The US Passport Card has become very popular with people traveling between US and Canada as well as Mexico, Caribbean and Bermuda by land or sea. Like the US passport, the passport card is also issued by the US State Department. The greatest advantage of the passport card is that it is easy to carry as it is smaller than a passport. It is also a less expensive alternative to a passport book. However, the only drawback of the card is that international travel via flights is restricted. Traveling only in the above mentioned areas is permissible via waterways or roadways. Here are some more details regarding the US passport card:

Application for the US Passport Card

The US passport card can be obtained by all US citizens. People who possess a US passport and have the eligibility of using form DS-82 can apply for the passport card via mail. Form DS- 82 is also used for passport renewal in the US. Both passport renewal and application for US passport card can be done at the same time. However, there are many people who do not have a US passport and do not also have the eligibility of using Form DS-82. Such people have to use form DS-11 and have to apply for the passport card in person.

Cost to be incurred for the US passport card and validity of the same

The costing and validity of US passport card will depend on age. The charges as well as validity of the cards will be different for adults and minors.

  • For adults – Sixteen years of age or above come in this age group. The passport card remains valid for 10 years for adults. If the adult is a first-time applicant for the card then he will need to pay $55.00 for the same. However, if the person is a previous passport holder, then he will need to pay $30.00.
  • For minors – This group comprise of children below 16 years of age. The validity of the US passport card is for 5 years only for this group. The cost incurred for minor’s passport card is $40.00.

Documents needed for applying US passport card

The same kinds of documents need to be furnished for the passport book applies to the passport card. Documents proving identity of the person are must. Along with that, documents are also needed that prove the US citizenship of a person. However, if a person already has a passport, applying for the passport card becomes easier via mail.

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