Cops must complete passport verification process in 21 days in Maharashtra
The decision, announced under the Maharasthra Right to Public Services Ordinance 2015, makes it mandatory for police to complete the on-ground verification of passport applicants in a time-bound manner, said Atul Gotsurve, regional passport officer.
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Yelp: Now for Bureaucracy, Not Just Brunch
(Post offices and passport agencies are currently some of the preferred targets of criticism.) The point of the initiative, Yelp's vice-president of public policy, Luther Lowe, told me, was in line with Kind's request: to give citizens a simple channel …
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Expat voting policy doesn't add up, couple says
Tatiana Warkentin and her husband, John, work for the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Bern, a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates policies for the worldwide postal system. "We decide kind of how the post functions," Warkentin told …

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