Face Scans Might be the New Biometric Identity on the US Passports

If the Trump government successfully implements what it wants for turning America into a surveillance state, the US citizens, very soon, might have to submit for face scans in the recent future before going abroad. This implementation is lined up keeping in mind the tracking of non-immigrant foreigners. In spite of the requirement of biometric identity being there in the rule book ever since 2004, they have been limited to fingerprints and photos this far. This new and epoch making phenomenon has generated mixed response all around America immediately since it came to the light of the day. The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that they are ready to implement this face scans on the passengers departing from the US to the foreign countries.

The DHS has also confirmed that trials are under way in different airports in America. Namely Houston, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and also Kennedy Airport, New York City and Dulls, Washington DC. Along with all these important airports across America, the DHS has also confirmed that there will be several other and even busier airports across America who are going to join into this trial run by the beginning of the next year. Primarily, the uninterested passengers might be allowed to opt out of this face scan, but the DHS assessment ensures that it will not be the case always. The website of customs and border protection also has confirmed that the only way to opt out of this aspect is to quit travelling and this is definitely going to be the case in the recent future.

Many quarters has raised severe questions on this new phenomena which has hit America big time. They have raised serious questions related to the privacy of the citizens. Some are even of the opinion that a democracy should not be working in this way. Some have even gone a mile ahead and said that this can be anything but democracy. There are others who are of the opinion that with 2017 and 2018 being the years of the highest US passport applications, these regulations were not at all sought for. Some are also of the opinion that now people will get shaky to apply for new US passport.

It has recently been confirmed by the authorities that any US citizen travelling abroad has to submit their face scans and very soon it would become mandatory. Although for now the authorities have confirmed that they have no plans of keeping the biometric impressions recorded and all the records will be deleted by 14 days and things are still in a preparatory stage, the privacy concern is what is bothering one and all. Then there are others who are of the opinion that this step will take US a long way in tracking the non-immigrant foreigners and the visa overstays and tighten the security of the country.

Although Australia has been marked as the global pioneer to collection of biometric face scans, recently the European Union has taken major strides in implementing he same thing.