I’ve got to say with all the things to do for a trip the one task that seems to get less attention than it need’s is packing. Most of the time we have to travel directly after work, school or any other obligation to come back home and quickly prepare to travel.This may relate to a lot of your experiences with trips of all sorts. What we are going to discuss is helpful ways to really get all types of people to be able to ensure there is less stress when packing and more “I’m ready to vacate my home” mode.

First thing to remember is the importance of packing light. I know we’re going to be snapping all these fun pictures and a few are going to be framing quality but we can look great and pack smart. Whether the trip is going to be a week end get away or a lengthy one, let’s get you ready comfortably.

Let’s begin by doing some prep work. You have a calendar so put it to great use as a check off list that won’t get lost. We know where, we’re going and a general idea of what that environment is like so why not pick some staple items. If its shorts or skirts your going to need, picking colors like black, khaki, or even a white pair will match with almost any top. By throwing two to three tops that match during the weeks prior, will allow you to have in mind some go to outfits to pack. It lets you feel more confident about what you’re going to wear and stay focused on packing light. Flip flops come in handy for many reason and don’t take up much space. If you’re going to be traveling for more than a week take advantage of U.P.S. and their luggage box. You can even skip the box and send your bare suit case to your location and avoid the high price luggage fees. You’ll find the money you saved creates a big smile and less baggage you have to carry up and down stairs or transportation.

Now visit the check off list calendar and write down that clothes is complete. Think about what we’re going to need to take with us to stay relaxed or entertained during take-offs. Like your iPod, reading material, the much needed camera charger. You’re going to also want to learn how to properly fill your suit case. Throwing things in there without order is going to work against your light packing goal. So here are some helpful tips.

  1. Place your long clothes such as pants on the bottom.
  2. Begin by adding shorts or shirts that wrinkle easy in side.
  3. Roll your t-shirts up so that the ones you picked to go with your bottoms will fit more compact.
  4. Place socks and undergarments along the side of the suitcase. Go ahead and pull
    the excess hanging over on top like a present.
  5. Put a towel on top so that you can lay your hygiene products on top. Just incase
    anything expands due to pressure or handling.
  6. Put all things that can burst open such as tooth paste or perfume into a zip lock bag to avoid getting it all over your clothes.
  7. By doing these steps you are carrying less weight and only have what you need.

The perks of packing light are that you can take it as a carry on, and will not lose anything. Also it creates less time looking at the baggage check. You’ll find what you thought you could not live with out will have you tackling your vacation a lot smoother.

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