Interview waiver for eligible Malaysians renewing US visa
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians with approved US visas after 2007 will be exempted from attending personal interviews when they “renew” their visas. Those who have gone through the visa screening process, including biometric checks done for the first time …
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A Choice No Parent Can Make
According to American law, as a US citizen, Maulik cannot apply for the renewal of his son's Indian passport, which expires in March, but can sponsor him for US citizenship being his father. But there is a catch. Even if Vedant becomes an American …
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Do I need a passport, visa or both?
A new passport for an adult (age 16 and older) costs $ 135 and for minor children, $ 105. Renewal cost for adults is $ 110. A first-time passport card will cost $ 45 ($ 35 for minor children). If you already hold a valid U.S. passport issued after you …
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