In Moldova, visa-free doesn't mean poverty-free
Moldovans stand in line outside the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication in Chisinau on June 3 to apply for biometric passports. After the …. It took us a while to understand that we can't change it and have to just implement it …
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Passport backlog leaves Scots family with newborn baby out of pocket and
“We are being fined £2 a day by the Qatari government because Iona needs a passport so we can apply for her residency permit. “We also look like we are going to have to cancel our flights home, which cost us nearly £2000. “There are hundreds of others …
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Passport backlog: British diplomats warned ministers of crisis at high-level
Mr Phillipson wrote to a British passport holder who had complained about the delays, saying: “A number of us had a meeting with the CEO of Her Majesty's Passport Office in order to convey precisely the concerns set out in your letter and our own …

US Consular Officer To Hold Office Hours For US Citizens In St. Kitts And Nevis
If you are renewing a ten-year passport issued less than 15 years ago, and can present your expired passport, you may apply by mail directly to the Embassy; the fee is US$ 110. If you cannot present a previous ten-year passport issued less than fifteen …
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