'Tony Blair is to blame' as one in five new Europeans now has a UK passport

'Tony Blair is to blame' as one in five new Europeans now has a UK passport
Some 207,500 of them had successfully applied for UK passports – the most since records began in 1962. Eight per cent were nationals of other EU states, mostly eastern Europeans. Only three per cent of UK citizenship applications were refused in 2013, …
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Need a passport? Process just got faster, easier
Within a year, the passport issuance process at the Pune passport office has seen a complete turnaround. From a complex process which evoked anxiety among passport aspirants, the process has now become much quicker and almost seamless. This was …
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Pakistani woman crosses over to Punjab without passport, held
Fauzia alias Chanda Khan, who claimed to be 27, had boarded Samjhauta Express from Wagah station in Pakistan, reached Attari and then again boarded the train to Delhi. She was de-boarded at Jalandhar station around 10 pm Thursday when she could …
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Crowds in New Orleans brave cold for Mardi Gras
NEW ORLEANS — Revelers in the Big Easy on Mardi Gras coped with temperatures that plunged almost 30 degrees from the previous day, but the promise of parades, parties, costumes and clearing skies was expected to keep crowds on the streets until way …
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Bright Light Social Hour on Space Is Still the Place: "We Spent a Lot of Time
The band is excited to come back to Miami, where they played about this time last year. In fact, the Austin outfit is so stoked for our sunny shores, singer and bassist Jack O'Brien tells us that he and the crew are already craving Cuban chow and some …
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Five myths about travel insurance
Many travelers think that travel insurance is as essential to their trip as a passport and sunscreen. Others see it as a needless expense. You can make up your own mind after reading these five myths about travel insurance. 1. I don't need travel …
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Questions and Answers – November 26

Questions and Answers – November 26
On (uncorrected transcript—subject to correction and further editing) another site in Riccarton it is replacing three old homes with 19 two-bedroom homes. …. Hon Peseta SAM LOTU-IIGA: The retrieval of the passport was a legitimate request by Mr …
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Five things you need to know if you lose your passport
You will need to bring application forms for the loss of your Singapore Passport, a supplementary form depending on how many times you've lost your passport, as well as a police report if you were a victim of a crime. 2. What to do if you lost it …
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Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Prompts Questions Over What Happens
Some young men and others traveling to Thailand, short on cash after extended partying and high living, can be approached to sell a passport, which can be easily replaced at embassies upon presentation of a routine 'lost passport' police report," he said.
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Missing passport feared stolen, used for identity theft

Missing passport feared stolen, used for identity theft
Danha had sent his wife and daughter's Zimbabwean passports to Harare to be renewed because they were planning a return visit this summer. But soon after, he got a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada inviting the … Danha requested the …
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Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?
Fraud alerts last 90 days, and you can renew them as often as you like (a recurring calendar entry can help with this task); consumers who can demonstrate that they are victims or are likely to be victims of identity theft can apply for a long-term …
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Five air-safety lessons from MH370's mysterious disappearance
The SMH report said while it takes time to identify and analyse an image taken from space, China and the US are not inclined to share secrets as air defences and space-based surveillance hardware are some of the most sensitive military information …
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Surf’s Up
us passport replacement
Image by jojoscope
We paid for “first class” tickets for the air-conditioned cabin where they played “The Replacement Killers”. I couldn’t stand watching Mira Sorvino playing a cool chick who made fake passports ever since she played the blond epitome Romy White – the casting director should be hanged – so we ended up spending the rest of the boat ride on the ferry’s open-air second floor, where I was splayed out on stacked, teetering monoblock chairs under the warm sun. Occasionally cool sea spray would lightly settle on my arms and neck, while the ocean breeze would play and whisper in my ears. Bliss.

Looking for transportation from Dapa Port to where we had checked in was an adventure in itself. I swear I could see the scrambling drivers mentally quadrupling their rates when we mentioned where we were staying (which was not the island’s most expensive but had the best value for money, in my very honest opinion), until finally we found one who wouldn’t charge each of us an arm and a leg. David, the owner of the resort where we were staying, later told us there were plans to post standardized rates for the habal-habal and tricycles (motorbikes with sidecars for the uninitiated), but I mentally cringed at the thought that foreigners, nay, even local tourists, be subjected to the tricycle bloodbath on the port.

On the drive through Siargao’s interior, however, I soon forgot the port scene. Siargao is much bigger than Boracay, with wider roads, fewer people, and plenty of natural attractions in and around the island. I have so much hope for the surfing island and its future development.

This was the Boardwalk at 3 in the afternoon, low tide.

Fit at Five: Healthy Maine Streets
Joanne Joy of Healthy Communities of the Capital Area tells us of the program, "There was a group in Skowhegan that started it. They were trying to figure out ways to have micro and mini businesses have some work site wellness. The results were so good …
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Pentagon Creats East African Response Force
21883, passport No. 11180 and a Lance Corporal in military rank. His hometown is Mbale in Uganda and joined the Ugandan Air Force in 1997, the documents obtained show.” With respect to events in the Central African Republic (CAR), the U.S. has been …
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Much progress in GSP efforts, Tofail says
Much progress in GSP efforts, Tofail says. Star Business Report. Bangladesh has made substantial progresses in fulfilling 13 of the 16 conditions tagged by the US authorities to win back a trade privilege from the North American nation, Commerce …
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AUSPC2013 | US-Arab Business, Finance and Human Resource Development

AUSPC2013 | US-Arab Business, Finance and Human Resource Development
I know many countries in the world, specifically from Latin American for instance, where you can hold a passport of the United States and a passport of the country of origin. Of course that facilitates matters, it simplifies …. You end up losing a …
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Homeland "Gerontion" Review: Saul Berenson, Acting CIA Director and Practical
I kind of enjoyed this episode, would just like to see a bit more of Brody … maybe if they had blended in a bit "earlier" in his timeline replacing a lot of his daughter screentime I'd have preferred that … until his timeline catched up with the …
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Five cases of mysterious people who appeared from nowhere
His identity was finally revealed, when the UK tabloid The Mirror published an article, citing sources claiming The Piano Man was a gay German man who had arrived in Britain on the Eurostar train after losing his job in Paris. … This was confirmed by …
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Grealish concerned over new driving licence requirements
… renew their driving licence. He said people who live abroad should be able to verify this, and have a family member attend an NDLS centre with a copy of passport and birth certificate to apply for a replacement licence. “There are thousands of …
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Five exotic places you can go without a US passport
We've found five faraway places overseas where, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, you won't need to bring a passport. Puerto Rico. The island of Puerto … PASSPORT 101: How to apply, renew or replace. MORE: Is it worth it to pay extra …
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