Things to Do While the Passport Office Miami Dries Out

The sudden shutting down of the passport office Miami, people are finding themselves in a state of utter confusion regarding what to do under these serious circumstances. This has caused havoc mainly for the people who have tour plans lined up recently. The people who were earlier planning to travel especially by the next two weeks have been fetched into serious consequences. This discourse is for clarifying the gaps as well as guiding people regarding the dos and the don’ts during this phase where there would be serious issues related to the procurement of the passports as well as renewal. Continue reading

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New Passport Office Provides Same Day Service to Southerners

In the old South, life sometimes seems to move at a different, slower pace. That can make it easy deadlines to creep up on you- including the deadline for applying for your passport.


Typically, it takes about six weeks from the time you submit your application for your new passport to arrive in your mailbox. When planning a trip, you should allow more time than that if at all possible.

If six weeks is too long, you do have options. Expedited processing is available from the Department of State for an additional fee of $ 60.00 per application processed. This will cut the processing time down to about three weeks, though there is always a possibility that it could take longer if the Department of State is especially busy. To get an accurate estimate of processing time, it’s always a good idea to check at the Department of State’s website.


But what do you do if even three weeks is too long? In that case, you need to go directly to the Department of State yourself, instead of having your application sent in through the mail. The State Department has, at present, 25 regional passport agency offices open to help travelers with urgent travel needs. This includes a new passport office that just opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to the opening of the Atlanta passport office in May of 2011, the only other offices in the Deep South capable of issuing same-day passports were in New Orleans, Miami, Arkansas and perhaps Texas (depending on how you define the term “Deep South).


To make an appointment at a regional passport agency office, call the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778. In addition to the documents normally required to get your passport, you’ll also need a paper copy of your itinerary to prove that you are eligible to use the passport office. Appointments are available to US citizens who have travel plans that require them to leave the country within the next 14 days. If you are leaving within four weeks but need your passport in order to apply for a travel visa before you depart for your destination, you are also eligible to make an appointment.


Once you arrive at the passport office, you’ll wait your turn to present your paperwork to an agent. As long as all of your documents are in order, your new passport should be ready within 24 hours.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Reporting a Stolen Passport

Being robbed of your passport is kind of like have a little piece of your soul stolen. Your passport is an important document, but more than that, it’s also a record of all the places you’ve been since you acquired it. So, when somebody steals your passport, not only do you have to worry about things like identity theft, you’re also mourning the loss of that part of your personal history.


Nonetheless, if your passport has been stolen, the important thing is to protect yourself from further damage by reporting the loss and getting it replaced. No matter where you are when your passport is stolen, you should contact the local police and file a report, even if your passport is the only thing that was taken.


The next step in reporting your stolen passport is to contact the Department of State. If you are in the US, this is as easy as calling the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778. If you are overseas, you’ll need to report it at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. If you travel with a photocopy of the biographical pages of your passport stored separately, or store a copy in a secure place online, you’ll find the process of getting a new passport overseas to be much simpler.


To replace a stolen passport in the US, go to post office or another passport acceptance facility to apply for a new one. Bring your driver’s license or other proof of identity and your birth certificate or other proof of citizenship, along with one passport photo and money to pay the required fees. At the passport facility, you’ll fill out passport application form DS-11 and form DS-64, a formal statement regarding a lost or stolen passport. Under normal circumstances it takes about six weeks for the government to issue a replacement, but you can cut that down to three weeks if you pay a $ 60 expedite fee.


For emergency replacement of a stolen passport in the US, make an appointment at the nearest regional passport agency office by calling the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778. Only take this step if you are leaving the country within the next 14 days or you must have your passport to apply for an entry visa for travel within the next four weeks.


Once you’ve reported your passport stolen, it will be invalidated for future travel, so even if it is recovered, you must replace it. However, even with these safeguards, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your credit report for the next few months, just to be on the safe side.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Urgent Passport Renewal Service

Urgent Passport Renewal Service

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Should Your Emergency Cruise Checklist Include a Passport?

2010 has been a bad year for cruises. From the 2010 engine room fire that crippled the Carnival Splendor and left passengers with no power and not enough food to the severe storm that kept the Carnival Inspiration fromarriving in port on time, stories of bad weather and near disaster have become unsettlingly common.


In fact, some travel experts are even recommending that you pack emergency supplies like high-calorie non-perishable foods and satellite phones. Another thing to consider as you pack is whether or not your emergency cruise packing checklist should include a passport.


While passports are necessary for cruises outside the Western Hemisphere, they are not required for cruises to Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean as long as the cruise begins and ends in the same US port. Instead, a cruise ship passenger on these “closed-loop” cruises can bring a copy of his or her birth certificate or naturalization certificate to use as proof of US citizenship along with photo ID.


However, passports are required for all international flights, even flights from our neighbors in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Packing a passport makes it much easier to get home if you need to, as long as you can get to an airport and dry land.


More importantly, having a passport in hand for your cruise protects you against more common personal emergencies. If the ship sails without you, you can simply book a flight to the next port and catch up with it there. If you have to fly home for an emergency, you can do so without worrying about how you’re going to get on the plane.


If you apply with normal processing, it takes the US Department of State about 6 weeks to issue a passport. Pay an additional $ 60, and you can have it in three weeks. If you need your passport more quickly than that, you can make an appointment a regional passport agency or consider using a private passport expediting company like Rush My Passport.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

How To Get A Passport Fast – The Quick, No-stress Way To Rush Your Passport Application

Do you want to get a passport fast?

You certainly do if you plan to travel abroad within two weeks and still don’t have a valid passport. Airlines won’t let you on the plane without one but waiting 4 to 12 weeks for regular processing won’t cut it.

Having to rush your passport application process can be stressful. If you are feeling pressured at this time, I fully understand what you are going through. I had to get my travel document in less than three weeks and that included the Christmas and New Years holidays.

But I have a secret for you…and this is it.

I got my travel document in five days and so can you! In fact, you can get your passport as quickly as the same day. Want to know how?

To get your passport fast, you have a choice.

1. You can apply for your passport yourself. Or…

2. You can have someone submit your passport application for you.

Which method is best? Let’s look at each one and you can decide for yourself.

Apply for Fast Passport Services Yourself

First, you call a toll-free number to schedule an appointment. Dialing the number is easy. Getting through is another matter. It can take…forever. But, let’s suppose you do get through. Hurray for you.

Next, you have to show up at the regional passport agency for your appointment. Not a problem if you live in or near the city where it is located. I lived 7 hours away and was in the middle of final exams. I opted for method number two.

Get a Passport Expediter to Submit the Application for You

The process is pretty easy. You fill out and submit a simple online application. You send the expediting service your passport application and supporting documents. Viola. You are free to make other preparations for your trip.

There was no calling the toll-free number over and over and over again. There were no long road trips. There was an additional fee but, hey, your time and your sanity are worth something. Aren’t they?

There are hundreds of expediting services that can get your passport fast.

To find out which one I used and recommend, check out the details on how to get a passport fast.
I also provide you with 3 tips for preventing problems when applying to get a passport fast.
Click here to get your passport fast! —

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