Photo Regulations for US Passports Change from November 01, 2016

Rules and regulations regarding documents, application forms and photos keep on changing for US passports from time to time. And all this is done to enhance the security measures in the country.

The new rule that is implemented regarding getting a new passport in USA is related to the passport photo. From November 01, 2016, the candidate has to remove his glasses while clicking photo for the passport. Infact this rule will also be applicable for people who are looking to renew their passports as photos are needed at the time of passport renewal as well. As per AAA Northeast, without this step, it is becoming difficult to process passports fast. Continue reading

Man arrested at Sands faces federal charge for false passport

Man arrested at Sands faces federal charge for false passport
In an interview with Special Agent Colin Espanet of the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, Connally admitted he bought the card because he is on parole in New York and not permitted to leave the state. He said he believed the …
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Obama's Passport Data Leaked in Australian Email Blunder
According to the document, the assistant director of the visa services support section of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship intended to send the information about the 31 leaders to another official “to assist in the department's overall …
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BlackBerry Passport Tips & Tricks: BB10.3 Features & How To Use Them
And while you're at it you can see what else BlackBerry has in store for us in 2015 with the BlackBerry Leap and an as-yet-unnamed slider device. BB10.3 has A LOT of new features and because it's not a widely used platform (at least, not yet …
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Statement by the Leader of the Federal Opposition

Statement by the Leader of the Federal Opposition
The statement also fails demonstrably to set out the number of passports to be recalled and the cost to the taxpayer associated with the recall. The Nation has also not been told what happens if holders of the affected passports do not re-apply for a …

New Boyle Street program helps clients access vital benefits
As part of a pilot project launched in conjunction with the federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, the inner-city social agency is helping clients acquire vital identification documents and apply for treaty status cards …
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Provost's office hosts passport drive
“I think it's great we're offering this service because some people perceive getting a passport as something that's so difficult,” he said. “This way, we can bring the process to Grounds and people can apply for one without having to leave U.Va. It …
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Good time to get a passport
Are you planning to visit family across the border, study abroad or go on a winter vacation? Now is a good time to get a passport book or card, the U.S. State Department says. The agency is encouraging U.S. citizens to apply for a passport while …
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Court: Proof Of Citizenship Not Required On Federal Voter Forms

Court: Proof Of Citizenship Not Required On Federal Voter Forms
According to a decision issued by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Election Assistance Commission will not be forced to add proof of citizenship requirements to federal voter registration forms in Kansas or Arizona. In short, the ruling …
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concerns raised with companies
However, he did not check my original passport and ID and advised that if the bank checked for verification, I should reply that my ID had been verified. He made me sign the application form without reading its content and told me that he would fill …

Federal government expected to apologize for bungling Nova Scotia child

Federal government expected to apologize for bungling Nova Scotia child
Benjamin Perrin, a University of British Columbia law professor and author of Invisible Chains: Canada's Underground World of Human Trafficking, indicated in a 2010 opinion piece in the National Post that Fenwick's passport was “renewed several times …
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Dealing with government: readers' rants
A graduate student in Sweden wrote of his seemingly unending travails in renewing his passport, for which he had to fly to Vienna to visit the Philippine Embassy there. Having spent around P10,000 for processing and mailing fees along with airfare and …

The New Portuguese Golden Visas
Apart from the five years minimum investment period, to be counted as of the date of the granting of the residence permit, and for the purposes of its renewal, the foreign investor must present proof, namely by showing his passport, that he has …
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Tea Party Favorites Sue Federal Government Over Voter Proof-Of-Citizenship Law

Tea Party Favorites Sue Federal Government Over Voter Proof-Of-Citizenship Law
You don't drive and you haven't traveled abroad in years, leaving your passport expired or lost. In the months before the election, you changed addresses, and for some reason never received a notification from the state reminding you that your license …
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Detroit goes to the dogs
The city lost 237,000 residents between 2000 and 2010, falling to 713,000 from its one-time high of 1.8 million people. “The suffering of animals goes hand in hand with the suffering of people,” Arrington said. But at least one Michigan dog managed to …
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W.Va. judge, county official plead not guilty
Tinsley noted that Thornsbury had been unable to find his U.S. passport previously, and Thornsbury said he had located and surrendered it as ordered. The indictment says … A replacement judge has taken over Thornsbury's caseload. Earlier Wednesday …
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