The sudden shutting down of the passport office Miami, people are finding themselves in a state of utter confusion regarding what to do under these serious circumstances. This has caused havoc mainly for the people who have tour plans lined up recently. The people who were earlier planning to travel especially by the next two weeks have been fetched into serious consequences. This discourse is for clarifying the gaps as well as guiding people regarding the dos and the don’ts during this phase where there would be serious issues related to the procurement of the passports as well as renewal.

As per the speculations the people who are travelling by the next two weeks needs to be concerned only. The others who still have a bit of time in hand need not be concerned right now as per the reports which were received by the concerned authorities. For the people weeks or less, all you need to do is to call at 877-487- 2778 which is the contact number of the National Passport Information Centre. Here the representatives will guide you regarding your problems depending on the type of crisis you are in. This contact is open every day until 10 pm.

The entire crisis response team will be ready to guide you through your problems. They will not only tell you the procedure in response to the type of problem you are in like you might have to either renew or to apply for a passport urgently. They would definitely guide you to your nearest passport office where you would be in safe hands to solve your problems. The information is available in both English as well as Spanish in order to look after the needs of the clients in a proper manner.

There are certain doubts regarding when the office is going to reopen, but there are some good news as well. The office might not shift anywhere else but the concerned authority is looking forward to multiple offices in order to suffice the needs of the increasing number of applicants. Luckily, no passports were damaged in the sudden turn of events and adding on to it, none of the applications were damaged due to it. But when asked regarding what went wrong to raise such a large hue and cry, the Director of the Miami Passport Agency answered that it was nothing but a pipe burst.

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