Be Quick in Applying for Your US Passport or Get Stuck in the Process

The fact that these two years i.e. the fiscal 2017 and fiscal 2018 is going to be the record breaking year for US passport applications is known to one and all by now. With nearly 50 percent of the US citizens still not possessing passports and most of the existing ones up for renewal, the US government is looking to find several ways to look after the rush with ideas like the passport fair and other stuff. Continue reading

Brexit and its Impact on the Travel Industry Globally

We all have been hearing about Brexit – United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU), which is about to happen in two years time. Among the different impacts that Brexit would have on the world, travel is an important one. US citizens will find fewer options of flying abroad. Moreover, the passport lines will be longer as well when they travel. But the positive thing is that the trip would be cheaper when compared to present expenses. Continue reading

Some Major Updates Came Recently on U.S. Passport Issue

The US passport being the most powerful passport in the planet goes through a lot of queries and there are even a lot of queries regarding this piece of document which are quite confusing to say the least. As such, in this discourse we are going to put some focus on a few aspects related to the US passport which normally confuses us and we get answers in accordance with the number of people we have spoken to regarding them. The discussion will definitely take us a long way in making us knowledgeable regarding the problem areas that haunt us while discussing the issues related to passport. Continue reading

Photo Regulations for US Passports Change from November 01, 2016

Rules and regulations regarding documents, application forms and photos keep on changing for US passports from time to time. And all this is done to enhance the security measures in the country.

The new rule that is implemented regarding getting a new passport in USA is related to the passport photo. From November 01, 2016, the candidate has to remove his glasses while clicking photo for the passport. Infact this rule will also be applicable for people who are looking to renew their passports as photos are needed at the time of passport renewal as well. As per AAA Northeast, without this step, it is becoming difficult to process passports fast. Continue reading

Many European Nations Don’t Accept U.S Passports – Know the Reason

Planning an international vacation with your family to some European destination? Well, it might sound strange but it is true that many European countries will not accept US passports. So before you start the procedure of planning, here is some important information that might be of help to you.

I know a couple who had immaculately planned their European holiday. With the Monaco Grand Prix dates colliding with the holiday dates, they had decided to take a halt in France and enjoy the grand event. This was among the ‘wish list’ that the couple had. But, things didn’t seem as smooth as they had thought. Continue reading

New Passport Rules to Come in Force from November 2016 for USA Citizens

Citizens of USA, who are looking to get a new passport or renew their passport, will need to follow some new rules and regulations for the same. Rules regarding passport photos are changing and it will come in effect from 1 st November 2016. As per information obtained from AAA Northeast, candidates looking to apply for fresh US passport or passport renewal need to remove their spectacles while clicking pictures for the passport.

This step is being taken as it is getting difficult for the U.S State Department to verify the identities of various travelers. Continue reading

IRS can now Quash Passports as US passports for Domestic Flights Start Appearing

In the year 2020 October, travelers may face more hassles for domestic air travel. Very soon your driver’s license might not be a sufficient document to get you through the security and on board. In fact, as per the Los Angeles Times, including California, there are 26 states which don’t meet the regulations of the government. For these states, there has been allowed a time extension till 10th October, 2016 but soon after that you can be sure that the US passport will be required. Till 22nd January, 2018, there is a relief and Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Secretary mentioned in a statement that until the aforementioned date, residents can continue using their driving license for traveling in domestic flights. However by 1st October, 2020, every traveler who travels by air will require a Real ID- compliant license for traveling domestically. As per the Real ID Act, they created a national standard for IDs issued by the state.

It is therefore clear that a US passport will have increasing vitality even with regards to domestic traveling and the rise of importance of the passport clashes with a brand new law which gives enough power to the IRS to revoke passports. The easy solution to travel issues might be to dig your passport out and they’re already in proof within domestic air check in lines. However, have you ever wondered about what would happen if you still owe money to the IRS?

Will the IRS revoke passports of the indebted?

HR.22 added a new part 7345 to the tax code which has been given the name of “Revocation or Denial of Passport in case of Tax Delinquencies”. This idea dates back to the year 2012 when it was reported by the Government Accountability Office that passports could be used to collecting IRS taxes. Now that there is a change and the entire thing has become a law, the department of State will gradually start blocking all those Americans who are seriously drowning in tax debt. This will include anyone whom the IRS certifies as having accumulated tax debt which is more than $50,000.

Many months after this law was passed, there were no such administrative details about how it will be executed. But there were higher chances that it would mean no passport and no renewal of passports. It could even mean that the State Department may cancel the current passports of those people who fall into this section. The list of taxpayers who will be affected will be compiled by the IRS and while doing this, they will use $50,000 as a limit to unpaid government taxes. One more point to note is that if you’re contesting a tax bill with IRS at the court, that won’t be considered as delinquent. Apart from this, there is also another administrative exception which allows the State Department to issue emergency passports for various reasons.

Considering the 8 million Americans who live abroad, most of them are feeling the sting of FATCA related problems. Although passports are extremely vital for traveling internationally, state flights should also make them more fundamental.

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