Real ID: Extra driver's license security good for air travelers

Real ID: Extra driver's license security good for air travelers
If you travel on commercial airliners and use your Nevada driver's license as an identification card when you pass through the security line at the airport, you're going to have to spice up your ID card the next time you renew it. (Jeff Scheid/Las …
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Wooing Retail Investors via Online Trading
He outlined that his firm has simplified the account opening process for new investors as they only need to fill account opening form and upload scanned passport photo, scanned utility bill that is not later than three months, scanned specimen …
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Top Democratic Lawmakers Stand by Sheldon Silver After Arrest on Federal
The 70-year-old Democrat was taken into custody Thursday by the FBI on federal charges that he took nearly $ 4 million in payoffs and kickbacks, crimes that carry up to 100 years in prison and could cost him his political seat. He was released on $ 200 …
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Mahmud — Not Just Another Mainland Tourist in Hong Kong
But in Hotan, sometimes labeled the "base camp of the Xinjiang independence movement" by state media, passports have become a luxury. Obtaining a passport requires the permission of many agencies, including the police, village-level government, and …
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Editorial: Finding an empathic response to prostitution
“We go find the crime and arrest, but have we solved the problem? I'm not sure we understand the problem.” “It is presumptuous of us to speak for them,” said Joyce Siegel, program manager for Sexual Assault Services. “It is very easy to judge them and …
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Apple iPhone 6: Mobile Payments Pioneer?
It launched in November and is available on millions of devices throughout the US. The effort is backed by … its own retail stores. Apple Stores are found throughout the world, and Apple could easily allow iPhone owners to enter one and make a …
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Real concern about whether every vote counts
Per the new requirements to prove one's citizenship, he subsequently went down to the Reno County Courthouse in person with passport in hand, where he was officially registered to vote. Come primary election day on Aug. … It "looks like you're OK …
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What is Duke's real agenda?

What is Duke's real agenda?
My family and I have now tried on two separate occasions to apply for the renewal of our machine-readable passports, leaving our home in Port of Spain and travelling to the very nice building where Immigration is housed in Chaguanas; in the second …
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US Program Can Take Heart in Germany's Win
Germany rarely needs a renewal, not with three World Cups won (as West Germany) and four other times a finalist. That does not mean Germany will automatically win the final against … This is the urging of Klinsmann, who is regarded as an Old World …
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Forms Of Ownership Of Real Property

In order to understand how your real property will pass to your heirs, you need to know how it is held. Each type of ownership determines whether the property will pass outright to your heir or if it must go through probate. To determine which type of ownership your property has, you must look at your deed. At the top of your deed, after your name, it will state the type of ownership.

The following examples of common ownership clauses and descriptions will establish how your property is held and how it will pass to your beneficiaries:

1)John Doe, as his sole and separate property. This type of property is yours and yours alone. You may dispose of it in any way you choose, unless you live in a community property state. Then your spouse may own a share. This property will pass through probate.

2)John Doe and Jane Doe, husband and wife, as joint tenants. This is the most common way that couples own property. They each own an equal share and when one dies, the whole ownership of the property passes to the surviving spouse through right of survivorship. The share of the deceased spouse cannot be transferred to any other person in a Will or Trust. The property will pass to the surviving spouse outside of probate.

3)John Doe and Mary Doe, husband and wife, as community property. Married couples and registered domestic partners will own the property upon death of their spouse or partner, but unlike joint tenancy, the deceased spouse or partner can pass their share of the ownership in the property to someone else through a Will or Trust.

4)John Doe and Mary Doe, husband and wife, as community property with right of survivorship. This ownership works like community property as far as each spouse owning a share, but in the case of ownership upon each of a spouse, full ownership is passed to the surviving spouse outside of probate.

5)John Doe and Mary Doe, husband and wife, tenancy by the entirety. This ownership works like joint tenancy, and the surviving spouse owns the property in its entirety upon death of their spouse. This property passes outside of probate.

6)John Doe, Lucy Smith, and Mike Foster, as tenants in common. This type of ownership is split among multiple owners, and is sometimes common in large cities. Ownership does not have to be equal; each person may own a percentage interest in the property. Each owner can pass his or her interest in the property through a Will or Trust.

An estate planning attorney can help you determine which type of ownership you wish to have before you buy real property, or help you transfer the deed to a different type of ownership if you wish. To discuss your options, give us a call today and set up an appointment.

Hammond Law Group is a leading provider of expert estate planning guidance in Colorado Springs, CO. For more information on real property and other estate planning services, visit our website.

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Bamboozled: Despite MVC improvements, some drivers still can't get real names
That means New Jerseyans with two-word first names (Mary Ann) or last names (Price Mueller), or those who use an apostrophe (D'Egidio) or a hyphen (Smith-Jones), can't have driver's licenses that match their other legal documentation, such as passports …
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There is less than a year left for most Alabama residents to obtain a new form of identification that will allow people to take domestic flights without a passport. Starting Dec. 1, 2014, regulations will go into effect that will require everyone born …
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What the teachers say
“My passport lapsed in September and I didn't bother renewing it, thinking that I wasn't going out of the country anyway. Then when I went to class, one of them came up to me and said, “Teacher isn't that our name in the papers (upon being shortlisted)?”.
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