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We paid for “first class” tickets for the air-conditioned cabin where they played “The Replacement Killers”. I couldn’t stand watching Mira Sorvino playing a cool chick who made fake passports ever since she played the blond epitome Romy White – the casting director should be hanged – so we ended up spending the rest of the boat ride on the ferry’s open-air second floor, where I was splayed out on stacked, teetering monoblock chairs under the warm sun. Occasionally cool sea spray would lightly settle on my arms and neck, while the ocean breeze would play and whisper in my ears. Bliss.

Looking for transportation from Dapa Port to where we had checked in was an adventure in itself. I swear I could see the scrambling drivers mentally quadrupling their rates when we mentioned where we were staying (which was not the island’s most expensive but had the best value for money, in my very honest opinion), until finally we found one who wouldn’t charge each of us an arm and a leg. David, the owner of the resort where we were staying, later told us there were plans to post standardized rates for the habal-habal and tricycles (motorbikes with sidecars for the uninitiated), but I mentally cringed at the thought that foreigners, nay, even local tourists, be subjected to the tricycle bloodbath on the port.

On the drive through Siargao’s interior, however, I soon forgot the port scene. Siargao is much bigger than Boracay, with wider roads, fewer people, and plenty of natural attractions in and around the island. I have so much hope for the surfing island and its future development.

This was the Boardwalk at 3 in the afternoon, low tide.

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