Student takes reporting assignment in South Korea
She began writing for the online media outlet in mid-October, with her work being posted on the news organization's home page. Then came her assignment — to report from the … In the weeks leading up to her departure, she had to apply and receive a …
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The right to live here
I have read a lot of your opinions in Saudi Gazette, and sometimes I visit the online version of the newspaper. I agree with the opinions you write in … He is a Saudi in all senses of the word except for his passport. He knows of no other country …
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Russia: Silencing Activists, Journalists ahead of Sochi Games
In an incident of police harassment in December 2011, a group of police stopped Kalinovskaya as she traveled by train from Krasnodar to Sochi, claimed she was under federal investigation, confiscated her passport, and held her for approximately one hour.
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