Local couple a block away when shots rang out near US Capitol
Jeff and Muriel Brock of Kansas City, MO, were in our nation's capital to renew Muriel Brock's passport and sightsee when they got caught up in the terrifying chaos of Thursday's shooting outside the U.S. Capitol. Muriel Brock said she was visiting the …
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Why might the US government shutdown?
… if the US government shuts down? In the case of failing to pass a new CR, about half of government workers get “furloughed”, or put on temporary unpaid leave. Non-essential services like National Parks, passport and driving license renewal services …
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Echoes of 1996 in current shutdown
Steve Chabot and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman represented most of Southwest Ohio the last time the government was shut down and are still serving in Washington. Former U.S. Rep. Tony Hall, a Democrat who represented Ohio's 3rd Congressional District from 1979 …
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