Every U.S. citizen must have a passport if they wish to travel internationally. More information on applying for a  passport is often needed, and individual cases may create different formalities and documentation. Knowing what steps to follow will make the process less complicated. While you can do hours of research or read 50 of these blog posts to figure it all out, there are reliable passport agencies that can help you. 

Most passport agencies typically offer rush passport and visa services. If you need a passport on short notice, you can contact a passport agency to receive your expedited passport. What makes a reliable passport agency?

What are Expedited Passport Services?

Expedited passport services help individuals get their passports quickly and ensure they accurately complete the required documentation. But how can they get you your passport fast? You may think the agency makes the passport themselves, but that is not the case. Private couriers have permission to bring applications directly to the U.S. Department of State. In return for paying extra to hold application slots, the USDS has to process the applications within a specific time frame. 

You can apply for an expedited passport through the USDS, which will only expedite your passport between 3-6 weeks. Private couriers charge an extra fee for the application slot that can expedite your passport in as little as three days! A Reliable passport agency should have multiple rush services to tailor your needs. These services should include standard service, rush service, priority service, emergency, and Same-day. 

Additionally, companies that offer passport expediting services are not a branch of the government or affiliated with the government in any way. These businesses, such as The Passport Office, are licensed to submit passport applications on behalf of the customer. 

What Makes a Reliable Passport Agency?

When selecting a reliable passport agency to assist you with expedited passport services, choosing the right one is essential. Consider some of the following before choosing the first passport expediting business you find online:

  • Do they offer the option of speaking to someone in person or through an online application process?
  • Are there multiple office locations to choose from for your convenience?
  • How easy are the forms to navigate for the online application process? Do you understand what is required of you?

 A reliable passport agency should specialize in all passport services. Here are some of the most common passport applications a passport agency should offer help with.

New Passport Application

New passport applications are the most common service any passport agency provides. However, it is not the simplest application to navigate on your own. A reliable passport agency should help you every step of the way. They should also be aware of where you can go to verify your identity in your area.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Passport

Planning a trip only to discover that your passport is damaged, lost, or stolen could stress anyone out! If you’re panicking or aren’t sure what to do next, there is nothing to worry about. A passport agency can help solve the issue quickly and cut down anxiety. There are different application requirements for each of these cases. A reliable passport agency will know what is required and can give tips on preventing this again.


Passports have an expiration date. After that date, the passport no longer remains valid and needs to be renewed. Sometimes, you need your passport quicker than 6-10 weeks. A reliable passport agency or expediting service can start the passport renewal process for you in as little as one day. 

Change of Name 

Have you gotten married? Are you newly divorced? Your travel documents need to reflect your new name. All identification documents must be updated if you receive a legal name change. The application may have different requirements, depending on your documents and the time you have had your passport. 

A reliable passport agency will ensure you know what documentation you need for every case. They should also be able to direct you on where to go if any problems arrive when retrieving paperwork. If you want to know more about your passport’s name change process, read our blog “ How To Change your Name On Your Passport.”

What are the Benefits of Using The Passport Office?

The Passport Office has been helping people with expedited passport services, emergency passport renewal, child’s passports, and more for decades. Our experienced team prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service in the industry, with a significant focus on professionalism, evident in its overwhelmingly positive online reviews. The Passport Office offers every service mentioned before, but here is what sets us apart.

The Passport Office offers:

  • Speedy turnaround, with same-day services available.
  • Secure delivery of documents and an expert level of care with sensitive information.
  • Kind and attentive customer support professionals.  
  • Spanish-speaking passport agents for those who need a translation.

Expedited passport services don’t have to be an overwhelming process, instead of trying to figure out which documents you need, which government location you’re supposed to go to, and how much time the process might take, let the passport professionals help you instead.

If you need an expedited passport, turn to The Passport Office team. Whether you prefer to go online or in person, we can help you. We are the reliable passport agency you are looking for. Apply for an expedited passport in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Hollywood. Contact our team to set up an appointment today.

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