If you are really looking forward to becoming a citizen of the US, the US government has laid certain requirements to be met before you are eligible to apply for citizenship. Citizenship is one step ahead of Permanent Residence, where by one is provided the maximum rights in the United States. The right to vote, right to stay and work in the US and petition the family members to migrate to US.

Acquiring citizenship:

Green card is the most essential document while applying for citizenship and there are other requirements as well. Citizenship can be obtained either by birth or by naturalization. If you are born to US citizen parents, you automatically become a citizen if certain conditions are met. In case of naturalization, you can obtain citizenship by filing the citizenship form N 400.

While applying for naturalization, a few requirements should be met. One will be eligible to file citizenship form N 400 only if they fulfill the following requirements:

-you are at least 18 years of age
-you are living in the United States for 5 years without breaking your continuous residence or the physical presence in the US
-you are married to a U.S citizen you should be living with that U.S citizen for the past 3 three years of your permanent residency
-your presence in the particular district or state for three months while filling the citizenship application
-you have good moral character
-you are able to speak, read and write basic English
-you must pass the Civics test
-you must take the oath of allegiance to the US

Based on the above eligibility requirements you can proceed with filing the citizenship form N 400. The form N 400 is filed with the USCIS and in case of any kind of fraud is identified by the USCIS while investigating the requirements, your green card will be ceased and there might be a situation of deportation.

After completing the application you have to send the citizenship form N 400 with the relevant fees, photos and supporting documents to the USCIS. After a few days of submission of your application, the USCIS will notify you through an application receipt notice which actually is a proof that your application is being processed. The 13 digit number in the notice will help you to track your case status in the later stages. Intimation regarding the fingerprinting and the interview will be sent to you. At the interview you will be tested for your knowledge in English and Civics (with certain exceptions for people who are above the age of 50 and meet certain residency requirements). If you are through with the interview, you will be given an appointment for the swearing in ceremony. It is during that time you actually become a citizen and receive a naturalization certificate which proves that you are a privileged citizen of US.

As obtaining the citizenship gives the privilege of enjoying the rights, it is necessary to understand every nook and corner of the citizenship process. It is always better to disclose the truth and be honest enough to avoid any kind of rejection in the application. Thus by adhering to the USCIS guidelines one can easily get citizenship without much of a hassle.

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