For international students, aid doesn't cross borders

For international students, aid doesn't cross borders
… policy only applies to citizens and permanent residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico. All other applicants must either be able to pay full-price tuition or compete for the $ 6 million in financial aid available for the entire …
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State Department to Eliminate Extra Passport Pages
A standard US passport is only 32 pages. Considering it's … Think of how much you've already invested or may invest in obtaining country visas; China's new 10-year visa is $ 140, Brazil's is $ 160-$ 180, and Argentina's reciprocity fee is $ 160. All of …
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Nebraska Passport series: See excavations at Hudson-Meng
Hudson-Meng is named for two Sioux County ranchers who, while building a stock pond in 1954, unearthed the first evidence of the largest bison kill site connected to early Native American peoples. This “bonebed” contains fossil remains of up to 600 …
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Trade talks in Tokyo get push from 'fast-track' deal in US
Japanese media reports Friday suggested that Japan would likely agree to increase its imports of American grown rice, while keeping costly price supports to protect local farmers. Advocates of the TPP, which is seen as a first step toward a much wider …
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In Moldova, visa-free doesn't mean poverty-free

In Moldova, visa-free doesn't mean poverty-free
Moldovans stand in line outside the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication in Chisinau on June 3 to apply for biometric passports. After the …. It took us a while to understand that we can't change it and have to just implement it …
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Passport backlog leaves Scots family with newborn baby out of pocket and
“We are being fined £2 a day by the Qatari government because Iona needs a passport so we can apply for her residency permit. “We also look like we are going to have to cancel our flights home, which cost us nearly £2000. “There are hundreds of others …
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Passport backlog: British diplomats warned ministers of crisis at high-level
Mr Phillipson wrote to a British passport holder who had complained about the delays, saying: “A number of us had a meeting with the CEO of Her Majesty's Passport Office in order to convey precisely the concerns set out in your letter and our own …

US Consular Officer To Hold Office Hours For US Citizens In St. Kitts And Nevis
If you are renewing a ten-year passport issued less than 15 years ago, and can present your expired passport, you may apply by mail directly to the Embassy; the fee is US$ 110. If you cannot present a previous ten-year passport issued less than fifteen …
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Here's the truth: The government doesn't shut down

Here's the truth: The government doesn't shut down
In fact, virtually every essential government agency, like the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard, will remain open. Furloughed federal workers probably would get paid, eventually. Transportation Security Administration officers would continue …

The four-legged flyers: owners dig deep to take pets abroad
The agency, part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, also reports a big rise in families importing rabbits, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs, fish, snakes and even frogs. It says imports of cats and dogs to the UK exploded on 1 …
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Yahoo Doesn't Fear Identity Theft In Its Plan To Release Inactive IDs To Public

Yahoo Doesn't Fear Identity Theft In Its Plan To Release Inactive IDs To Public
But criticism of the plan comes at a time when fears over the security of personal information on the Internet have been heightened by revelations of massive U.S. government snooping and international online crime. Yahoo stressed that it has put in …
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Government could use metadata to map your every move
Metadata with GPS locations, for example, can trace a teenage girl to an abortion clinic or a patient to a psychiatrist's office, said Karen Reilly, the development director for The Tor Project, a U.S.-based nonprofit that produces technology to …