With a trip ahead you’re going to be planning in advance, so let’s get you ready. There are some guidelines as well as questions you will want to ask yourself; other than do I bring that other pair of sneakers or that extra makeup bag? The answer is what ever makes you happy but understanding the differences between Travel alerts and Travel warnings will be great help to your next trip abroad. Never heard of these alerts and warnings you say. Just thought you needed to remember your tooth brush and Airborne to be prepared, well no. Let’s make sure we are not caught off guard and wish we had stayed home. These resources are helpful and inform one of health alerts, elevated risk of terrorist attacks to ongoing intense crime or violence. These allow you to prepare when traveling as well as being up to date on current events.

You want to travel in foreign places but it would be nice to have a friend. Let’s get introduced to our friend the Embassy. While traveling the new and unfamiliar, which is what makes a vacation exciting. It would be ok, to have a place that understands us from the states and is a friend when in need.  We have the Embassy, and what it does is keep a relationship between the host country and the country represented by that particular embassy office. Like our circle of friends it acts as a point of contact and base of communication. Find out where it’s located and more by visiting the sites listed below.

You wouldn’t like to have the image of your curiosity and memories by your future adventure to be ruined. So be aware of where you’re traveling by using resources such as Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts. The difference between the two is broken down like this. If a country needs to be avoided due to dangerous conditions, a low staffed consulate, or shut down Embassy then it will be listed as a Travel Warning. Usually these warnings have been in effect for years. Next is Travel Alerts, which cover various disturbances or health alerts that are on the rise and issued for a short term. You can find detailed information for your trip at a few sites such as travel.state.gov or independenttraveler.com.

The same way you insure your car from the uncontrolled, is what you’ll want to do when traveling for many reasons. Travel insurance offers you coverage for troubles that often happen like cancelled flights, illness, or even financial default by the travel provider. Don’t let your happy pills get taken away. A traveler going to a foreign country that has a preexisting medical problem will find to bear a physician note relating the medical condition and generic names of the prescribed drugs a necessity.

You say you’re the type that lives by the seat of their pants and wants to take your adventure as it comes. Well if you happen to meet up with an amazing hook up and find its time for breakfast and no wallet you can still eat in time for lunch. There is a safe way for U.S. citizens to receive funds from the best buds or good ole family. The left high and dry will want to visit the Embassy, to make a rendezvous to receive the cash to continue the journey. It will cost you, a fee of $30 to process the transfer. Money can be sent by western union or mail and you will need to have your saviors put your name, city, and country on the transfer. For a more detailed choice to pick what works best for you visit the sites from up above, and find the heading money transfers.

You’re so much smarter now that you have read this blog and I bet your feeling like you have this trip by its horns. That’s great and you should. You are going to enjoy this trip and now have some security due to wisdom. Now begin looking through your closet and pack that suit case lighter then your last vacation because you’re going to be bringing home some exotic mementos. Take care and enjoy your vacation.

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