If you are in a hurry to get your new passport, you can choose expedite services for the same. Everything else remains the same; just the amount of money you need to pay will be slightly more. Usually through these services, the passport reaches the person within 7-8 days. However, there are many passport agencies offering same day services to customers, where they get their new passport within a day. The charges that they take are little higher, but if there is an emergency you can always check them out.

4. I applied for my passport few months back and there is no news regarding the same. Where can I get information?

You can check your passport application status online at website. For checking the status, you will need to provide your date of birth in MM/DD/YY format, your last name and the last four digits of your social security number. On entering these details, you will be able to see the current status of your passport. The time given by the State Department for obtaining passports is based on rough estimates. It takes almost 8 weeks for passports that are processed on regular basis.

5. My passport got damaged in a fire accidentally. What do I do?

You do not need to worry about your damaged passport. As soon as your passport gets damaged, you can apply for a fresh passport by filling in the right form for the same. Submit all the required documents and also provide reference of your damaged passport along with the fee. You will have your new passport within the stipulated time period.

6. I have to visit a foreign country in the coming month and might need to stay there for some time. But my passport’s validity will be expiring in the next three months. Is it good to get the passport renewed in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to get your passport renewed before you go for your foreign trip. DS-82 is the form that needs to be filled up along with important documents, photos and renewal fee. If you are in a hurry, avail the expedite service of the passport agency by paying additional fee.

States United States Re

Ministry of Commerce has just announced the 2004 national ranking of retail business chain, Gome to 23.88 billion yuan in sales ranked second reelection as the first Chinese home appliance retail industry. In the same year, China successfully listed on the United States, completed the basic layout of the country; to the end of the year, Gome’s Direct stores across the country has reached 200.

Industry, said 2005 will be China’s home appliance retail chain fast-growing year, with the full opening up of retail, it will be the most competitive year. But with the maturity of China’s home appliance retail sector, foreign investors will be smiling strength strong “invasion.”

It is learned that China’s home appliance retail market capacity is about 400 billion yuan per year, while the profits of manufacturers and businessmen between the annual showdown between the lower. But in the face of the home appliance retail market is quite complex, and not a big market capacity, large chain enterprises rely on their industry and markets mature, still maintained a good momentum

With the December 11, 2004, after China’s accession to WTO to protect certain sectors of the end of 3 years, China’s foreign retailers to fully realize the “three open”, which means that unlimited foreign retail companies will flock to China . According to statistics, more than 10,000 supermarkets in the country store, whether business area of 5,000 square meters, or 10,000 square meters or more, foreign retailers have been overwhelmingly dominated. Clearly, foreign retailers are increasingly threatening the local retail enterprises in China.

However, China’s home appliance retail sector, so far, no foreign investment into too much of the impact of China’s home appliance retail industry remains “promised land” look.

Because its strength has grown, local home appliance retailers in the face of foreign “invasion” is very comfortable. GOME Ho, vice president marketing, said Yang Qing, China 18 years with the United States created the situation today, will not be foreign-funded enterprises by shaking overnight. He said that foreign retailers can not state at present the slightest threat to the United States.

However, China’s retail

fully open to foreign investment, still indicates that China’s home appliance industry has been in circulation to the critical period of change. According to Ministry of Information Industry, CCID, IDC and other institutions, in 2005 the domestic market alone will reach the digital IT scale of 400 billion yuan; America’s largest home appliance chain Bestbuy also predict that China will become the world’s largest consumer market. Such a huge market potential and development space for China’s home appliance retail industry provides a huge space for development, the face of the unknown gradually into the market and foreign-funded enterprises in China, has entered a mature phase of the appliance retail industry will move towards where we wait and see.

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Strasbourg awards damages to foreign criminal who used fake passport to work

Strasbourg awards damages to foreign criminal who used fake passport to work
Between April 2003 and February 2007 he obtained three jobs, with a recruitment agency, as a forklift truck driver using the false French passport. But when he applied for a provisional driving licence in January 2007, Paulet's fake passport was …

Transgender in Tajikistan
“This being the case, they must travel abroad to obtain treatment. The state, however, does not recognise the individual's gender identity, which makes obtaining a passport reflecting a transgender person's gender impossible. At border crossings and in …
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Altaf's passport: MQM threatens year-long shutdown in Karachi
MQM leader Rashid Godail told the media that Altaf had signed all documents for obtaining ID card and passport on April 5 in the presence of then Pakistani high commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan who brought National Database Registraion Authority …
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State Briefs
U.S. Attorney Christopher Thyer says Padilla was ordered to have no contact with minors. He also had to surrender his passport and pilot's license pending his trial. The public defender's office — which was appointed to represent Padilla — does not …
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Pinoys in Sabah told: Beware of unaccredited agencies
The fee for new passport applications and passport renewals is RM231 only, while that to replace lost passports is RM346.50 (for green and machine-readable passports) and RM577.50 (for ePassport). The embassy's tentative schedules for its consular …
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Insider trading: Two men arrested over m foreign exchange scheme
A public servant from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and a National Australia Bank (NAB) employee have been arrested for insider trading and abuse of public office, with police alleging the pair used sensitive information to gain about $ 7m …
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Case of overstaying after expiry of i-94
Under 8 CFR 214.1(a) (3) (i), any foreign national who applies for admission to the U.S. must present a valid passport and valid nonimmigrant visa unless either or both documents have been waived. The foreign national's passport must be valid for a …

What triggers a terrorism arrest?
In fact it has been so easy to buy a cheap plane ticket to Turkey, then cross the porous border, where the Syrian authorities have lost control of key checkpoints and where no visa or passport stamp is involved, that an estimated 1,300 European …
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