Passport to a better life: citizenship opportunities available to you

Passport to a better life: citizenship opportunities available to you
As the Middle East and African refugee crisis intensifies, having the right passport can be a matter of life and death. The lucky few can now invest in a programme giving them a passport to a better life, as long as they have sufficient means at their …
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Heads up, travelers! 'Passport crisis' could delay your plans
You can renew six months or even a year before your passport expires, to avoid the waiting game. Otherwise, be prepared to to wait as long as 10 weeks for an application to go through. And if you are traveling enough that you are running out of pages …
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How can I renew my daughter's passport?
How can she renew her passport? Does it require her father to be there when she renews? Which documents are required? A: We will be glad to assist your daughter in renewing her US passport. It is always a good idea to keep travel documents current, …
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Excerpts from recent Minnesota editorials
Minnesota is just one of four states – the others are Louisiana, New Hampshire and New York – not in compliance with Real ID. Some states, such as Wisconsin, offer residents a choice between an older-style license and a federally compliant license.
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Status of US citizen's child depends on a number of factors
Jose, New York. A. Whether a child gets U.S. citizenship through birth to a U.S. citizen abroad depends on when the child was born, whether the child was born to married parents, the nationality or citizenship of the other parent and how much time the …
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US Passport Information Available in Spanish
The Office of Passport Services in the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) is the Department of State's largest domestic public service program and issued over 14 million passports to U.S. citizens in 2014. The decision to translate certain online passport …
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Are Texas-born children being denied citizenship?
The families say that, in prohibiting certain forms of identification in the application for a birth certificate, the agency is depriving Texas-born children of their citizenship rights based on their parents' immigration status. Texas officials say …

State's Guatemalans get help
The mobile unit began helping Guatemalan-born people apply for identification cards and passports from their home country at 8 a.m. Friday. By noon, more … They told us they'd have to travel to other states or the country where they were born. That's …
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With H-1B visa, diversity doesn't apply
Apple says workforce diversity "inspires creativity and innovation," but one of Apple's major contractors, Infosys, is far from diverse. In 2013, Infosys, an India-based provider of IT services, had 509 workers assigned to Apple sites in Cupertino …
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Businesswoman born in UK with British father must take citizenship test
Miss Khosla's Danish passport expired in 2012 but she is unable to renew it as Danish law requires those applying for a passport to live in the country or speak the language. Her mother never married her father Rajiv Khosla and the couple separated …
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US Government Changes Citizenship Renunciation Passport Policy After Criticism

US Government Changes Citizenship Renunciation Passport Policy After Criticism
A bit of good news for U.S. citizens who apply to renounce their citizenship: In the past, they had to relinquish their passports upon announcing their intent to renounce. Now in most cases they can keep their passports until they're no longer official …
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The British Are Coming! Inside the English Invasion of Gotham
While the New York City-born mayor of London, Boris Johnson, threatens (again) to renounce his U.S. passport, United Kingdom-born businesses are moving in the opposite direction, signing leases all over town. Attracted by a common language, similar …
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Transportation funding cut for county senior center
“Basically our money comes from federal funding which is awarded by the AOOA, the Passport program, which is reimbursement for Medicaid clients, United Way, tax levy and from donations from consumers and the general public. We also get about $ 12,000 a …
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Tabs to ensure police verification of passport documents in 3 days
The city police usually take more than a week to complete the verification process that begins with downloading applications from the passport office. Field-level policemen are given hard copies which they carry to the addresses to physically verify …
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There's more to be lost than gained in stripping citizenship
Unlike the proposal for expanded citizenship revocation, this proposal is not restricted in its application to dual citizens. While there is no detail yet on how this change might take shape, Abbott flagged that privileges susceptible to … The …
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US Passport Fees Boosted And Value Of Citizenship Set

US Passport Fees Boosted And Value Of Citizenship Set
In addition to the increase in the application fee, the department will now charge $ 82 – up from nothing – to add new pages to a U.S. passport. It says the fee is needed to offset the cost of the pages, the time spent affixing the pages into the …
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US passport: The cost of your first one could go up to 5
Washington — Want to see the Eiffel Tower or soak up the sun on a Bermuda beach, but don't have a passport? It could cost you a little more to get one. Later this year, the State Department could charge an adult – anyone 16 and older – $ 135 for a …
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Boris Johnson To Renounce US Citizenship In Another Sign He Wants To Be

Boris Johnson To Renounce US Citizenship In Another Sign He Wants To Be
The London mayor has dual nationality as he was born in New York – but has now revealed he wants to hand back his American passport. "The reason I'm thinking I probably will want to make a change is that my commitment is, and always has been, …
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Women's Hoops Looks For Season Sweep Versus Utah State
Spartan Digital is your all-access passport to Spartan Athletics. For live and recorded video/audio of San José State women's basketball home, Mountain West (road and home) and select road contests, Spartan Digital is your home. Go to Spartan Digital …

Passport Dept asked to shut online service

Passport Dept asked to shut online service
They have been telling us that since the time DoP started putting up the information online, applicants have started to swarm their offices to collect their passports, a DoP official said. He, however, assured that the DoP will not shut down its online …
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Federal appeals court rejects citizenship proof rule for Kansas voters
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled that Kansas cannot require proof-of-citizenship documents — almost always a birth certificate or passport — from prospective voters who register using a federal voter registration form. The court also …
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Review: iPhone 6: Bigger, Better… But Not the Best iPhone
Some might call us harsh but this is perhaps the first iPhone that has not really stunned us with its design – the Moto X too had a 4.7 inch display, but was much shorter (129.3 mm) and less wide (65.3 mm) even though it was thicker at 10.4 mm. You …
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Court: Proof Of Citizenship Not Required On Federal Voter Forms

Court: Proof Of Citizenship Not Required On Federal Voter Forms
According to a decision issued by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Election Assistance Commission will not be forced to add proof of citizenship requirements to federal voter registration forms in Kansas or Arizona. In short, the ruling …
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concerns raised with companies
However, he did not check my original passport and ID and advised that if the bank checked for verification, I should reply that my ID had been verified. He made me sign the application form without reading its content and told me that he would fill …