Have you been in a foreign country and got robbed? Did your baggage go missing? Have you lost your passport and other belongings? It’s a nightmare for any traveller! After reporting to local police authorities, the traveller must report the same to the nearest US embassy or consulate. Once you have contacted the respective authorities and reported your losses, you should get in touch with your passport agency right away. In most cases, the passport agency will be able to guide you to getting a replacement in the least possible time. Once you report your US passport as being lost or stolen, it will be invalidated and made redundant and no longer be used for travel purposes. So be sure to report by phone or use the forms needed.

A passport agency will have the best resources to aid you if you are on a business trip or holiday. Instead of fretting about your losses you can allow professionals to handle the matter without yourself losing time and energy. You may be aware that handling consular and official matters is a time-consuming affair. It’s easier if a passport agency expedites matters without your unnecessarily getting frazzled by the ordeal. One good tip is to always keep multiple copies of your passport details in your baggage or one copy on your person. In case your passport gets misplaced or stolen, having the details of the original passport will expedite getting a new one or a temporary passport.

If you are in the US and you lose your passport or it is being stolen, you will have to report the loss and apply in person. Another tip that might be useful is to put a slip inside or sticky note on the passport with your current address and phone number and other contact details on one of the covers.

In case it gets lost or stolen then it can be returned to you. The best tip is to carry your important documents and valuables on your person in a money belt. That way you can be saved a lot of misery!

What about getting your name changed or entering your new child’s name in your existing passport? It only takes a few phone calls to your passport agency to make all the necessary changes in the least time. It is better to always choose an agency that is authorized by the United States Department of State, to ensure they are offering top quality service. A passport agency will charge differing rates according to the time in which you expect delivery and the service you require.

Hope this article is informative. For more information about passport agency, you can take advantage of ExpressPassport.com for their cast effective service.

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