Face Scans Might be the New Biometric Identity on the US Passports

If the Trump government successfully implements what it wants for turning America into a surveillance state, the US citizens, very soon, might have to submit for face scans in the recent future before going abroad. This implementation is lined up keeping in mind the tracking of non-immigrant foreigners. In spite of the requirement of biometric identity being there in the rule book ever since 2004, they have been limited to fingerprints and photos this far. This new and epoch making phenomenon has generated mixed response all around America immediately since it came to the light of the day. The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that they are ready to implement this face scans on the passengers departing from the US to the foreign countries. Continue reading

The Importance of ESTA and VWP: Forget Your Visa

The importance of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is going through a period which is definitely going to increase in the near future. Primarily, the ESTA has been initiated by the Department of Homeland Security in order to determine whether a traveller or a group for that matter is eligible to visit America without applying for a visa. Actually it is through this ESTA that the department can estimate whether a person is eligible for VWP. This VWP is a program which is basically an agreement between America and 38 other countries which include the likes of Australia, Japan, Greece and Spain which ensures that the citizens of those countries are eligible to stay in the US for a period of up to 90 days and also the US citizens are allowed to stay in those countries sans visa for the same length of time. Continue reading

The Inter-state Passport Looks at Enhancing the Completion Rates for Graduates

This far, the transfer rules of the United States of America were not pretty pleasant for the students in the middle of a course to say the least. When the matter was regarding an intra-state transfer, things looked pretty normal where students were allowed to carry on with their courses without losing any credit and as such without any hiccups. But when it was about an inter-state transfer, it meant that the students who were enforced to change their location in the middle of a course would have to lose quite a few credits if not the entire ones forcing them to start all over again from the block. Continue reading

Latest Us Passport Application Form News

Birthright Citizenship: Is it the Right Policy for America?
Despite the foreign citizenship and illegal status of the parent, the Executive Branch automatically recognizes these children as U.S. citizens upon birth, providing them Social Security numbers and U.S. passports. The same is true of children born …
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Absentee voting starts Friday in District 24 state senate GOP primary
Those unable to vote in person in the June 9 primary election for valid reasons can cast absentee ballots in person in advance at their local registrar's office, showing an acceptable form of photo ID, including a valid Virginia driver's license or U.S …
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Nigeria-Baiting From India to America

Nigeria-Baiting From India to America
Every explanation seemed to end with the referral to the provenance of my Nigerian passport requiring extra attention and hence the wait. Eventually, I was forced to withdraw my application for the visa in the 5th week of application after I envisioned …
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US seeks to end Cuba consular services suspension
The Obama administration said Wednesday it was “actively” assisting the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington find a new bank willing to handle its accounts so it can resume issuing passports and visas to people who want to travel to the island. In a …
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Informer: Passport applications accepted at clerk's office
Passport applicants age 16 and older must pay a $ 110 application fee and a $ 25 execution fee. The first fee goes to the U.S. Department of State; the second goes to the Calcasieu Clerk of Court's Office. For passport cards — good only for cross-border …
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Medical Marijuana Legal in US Capital

Medical Marijuana Legal in US Capital
"It requires that you contact the department of health only by e-mail. It requires that you would be able to download, print and fill out a lengthy application and provide documentation and a passport photo. There's a $ 100 application fee,” Bartley …
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East Windsor Passport Day Set for Oct. 8
The County Clerk and her staff will visit the East Windsor Municipal Building to process US Passport applications on-site for the residents of East Windsor and all other parts of the County. “Travelers who have not yet applied for a passport, should …
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I Got Kicked Out of America for Having a Guitar

I Got Kicked Out of America for Having a Guitar
The officer examined my passport, looked at my guitar, and asked, "Are you a musician?" to which I replied that I'm an amateur and was hoping to play some small shows and maybe some open mics. … One of them had the dates and locations of the shows I …
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Demand for criminal background checks at record level in RI
… general's office, demonstrates how fingerprints are scanned and electronically taken when getting a background check. She was set up at the Middletown Police Department, one of eight locations where BCI checks were recently done. …. They enter …
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