The Importance of ESTA and VWP: Forget Your Visa

The importance of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is going through a period which is definitely going to increase in the near future. Primarily, the ESTA has been initiated by the Department of Homeland Security in order to determine whether a traveller or a group for that matter is eligible to visit America without applying for a visa. Actually it is through this ESTA that the department can estimate whether a person is eligible for VWP. This VWP is a program which is basically an agreement between America and 38 other countries which include the likes of Australia, Japan, Greece and Spain which ensures that the citizens of those countries are eligible to stay in the US for a period of up to 90 days and also the US citizens are allowed to stay in those countries sans visa for the same length of time. Continue reading

Cops must complete passport verification process in 21 days in Maharashtra

Cops must complete passport verification process in 21 days in Maharashtra
The decision, announced under the Maharasthra Right to Public Services Ordinance 2015, makes it mandatory for police to complete the on-ground verification of passport applicants in a time-bound manner, said Atul Gotsurve, regional passport officer.
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Yelp: Now for Bureaucracy, Not Just Brunch
(Post offices and passport agencies are currently some of the preferred targets of criticism.) The point of the initiative, Yelp's vice-president of public policy, Luther Lowe, told me, was in line with Kind's request: to give citizens a simple channel …
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Expat voting policy doesn't add up, couple says
Tatiana Warkentin and her husband, John, work for the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Bern, a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates policies for the worldwide postal system. "We decide kind of how the post functions," Warkentin told …

Ten days into dharna, family members of 40 Indians abducted in Iraq get little

Ten days into dharna, family members of 40 Indians abducted in Iraq get little
For the past 10 days, 36 family members of the abductees – all from low-income families in Punjab – have been sitting on a dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, demanding some information about the government's attempts to bring back their loved ones. Of …

State of the nation address 2015: Foreigner voting rights an opportunity for
With the June 7 referendum in mind, the PM commented that “we are of the opinion that participation should not be limited to those people who have a Luxembourg passport, but must also apply to those, who live, work and reside her.” … of a 10-year …
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Emmanuel Sithole Is Dead
Standing in the queue you wonder what there is to prevent armed robbers from coming out of the dark and relieving us all of our $ 81 application fees and passports. Then the waiting begins. Outside, by the gate and facing the building is a paved, shaded …

Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health

Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health
Grenz said he made a copy of Jordan's U.S. passport describing the American as weighing 290 pounds. Jordan now was probably only about 200 pounds and he looked little like the man in the passport photo, Grenz said. "It was a bit like the movie of Tom …
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Yemen evacuation provokes debate over protection offered by Chinese passport
There is a widely circulated piece of humor online on the misperception of benefits that some Chinese believe foreign countries can offer. Listed first is the powerful US passport that some believe can provide omnipresent protection to its holders.
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Passport to Unity wants you to laugh
… here to nominate a Community Driver. Tickets for the event are $ 20.00 each and can be purchased online or in person at the Sault Career Centre, 503 Queen St. E. Passport To Unity is hosted by the Sault Community Career Centre …

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Bram Fischer's Legacy
The West and in particular the United States no longer needed South Africa as a strategic ally against the Soviet Union. The following year there was the wholly unexpected unilateral … At a memorial service for Mandela in Westminster Abbey …
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Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health
29, the Coast Guard in Miami was notified by his father, Frank Jordan, that he hadn't seen or heard from his son in a week, agency spokeswoman Marilyn Fajardo said. Alerts were issued from New Jersey to Miami, according to the … Grenz said he made a …
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Latest Us Government Passport News

Passport to post-election comedy: five days of political paralysis isn't enough
… is an internal logic to it. The electoral system is conspiring with the quality of our politicians, and this is where it is taking us: toward government by rolling stasis, government by the winner of fights on College Green – government by 1951 …
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The Federal Bureau of Instigation
In the US view, of course, it's better not to get bogged down in big-picture analysis and to focus instead on a constant succession of mini-apocalypses narrowly averted by FBI & Co. The latest episode features three villains between the ages of …
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US Watch: News Digest
“I think it's the best thing we've come up with since the start of executions by the government.” The bill now heads to the … He had applied for a French passport in the late 1990s to come to the U.S. to “pursue a career in acting.” Using the name …
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Transportation funding cut for county senior center
“Basically our money comes from federal funding which is awarded by the AOOA, the Passport program, which is reimbursement for Medicaid clients, United Way, tax levy and from donations from consumers and the general public. We also get about $ 12,000 a …
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Tabs to ensure police verification of passport documents in 3 days
The city police usually take more than a week to complete the verification process that begins with downloading applications from the passport office. Field-level policemen are given hard copies which they carry to the addresses to physically verify …
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There's more to be lost than gained in stripping citizenship
Unlike the proposal for expanded citizenship revocation, this proposal is not restricted in its application to dual citizens. While there is no detail yet on how this change might take shape, Abbott flagged that privileges susceptible to … The …
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Hyderabad RPO takes the cake, issuing most passports in 2014

Hyderabad RPO takes the cake, issuing most passports in 2014
The Hyderabad police takes 21 days to clear a passport application, while Cyberabad police takes 13, Adilabad nine, Mahabubnagar and Medak eight days, and Krishna district six days. The greater duration in Hyderabad is due to the huge number of …
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The Next Migration: Moving Forward from Windows Server 2003
Although most of the applications will be business-facing, some will be accessible to the public, including online passport renewal, which will allow people to upload their passport photos and pay online, rather than trekking to the post office …
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US Embassy to close two days for Christmas

US Embassy to close two days for Christmas
… of federal government on Friday Dec 26, the day after Christmas, said the US Embassy in a statement here Tuesday. It said, all the embassy services including visa and American passport and notary services would resume operations next Monday, Dec 29.
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US Customs and Border Protection Offers Holiday Travel Tips
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) service is reminding holiday travelers of important policies to ensure a smooth and efficient processing upon arrival in the United States. The CBP also reminded U.S. travelers of travel requirements. “CBP …
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10th Passport to a Cure Raises K for Muscular Dystrophy Association
We were honored to hear Zack tell this story and help us in our efforts to fight these neuromuscular diseases.” Zack Arnold talked about his film on the life of … Alan Flagg, the assistant vice president of supply and marketing at CITGO, said MD …
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Expired Listing Follow Up, Start Taking More Expired Listings Today

The first few days of an expired listing are like a tornado of activity. This tornado, much like the natural occurrence, sweeps up anything in its path. Real estate professionals across the city are excited at the new opportunity of a listing and are anxiously calling away and the home owner is in a daze with volumes of phone calls and mail. This whirlwind experience ends almost as quickly as it begins however.

After the first 5 days of an expired listing, the excitement for most real estate professionals wears off. Many assume that they have already “re-listed” the home which is why they aren’t picking up the phone. After all, if they really wanted to list the home again, surely they would answer their phone, right? The home owner likewise is coming out of the wind with fewer calls and their mailbox and doorstep are no longer overstuffed with information. It’s amazing what can happen in just 5 days.

For the average real estate professional, they don’t have a system of follow up in place for expired sellers so by day 5 they have already moved on to the next fresh batch of potential sellers. Taking expired listings monthly means understanding that it is going to take more than 3-5 phone calls before you take the listing. Sure, it is possible to get the home owner on the first phone call, set the appointment, and take the listing but that is a process that will get you maybe a listing every other month. In order to take 2,4,6, or even 10+ expired listings monthly requires having a process of following up with your potential listings.

Systematic Follow up Leads to Consistent Results

Follow up on expired sellers should involve two major components: mail and phone calls. Taking time to have a balanced attack will bring sellers calling you and make your phone calls easier.

Your expired listing letter can actually be quite simple. One of the most important aspects is that you get your expired listing letter in the mail on the very first day the home is identified as an expired listing. This will ensure that your letter arrives just after the initial flood of people who rush to drop something off in person. Keep your envelope and letter simple and make it easy for them to pick up the phone and get a hold of you.

Phone call follow up is what is going to enable you to take the number of listings that you have always wanted. When most agents have stopped after day 5 you can keep going and stand out from the crowd. I invite you to consider the following methods to get the most from your phone calls:

Call at the same time each day – It doesn’t have to be at the crack of dawn, but calling at the same time each morning will give you the best chances of getting a hold of the home owner. Your pipeline of potential sellers should be large enough to spend at least two hours on the phone.
Leave voicemails – Most agents avoid voicemails because they don’t know what to say. Leave voicemails and give them a reason to call you back. Let them know they can call you back to learn more about your “29 Day Guarantee” message. The more interest peaking and easier you make it on them to return your call, the more call backs you will receive.
Be prepared with scripts – Have a list of qualifying and interest peaking questions that you can ask the seller when you get them on the phone. You may get their voicemail 80% of the time so when you get them on the phone you want to take advantage of those valuable minutes to get the appointment.
Set a timeline – Your phone call schedule should go far beyond 5 days. Consider a phone call follow up schedule that lasts for up to 21 days. You don’t need to call every day, but put a schedule in place that allows you to reach them 6-10 times during that period.

Following up on expired listings won’t take much of your time, especially when you do it consistently every day. Along with your consistent follow up you will be able to consistently take listings monthly as well!

As part of the Real Estate Success Program, James Bridges, coaches real estate agents across the country on effective real estate marketing techniques.

Expired Passport - FUNKciótlan dal

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