Your passport is probably the most important document that you can possess when you are travelling abroad. Thus, keeping them in safe custody while in an alien country demands some attentive measures as this is the one document which is the proof of your identity and if you are amidst any trouble, this is what bails you put of your critical situation. Losing your passport abroad might fetch you into consequences which would be far-fetched to say the least. Thus, we would try to figure out through this discourse the necessities and the ways out of preserving your most important possession during the span of your travel.

  • Keep in touch with the surroundings: – When you are out for some job make sure that you are carrying your passport along with you. Although it might normally be viewed as a preventive method, in some countries such as Russia and China, the rule for the foreigners is to carry the passport along with you when you are away from your residence. Apart from that you never know when and for what you might require a passport being a foreigner.
  • Consistency is a virtue: – Being consistent is a good habit. The same applies for the position you choose for keeping your passport while on travel. You must remember that you need to keep your passport in a fixed place throughout your tour as it helps you out in two ways. Primarily, you needn’t need to search for your passport when you require it apart from that you lessen the chances of losing it.
  • Using a strategic location will never harm you: – Using a strategic location rather than using your back-pocket for carrying your passport will always be considered as a good travelling habit. Remember that everybody is not as honest as you are. You might face a pickpocket even. Thus, it is always better to keep your passport in some place under your clothes or for that matter an undercover belt so that it is easily accessible as well as safe. Also remember to move to a safe place if you need to get your passport in hand.
  • Being safe will never desert you: – Always carry some other internationally recognized identification card like Global Entry Card or for that matter a MEXUS Trusted Traveler Card to feel safe as these might be of immense help if you misplace or lose your passport. But still you can’t travel abroad or even back home without a passport so keep in mind that you need to be even informed regarding where from and how you can get a fresh copy of your passport if you manage to lose yours in due course.

Apart from all these tips, you need to carry multiple copies of your passport in order to get people to recognize you and as a proof that you are no cheap cheat. Keeping all these aspects in mind would definitely help you in preserving your passport as well as make you knowledgeable regarding the dos and the do not’s of travelling abroad to an extent.

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