Massachusetts Health Connector Extends One Deadline
Chris Nybakken of Brookline said he came to the office because "the website didn't put the right data in, so I had to come show my Real ID passport, instead of doing it online. There were a few kinks in the system, but in the end I got what I came for …
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BlackBerry Passport Review: Back to Square One
Things speed up significantly when I use the Passport's predictive text feature, which is as fast or faster than Android's or the iPhone's because of the trackpad-like keyboard. The gestures have become second nature. Swipe up on the keys to pick one …
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Aadhaar for quick passport: Is Modi government slyly getting around SC order?
The NDA government is sailing pretty close to the wind by trying to sidestep a Supreme Court order that specifically says that Aadhaar, the Unique biometric ID being issued to residents (and not necessarily citizens) by the Unique ID Authority of India …
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Who Is Watching You?
The United States already embeds radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that can transmit data over a short range of about ten feet in passports, and schools and employers are starting to embed the chips in ID cards. …. have been targeted by so …
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