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European Court of Justice considers passport jurisdiction
In 2012, the mother applied to the Bulgarian authorities, seeking a renewal of her child's passport as she wanted to travel to Bulgaria to visit her family. The father would not agree to this however, and his cooperation was required under Bulgarian law.
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'No police verification needed to renew passport'
NEW DELHI: Citizens can now get their passports reissued without having to go through police verification, the government said on Wednesday.This is expected to drastically cut down the time taken to renew one's passport, as police verification on an …
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Cops must complete passport verification process in 21 days in Maharashtra

Cops must complete passport verification process in 21 days in Maharashtra
The decision, announced under the Maharasthra Right to Public Services Ordinance 2015, makes it mandatory for police to complete the on-ground verification of passport applicants in a time-bound manner, said Atul Gotsurve, regional passport officer.
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Yelp: Now for Bureaucracy, Not Just Brunch
(Post offices and passport agencies are currently some of the preferred targets of criticism.) The point of the initiative, Yelp's vice-president of public policy, Luther Lowe, told me, was in line with Kind's request: to give citizens a simple channel …
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Expat voting policy doesn't add up, couple says
Tatiana Warkentin and her husband, John, work for the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Bern, a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates policies for the worldwide postal system. "We decide kind of how the post functions," Warkentin told …

Police verification of passport applicants to be expedited

Police verification of passport applicants to be expedited
The average time taken for police verification of passport applications have been brought down to 25 days and steps are being taken to reduce it further, said M.Ramasubramani, Inspector General of Police, Central Zone, Tiruchi, here on Friday. “From …
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Transportation funding cut for county senior center
“Basically our money comes from federal funding which is awarded by the AOOA, the Passport program, which is reimbursement for Medicaid clients, United Way, tax levy and from donations from consumers and the general public. We also get about $ 12,000 a …
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Tabs to ensure police verification of passport documents in 3 days
The city police usually take more than a week to complete the verification process that begins with downloading applications from the passport office. Field-level policemen are given hard copies which they carry to the addresses to physically verify …
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There's more to be lost than gained in stripping citizenship
Unlike the proposal for expanded citizenship revocation, this proposal is not restricted in its application to dual citizens. While there is no detail yet on how this change might take shape, Abbott flagged that privileges susceptible to … The …
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Delay in police verification affects passport issuance

Delay in police verification affects passport issuance
He hoped the situation to improve after the introduction of tablets to the police. It is being considered by the central government to hand over the tablet which will contain database of the passport applicants. Police have to verify the details and …
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Curbing Passport Forgery: 84000 lost passports on Interpol site
The website of the Passport Department updates the list of passports replaced by the District Administration Offices and Nepali missions abroad on a regular basis. The department also uses its own database for the purpose. “We will continue to update …
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Travel-planning tasks that can't wait until the last minute
That's all to say that it's a good idea to download new apps and update any apps you'll rely on while traveling (since older versions may crash or just not work as they should) the day before you leave, at the latest. … Check your passport's …
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How Microsoft is taking on the cross-platform challenge with Office
What's in the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview update (build 9860)? Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: hands-on experiences at McDonald's · What happens to Windows 7 on October 31, 2014? BlackBerry Passport review: Aimed squarely at business.
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Federal Indictments
Individual Indicted for False Passport Application Jorge Alberto Ramirez-Ramirez was changed in a single-count indictment with making a false statement in an application for a passport, in violation of 18 United StatesC. § 1542. The maximum penalty …
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Software cuts down time needed for police verification of passports
The Kothrud, Chatushrungi, Yerawada, Warje, Vishrantwadi, Vimannagar and Khadak police stations that have bought the software are making use of it to cut down time spent on every application and reduce the physical effort required in locating the …
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Passport Verification Process

Passports are essential documents that you need to travel into other countries. Your national government will issue them to you on proof of who you are. There are several different pieces of information that are on the passport to identify the holder. These include your name, date of birth, country of birth, and a photo of the holder. This information needs to be verified when traveling outside the country.

If you are traveling via airplane, there is nothing more annoying than standing in line. It is, however, completely necessary, especially if you are traveling on an international flight. Be prepared to stand in line for anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, particularly when going through the passport verification checkpoint.

The process of getting your passport verified is very important, and it is something that you will experience in each country you visit. In order to prepare for your international travels, it is essential that you know what to expect. Bear in mind that the process will be different according to the country you visit, as well as the country from which you fly.

Here is what to expect from the passport verification process:

Step 1: Wait in a long line until you finally make it to the desk.

Step 2: Hand your passport to the officer who is in charge of checking it.

Step 3: The officer will take a close look at your passport, and possibly scan it through the computer. The scan will reveal whether or not your passport has been flagged as one belonging to a terrorist, wanted criminal, or other miscreant that countries are warned to watch out for.

Step 4: If your passport is scanned and nothing appears on the computer screen to identify you as a dangerous person, the officer will usually ask the nature of your visit to the country. Those traveling for business will inform the officer of their intentions, while those on tourist visits will tell the officer how long they will be in the country.

Step 5: The officer will put a stamp on one of the blank pages of the passport, and the passport will be handed back to you.

This is the simple passport verification process, and this is how it will go 9 times out of 10. If you are unlucky, you may be pulled off to the side to answer further questions, but you shouldn’t need to worry about it too much. Almost all of the people that travel go through the passport verification process get through nice and easy! Happy travels!


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Passport verification: Cops send text alerts

Passport verification: Cops send text alerts
MUMBAI: People won't have to make rounds of a police station for verification of their passport application. The Thane rural police are sending text messages to passport applicants informing them about when they need to visit the police station for the …
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Pudukottai to be brought under Tiruchi Passport Seva Kendra
On an average, the Passport Office receives about 100 passport applications a day from Pudukottai district. The move is expected to decongest the Thanjavur PSK. “The Thanjavur and Tiruchi PSKs process about 800 applications every day. Of this, nearly …
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