The Effect of In-flight Electronic Gadget Ban in US and UK on Travellers

The latest changes in regulation in relation to carrying of certain gadgets both in USA and UK has been a matter of concern for many a people. Some are confused regarding which are the ones to carry and the others are in deep trouble as it has been quite a practice to carry them. Keeping this in mind there has been many an issue related to the passengers who used to finish the unfinished work during the long flights and even others who used to pass the long boring time in the flights by using gadgets like the tabs as well as the laptops. Thus, people of certain countries, from now on, are facing quite a lot of issues regarding the flights which are mainly long international ones. Continue reading

Travel Cheap and be a Smart Traveler – Trying Not to Shed Those Extra Dollars on Your Trip

From fine dining to booking flights, there are lots of ways in which you can save money while traveling. Ultimately why should you pay more than what you actually need for traveling? While you’re planning for a trip, the key to any trip is just being too smart and wise about your money and this need to be planned well before you start hitting the road. It’s vital for you to chalk out how you can save money and plan the trip so that you don’t find yourself running out of money in the middle of the trip. If you have experienced such an awkward and nerve-wracking experience before, it’s high time you educate yourself on some of the best money-saving hacks while traveling. Take a look. Continue reading

Save Yourself From Flight Cancellation Hazards

People nowadays need to travel more than ever before. They need to travel for various reasons ranging from hard-core professional issues to fully customized family issues like travel or a visit to some other family member’s place. Now, with the increase in the amount of travel, the consequent traffic has also grown in number which has led to an increase in newer types of hazards in relation to travel. One of these hazards is definitely the increase in the number of cancelled flights which has been putting a lot of people under a lot of problems from various points of view. Continue reading

Freshman's excuse for missing class is one to remember

Freshman's excuse for missing class is one to remember
But now she will be able to vote and travel with a U.S. passport. Things will be easier. Her parents wanted her to decide the question of citizenship herself. “Like my mother, I have been a permanent resident with a green card for most of my life,” she …
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New Yorkers may need more than a driver's license to board domestic flights
If you're worried about getting stuck at security and don't want to carry an extra card or your passport, New York State does offer an enhanced drivers license, or EDL, that meets the Real ID Act requirements. That ID costs $ 30 more than a normal …
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Famous locations at Accra

Accra is the capital of Ghana. As it is located on the shore of Atlantic Ocean. It is consider being the best beach and place in the whole of West Africa. This city was built around the port in 15th century. Accra is serving as the capital of Ghana since 1877. This city is famous for its natural and beautiful places. There are many attractions here which are source of attraction for visitors here.


There are Two five star hotels located here namely Labadie Beach Hotel and the La palm Royal Beach Hotel are located in the main business district in the centre of Accra. These two Hotels are also known as the elegant golden tulip and Novotel Hotel. The exotic hotel Wangara, Shangrita and the Erata Hotel are the famous three star hotels. National Theater, National Museum, There is a research library and gallery of manuscripts in the Du Bios Centre. It is very attractive Ghana’s first president rested his last time in the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. There are also memorable places as Independence Arch, Independence Square. The National monument of Usher Fort and James Fort are located in Jamestown are of historical importance.


As this city is located at the shore of Atlantic Ocean. So, naturally this place is blessed and famous for its beaches. People in hoards book their flights to Accra from all places of the world to see all these attractions. All-time favourite and beautiful beaches among other are Labadie beach and Kokrobite beach. These both beaches are 25 kilometers away from the main city of Accra. There is also a modern hotel located in front of the beach which is full of favourite and traditional nightclub and bars. The buildings of Christianborg or Osu Castle are built by the Daves are built in 17th century, Golden Jublee house, The New Residence and office of the President of Ghana, Accra centre for National Culture, The Ohene Djan Stadium , The Independence Square, The Parliament of Ghana, The Ghana India Kofi Annan centre of Excellence in ICT. And many other places of people’s interest are located at Accra. Book your cheap flights to Accra through Arik Air and enjoy your time at Accra.

There is lot of attractions at Accra. If you want to explore the world, especially Africa. Then book your flights to Accra and see one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Cheap flights to Accra through Arik Air are kept on operating round the clock.

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TSA Announces Enhanced Security Measures™ For International Flights Print This
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Because the new section 919 of the EFTA defines "remittance transfers" broadly, most electronic transfers of funds sent by consumers in the United States to recipients in other countries will be subject to the new protections. … END FOOTNOTE The …