Mahmud — Not Just Another Mainland Tourist in Hong Kong
But in Hotan, sometimes labeled the "base camp of the Xinjiang independence movement" by state media, passports have become a luxury. Obtaining a passport requires the permission of many agencies, including the police, village-level government, and …
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Editorial: Finding an empathic response to prostitution
“We go find the crime and arrest, but have we solved the problem? I'm not sure we understand the problem.” “It is presumptuous of us to speak for them,” said Joyce Siegel, program manager for Sexual Assault Services. “It is very easy to judge them and …
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Apple iPhone 6: Mobile Payments Pioneer?
It launched in November and is available on millions of devices throughout the US. The effort is backed by … its own retail stores. Apple Stores are found throughout the world, and Apple could easily allow iPhone owners to enter one and make a …
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Real concern about whether every vote counts
Per the new requirements to prove one's citizenship, he subsequently went down to the Reno County Courthouse in person with passport in hand, where he was officially registered to vote. Come primary election day on Aug. … It "looks like you're OK …
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