Rules and regulations regarding documents, application forms and photos keep on changing for US passports from time to time. And all this is done to enhance the security measures in the country.

The new rule that is implemented regarding getting a new passport in USA is related to the passport photo. From November 01, 2016, the candidate has to remove his glasses while clicking photo for the passport. Infact this rule will also be applicable for people who are looking to renew their passports as photos are needed at the time of passport renewal as well. As per AAA Northeast, without this step, it is becoming difficult to process passports fast.

Problems in passport photos with glasses on

As per reports, it has been found out that there was delay in processing almost 200,000 passports in the last year as Federal officials could not identify the individuals in the images clearly due to the spectacles. While taking a picture with the glasses on, there are high chances of exhibiting lens glare. This makes the eyes seem unclear. Moreover, face shadows might be formed or a portion of the eyes might be blocked with the specs. The end result is not being able to see the eyes of the candidate clearly. The process of identification of the candidate became difficult with the specs and the entire passport processing got delayed.

Change in passport photo policy and the advantages associated with the same

With amendment in the US passport photo policy, it will be easier and quicker for the US State Department to identify the candidates making turn around for passport applications faster. In many US ports of entry, passports are checked electronically. In these places, the process will be faster and smoother if the eyes of the candidates are visible clearly without the specs.

Exceptions in the Federal policy regarding US passports

Like all other policies and rules and regulations, there are exceptions in passport photos for US passports as well.

  • In case of medical issues, a candidate can wear glasses. Usually after surgery glasses need to be worn for providing protection to the eyes. In such a case, a medical professional has to sign a statement and that has to be furnished along with the application.
  • There are many travelers who have their existing passports with glasses on. They do not need to apply for a fresh passport till the existing passport expires.

In case, you need to renew your passport soon, click suitable photos without glasses and submit your application for quick processing.

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