A Brief Guide on Getting a Passport in 24 hours

As you know, a U.S passport is your ticket to the world. It allows you to travel to over 150 nations. Routine passport service processing time ranges between 4 and 6 weeks from the date of receipt of initial application while the expedite service takes about 2 to 3 weeks against additional payment. But if you want to get your passport in as little as just 24 hours, you will find services such as expedited 24-hours passport service that requires you to pay $60 extra. Continue reading

New contracts in the offing for Datasonic?

New contracts in the offing for Datasonic?
Datasonic Group Bhd, which is the supplier of the polycarbonate datapage on which passport holders' personally identifiable information is printed, is said to be vying for the passport booklet and smart chip contracts. If it is successful, the company …
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Online iqama services drive local agents out of business
JEDDAH: The new online service of Passport Department, including renewal of residence permits and other procedures related to expatriate workers, closed the door of profitable business of muaqeb, a local agent who was playing an “essential” role to …
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UPDATE – Thai police say local politics a factor in Bangkok bomb

UPDATE – Thai police say local politics a factor in Bangkok bomb
On Monday, the Bangkok Post reported that police had asked that the passport of another Thai suspect — Wanna Suansan — be revoked as she had failed to answer a police summons. … the Turkish immigration department — who did not wish to be named as …
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Kobach issues 90-day time limit for voter registrations
More than 35,000 voter registrations applications are currently “in suspense,” and about 30,000 are incomplete because registrants have yet to provide a passport or birth certificate. Such proof-of-citizenship documents have been required since January …
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Chatham woman pleads not guilty to drug fraud charges
BARNSTABLE — A 37-year-old Chatham woman pleaded not guilty in Barnstable Superior Court on Tuesday to 25 counts of an indictment related to false registration of a drug and obtaining a drug by fraud. Esperanza Mata, who previously worked for a …
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Greene County local to go abroad for mission trip

Greene County local to go abroad for mission trip
Hoge hopes to raise $ 12,000 to cover the costs of tuition, plane tickets, obtaining a passport, getting proper vaccinations and living expenses. For more information or to donate, visit his gofundme page at http://www.gofundme.com/ywamjohnnyhoge/.
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You gotta have faith: Limp Bizkit front man is so enamored with Russia, he
“I wouldn't mind getting a Russian passport,” Durst said according to Russian media. “If you have communication with the relevant authorities, which could assist with obtaining it — share.” Durst says he travels to Moscow whenever he can, and has a …
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Business Aircraft Ops to Costa Rica: Documentation & Local Area

Business Aircraft Ops to Costa Rica: Documentation & Local Area
Valid passports are required for both passengers and crew to enter Costa Rica. Depending upon nationality, the required remaining validity on your passport may vary. For some nationalities it's sufficient to have passport validity to cover the intended …
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Botswana passport makes top four in Africa
The research shows that passport holders from Seychelles can visit 126 of 194 countries in the world without having to apply for a visa. The Mauritian passport allows visa free or visa on arrival travel to 123 countries. The South African passport …
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Joe Mathews: Next Disney park should be in Fresno

Joe Mathews: Next Disney park should be in Fresno
Disney has suspended sales of the Southern California Annual Passport that many locals bought in order to visit frequently throughout the year. Disney does offer a “select” … Land on the coast would cost too much, so it should be inland. And to …
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Answers to DMC questions fail to address local vision for downtown
I went to the Destination Medical Center meeting Dec. 17 to find answers to two questions: What is the plan for the $ 400 million transportation budget, and what is the vision for the future for downtown Rochester? I got my answers. Light rail … …ah …
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'Your passport is being verified by local police'

'Your passport is being verified by local police'
As part of a slew of efforts to streamline the passport application process, the Pune police commissionerate has now started sending SMSes to passport applicants on the same day that an application is sent to their local police station to keep them …
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Passport Office To Resume Online Application Processing From Nov 5
Passport Officer Srinagar, Firdous Iqbal told KNS only those applications will be entertained which will come through proper registration through website and through proper appointment. “The service provider is releasing appointments from 11 in the …
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Smith 'most likely had help' getting passport
Internal Affairs says passport applications are checked for court orders before being issued. There were no court orders against Smith under his legal name of Traynor when he was convicted, so no grounds for the Department to reject his passport …
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Scandal forgotten, Cherie calls on her friends in high places
Keith Vaz, who had also phoned the Home Office about the Hinduja passport application, stood down from his post as Europe minister for health reasons following allegations that he had failed to declare hospitality from the Hindujas. Mr Vaz, who is now …
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Learn How To Apply For A Usa Passport Name Change

If your name has been legally changed due to a marriage or divorce, you will need to change the name on your passport. The process for a U.S. Passport Name Change is easy but it can take a long time to receive your new passport.

The first document that you will need to change your name on is your social security card. To do this, contact the social security office in your area. They may have the form you need on the Internet to make the changes to your social card.

If has been longer than 12 months since you obtained your passport, you should fill out form DS-82 to change your name. This form can usually be acquired by visiting the local post office. The Bureau of Consular Affairs will also have it online so you can print it off there. Printing it off the Internet may be more convenient.

To be able to use this form, you will be required to provide an original copy of your marriage certificate, and your original passport. The passport cannot be more than 15 years old and you had to have been a minimum of 16 years of age when you were issued your current passport.

Once you have filled out the form, before you can send your information in, you will need to have new United States passport photos taken. You can do that one of your neighborhood drug stores. If you check with them they typically offer passport photos for a fee. You can also take your own passport photo but it must measure 2 inches x 2 inches. Any other size will be rejected.

Once you have the application filled out and the passport photos in your hand, you are ready to mail everything. You should send it in a padded envelope to the address that is listed on your paperwork. For your own protection you might consider sending it in such a way that the post office can trace it if it gets lost. Ensure that you have included all required documentation along with any fees that are required.

If you are in a hurry to receive your new passport, you can pay an extra $ 60 for the expedited fee. You need to write EXPEDITED on the outside of the envelope. Mark it clearly so that when it arrives at its destination it will be handled properly. Another option you have is to visit a local agency that handles passports. You can find a local office by going to the website for the Bureau of Consular Affairs. This is the best option if you will need to have your passport in less than 2 weeks.

Although it can take up to 2 months receive your new passport application, submitting a Passport Name Change Application is an easy process. As long as you submit all of the required documentation with the application, and photos that are of acceptable size, along with the required fees, you should not encounter any problems.

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Emergency Usa Passport Services – Faster Processing For Unexpected Travel Plans

International travel is one of the most exciting things anyone can experience but while you are enjoying the experience, a lot of bad things can happen regarding your travel documents. You could be enjoying a boat ride off the coast of Israel and suddenly drop your passport in the water. You might be shopping in Madrid. Someone bumps you and later you realize your passport is gone. Maybe you were enjoying some authentic Italian food and wine and left your passport on the table. It’s import to know what to do when you need Emergency Pass Port services.

An emergency passport is basically a passport that is rush shipped to you. If you go online, you have many options that are open to you. The USPassportNow, that can get you your passport in as little as a day. So if anything should happen to your passport, you don’t have to worry about waiting for months and months for it to get to you.

There is more to handling a passport emergency than just getting a new one. What you should do depends on your situation. We’ll start with the most common: losing a passport. Especially if you don’t travel very much, it’s so easy to lose track of your passport. If you’ve looked around for it and still can’t find it, then you need to apply for a new one. This isn’t a big deal, but once you get your new passport, be sure to keep it in a very safe place so as not to lose it again. The process for replacing a lost passport is almost exactly the same as replacing a stolen passport, so we’ll cover that next.

The first thing to do is notify the authorities so your missing passport can be cancelled. If you are in a foreign country, contact the local authorities and also the U.S. Embassy to report the lost or stolen passport. If you are in the United States, contact your local police department if you suspect it has been stolen. In either case, contact the United States Passport Office in your community also. You will fill out either a Lost Passport Affidavit or a Stolen Passport Affidavit to accompany other necessary paperwork and documentation.

Once the proper authorities have been notified, you can proceed to getting it replaced. There are local offices that can help you but none is more convenient than online passport sites like US Passport Now. Through these secure sites, you can fill out your new application and submit it with the necessary accompanying document. There are expedited services available if you have the need to receive your replacement passport quickly.

You may have experienced a damaged passport. There is also a special reporting form for this type of incident. You will fill out a report regarding the damaged travel document and mail it to the proper agency.

Yes, traveling is supposed to be fun, and yes, bad things can happen. But being prepared means never having to worry about the worst case scenario. Should something bad happen, there are Emergency New Passport services from companies like US Passport Now at your fingertips to help get you wherever you’re trying to go.