Now Get a Faster Entry to US from Miami with All-New SITA App

Mobile passport control and access are finally possible and the first airport to allow that is Miami. Through all new Sita app, Miami International Airport (MIA) is allowing faster entry to the US, with a great experience. Now apply for US passport from Miami with the use of the MIA official Airport App, submit details to the US Customs and Border Protection, and receive a simple barcode on the phone to steer clear the issues in line. This is one of the most convenient services, developed by Sita (Global Air Transport It Provider). The product is certified by US CBP for Mobile Passport Control to ease of US passport application and speeds up the entry process.

How is this SITA App going to work?

They are one of the first airports in the world to bring the Mobile Passport Control under their convenience. It is just not about making up faster entry process, but also improving the airport experience. Both the US and the Canadian citizens who arrive at Miami from now can use this MIA Official Airport App to submit their details to US Customs and Border Protection almost instantly. What they will get is a simple barcode on their respective mobile phone to present for clearance. This is now a convenient service, developed by SITA. This new mobile service will now be able to build a personal travel assistant experience already offered to the Miami passengers, arriving or departing the airport. Miami-Dade aviation director Emilio T. Gonzalez is of the opinion that this mobile app is going to make application for a new passport as easy as having a cake. With the use of innovative technology embedded in Sita in addition to finding the way at MIA, all North American passengers can easily grasp their US passport application with customer-friendly travel app. Just not the submission of the documents for the new passport, the travelers can get many services in their hand when they are at MIA and installed SITA on their mobile. Gonzalez also confirms, SITA is one of the most innovative technologies, which is going to keep things simple so that traveling is fun yet fulfilling all the norms.

So how the thing does works?

 The first time users of MIA Airport is allowed to and save a traveler profile
 Those who are traveling with their family get the option to create multiple travelers profiles and include those in the submission to CBP
 As soon as you select the desired numbers of travelers, the app will ask to provide airline information
 Then answer five questions about the travel itinerary
 After submission the users receives a digital receipt which they need to use a dedicated Mobile Passport Control at MIA
 These expedited services do not require any pre-approval and often does not charges any fee

Miami International Airport is now ready to offer more flights to Latin America and Caribbean Islands compared to US Airport. With more than half of its 44.6 million passengers who commute daily to international destinations, makes MIA one of the third busiest airport in America. MIA is responsible to make a positive impression on 70 percent of an international passenger with their first-time showcase towards the passenger who took their flight to Florida and 96 percent of the visitors to Miami. Adding up the MPC feature to the app already shows how committed they are towards the customers. The SDK Sita app authorized by CBP for various airports, airlines and other travel app services to integrate their own entry processes. Randy Pizzi, Sita president of America was pleased that MIA became the first ever partner. He is of the opinion that technological innovations like Sita help to reduce hassles of the daily journey and apply for US passport, especially for the regular travelers. Passenger satisfaction increases with innovative solutions such as SITA to make it easy for passengers to manage the journey using a convenient application on their mobile.

Sita app is able to meet the CBP requirements and reduces certification process for the developers. It allows a legitimate traveler to use download an airline app apply for US passport and answer some of the CBP related queries. You do not need any prior approval to use this app. It is free to use. The travelers will find the SDK of Sita app available in any international airport of USA or may be any airline flying to the USA. Sita is in constant conversation with various governments who are looking for digital options to for their custom, border clearance, and landing card processes. Whether the customer is looking to apply for a new passport or a renewal, or clear any customs procedure, he or she can do it directly from their pre-installed app. Well, someone else also deserves big thanks along with the app. More than 500 Bluetooth data beacons, which are already installed at MIA allows the users to use the MIA Official Airport App to scan the passes and receive then one-by- one. You get blue-dot navigation with calculated walk times or real-time updates of flight, various suggestions on shopping and dining based on the customized personal profile.

MIA is one of those very few airports in the world that uses the power of beacon technology along with their new SITA app to provide robust and customized travel experience.

What’s Your Take?

Miami Airport App is a location-based facility, so a user in Miami will experience a different look and feel when he or she opens in at Lisbon, New York or Boston. Passengers can easily search the database for the mobile app in both English and Spanish to get directions to their travel requirements. Whether its food courts or washrooms, the app will help you to locate anything, as well as allow you to apply for US passport. The passenger just needs to keep his or her Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location services switched on. Therefore, anyone can now travel without any hassle to US airports from Miami International Airport, thanks to SITA app.