The US passport has been in the center of attraction and has been the propaganda of many a discussion in the recent times. The primary aspect promoting this has been the fact that it was calculated very early that 2017 and 2018 would be the years for the surge of US passport applications both for new ones as well as renewals. This has its roots to the fact that there were certain changes implemented in the US passport regulations in 2008 which had then prompted many people to apply for the passport. This is a known phenomenon by now along with the fact that all those passports would be expiring during this tenure of 2 years. So it doesn’t matter whether you are applying for a new passport or for that matter applying for renewal. It is definitely sure that you would be stuck up in the long queue if you are applying for one in the tenure mentioned above if you are late in doing so. It might fetch you into severe consequences provided you do not have much time left for your foreign trip. So the primary thing to consider for all and sundry is the fact that if you are applying for your passport during 2017-2018, you need to be quick in applying.

Apart from the requirement of prompt action there are other derivatives to keep in mind as well as per the contemporary situation in regards to your passport. With the implementation of Real ID Act, there are states like Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and Montana which would have problems as they have not yet implemented the new drivers’ license. Unlike the other states, their population might require a passport to travel even within the boundaries of the country.

It is also important to possess some knowledge regarding the recent changes inflected in your passport book. The new passport books that you either possess or will possess shortly has a data chip inserted within. This would definitely look after the security of your passport big time. Thus, even if your passport is stolen, the person can’t just manipulate your picture and other information regarding your identity. The records along with the numbers would always be available and connected with the data card which would make forgery impossible.

By now we have all come to know that the pages in the passport has been reduced to 28 and there are no provisions for further addition of visa pages in the new American passport. The government is even looking forward to make online applications possible and the work is already in progress to be implemented very soon in order to counter the chances of future rush caused by the new 28 pages regulation. This, if implemented, would make the process faster as well as easy to use.

There are further security features which would go a long way in saving your passport from direct physical damages. The new passports are not only water proof but also bend proof. These features are highly appreciated by the users as they are saving the passport from the most regular physical damages which might take place in relation to your passports. Then there are further security features added in the new passport making it excessively hard, rather impossible to forge it. The new watermark and color-shifting display in the passport would help in change of colors. The passport would seem either green or gold in accordance to the angle from which you are viewing it. Then the critical graphics on the passport would hide certain features from the eyes of the common man making it impossible to know where the different security features are hidden and as such providing no chances of forgery with the new passport. Then the new design of the passport also possess tactile accents which will help you in feeling the design. The raised design elements also provide you with a basic security feature.

Meanwhile remember that you can’t either put a picture with glasses on your passports and then if your outlook has changed drastically from the time when you have applied for your passport, you might face a huge problem in travelling. Remember that your looks need to be consistent or you might need a new passport with the changes you have affected on your looks.

Finally, you must be very precise regarding the country you are travelling to. Remember to be updated regarding the current affairs properly before deciding on a foreign trip. One recent example would suffice all your queries. Keeping in mind the recent degradation of relationship between the two countries, the US have cancelled all the applications for travelling to North Korea with effect from 1 st September. As per the Department of State, there are serious chances of American citizens being arrested and facing a long term detention. Thus, with chances of serious physical danger for the American citizens, the Department had to decide likewise as per the speech of the spokesperson. Thus, the US has advised the travelers not to travel to North Korea very soon. Then, for the travellers who are already there in North Korea, there has been an advice issued that they need to come back at the earliest in order to be safe and far away from the serious security concerns. The situation has been increased in the recent months especially after the death of Otto Warmbier, an American student to North Korea, who came back to America from a captivity of 18 months in North Korea only to face death with a severe neurological injury. Also keeping in consideration the recent problematic situation between Washington DC and Pyongyang, caused due to the consistent missile tests on part of both the countries, the decision was inevitable.
As per the considered officials, the Trump Government are on the verge of considering war with the country if the missile and the nuclear programs are not controlled off late.

Thus, it is extremely essential to know the present scenario related to the passport in order to get relieved from the eminent consequences before setting for travel with your new passport in order to be relieved from all the related hazards which might be a big constraint on your tour plan.

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