Apply Now for an Australia Student Visa or Australia Business Visa

The passport entry visa and the immigrant entry visa are two common types of visa in any foreign country. In Australia, the person is permitted to visit the country on a specified duration using the passport entry visa. For those who want to move to Australia for permanent residence, the immigrant visa is for them. To get an entry to Australia, the most common Australia visas being utilized are the Australia student visa and the Australia business visa. These two types of visas have different purposes and it depends on the person’s needs.

Formal supports endowed by a certain government on a person’s passport are called visas. It also signifies that the person’s passport has already been thoroughly checked and found valid by the country he likes to visit. Visas similarly allowed the holder to travel to his destination. Accordingly, the visa allows the holder to enter a country as a visitor. Governments strictly implements visa to control aliens coming into their country.

Australia Student Visa

A student is permitted by an Australian student visa to stay in the country until he finished a degree from the Australian University. Certain rules are set when applying for a student visa in Australia. The student is required to enroll subjects that should make worthwhile degree since the Australian government will review the subjects enrolled by the student. A student can’t enroll getting subjects like leisure studies, philosophy or general studies since they are so extensive, making impossible to easily get a job. So, know the field of your study first prior to applying for a student visa in Australia. This student visa Australia will be the starting ground in applying for a permanent residency in Australia once it is approved and when the individual finished his studies in Australia.

Australia Business Visa

Individuals who have business interest in Australia are fit to apply for an Australian business visa. Proof of business credentials and contacts in Australia is required. Employees who are delegated to represent their country in Australia for business transactions are getting this business Australian visa. However, there should be a time framed presented by the company to inform how long he will be staying in the country. The term of the visa is twelve months with each visit permits a maximum of ninety days stay in Australia.

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How To Apply For A Student China Visa

China has become a most popular destination for students from all around the world. A student who wants to come to China to study is required to get a secure Chinese student visa. Nowadays, with new rules and regulations by Chinese’s embassy, students can get a safe and secure China visa in a much easier and transparent way. Several universities in China are welcoming for the overseas students to study in China. China provides an array of study opportunities with many educational benefits, but also offers a rich cultural experience and an ultimate platform to work opportunities.

Different types of China Student Visa

There are several types of China student visa covering whatever kind of student you are so that you will need to be sure you apply for the right one according to study duration. Mainly, student visa divided in two categories: the X and the F, so you have the option to choose a correct type of visa depending on your supposed and expected length of stay in China to study.

X Visa to China

X visa known as Student visa, the best option for those students who are set to study in the country for more than six months. Anyone who is studying in China with x visa, are not allowed to work ‘without permission’. The time duration of Chinese visa is 30 days to a maximum of 12 months.

F Visa to China

F visa is categorized as a business visa, perfect for short-term internships or studies. F Chinese visa divided into four formats so you can select right one according to needs. These four formats are: Single Entry Visa, Double Entry Visa, Six Months Multiple Entry Visa and One Year Multiple Entry Business Visa.

Student China Visa Eligibility

Any student, who wishes to visit to China, must prove his eligibility. Students must meet all important requirements in terms of personal, financial and academic substances to be granted a secure visa to China. The eligibility requirements that you can expect to face when applying a student Chinese visa are written below:

Proof of enrollment from a qualifying institution

Receipt of payment for your classes

Proof of ability to financially cover living expenses

Physical examination certificate to prove your good health

Paperwork Needed For Student Visa to China

China’s embassy offers a very simple and easy visa process. When applying for a China student visa through an agent, you must provide the following documentation:

Valid passport with at least one remaining blank page

A 2×2 photograph

Completely fill-out Visa application form

Approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form

Proof of payment for the visa application

Receipt a proof of fee payment

Medical Certificate

If you want to get a secure student China visa, then hire an experienced immigration agency. It can help in whole visa process so that you have the best chance of being granted entry. To learn more about Chinese visa, visit on –



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Student Passport Renewal

Study abroad programs are becoming increasingly popular as students try to prepare for a global job market. Volunteering abroad also provides students with opportunities to burnish their college application and gives them materials for essays. Before embarking on one of these endeavors, however, getting a passport is a necessity. Students requiring passport renewal services should be aware of the following guidelines.


Renewing by Mail


In order to be eligible to renew by mail, students must meet all of the following qualifications:


He or she must have their current passport in their possession, and it must not be damaged or mutilated.

Their current passport must have been issued after their 16th birthday.

If the student’s name has changed since the last passport was issued, he or she must be able to provide legal documentation to support the name change.


Students meeting these qualifications can renew by mail by sending in a completed copy of passport renewal application form DSD-82, along with their old passport, documentation to support any name change requests and the appropriate fees.


Renewing in Person


Most students will probably be required to renew in person at a passport acceptance facility, like a post office or library. As long as the expiring passport has not been lost, damaged or mutilated, the student can bring the following to the acceptance facility to renew:


The old passport

A photocopy of the old passport

One passport photo

Money to pay the required fees (check with the facility to see what kind of payment methods they’ll take.

Minors will also need to apply with both parents present to demonstrate parental consent, or apply with one parent present and notarized written parental consent from the other parent. Parents must bring proof of relationship to the child (like a birth certificate or adoption decree).


If the student’s old passport has been lost, damaged or mutilated, it cannot be to prove identity or citizenshp.

Instead, proof of identification (like a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID) and proof of citizenship (like a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization certificate) are required for passport renewal.



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